Camping on the bayou!

Good morning everyone Man,it has been an insane morning because I’ve been getting ready to go on a camping trip and you guys are coming along with me Let’s go We made it here! It’s so cool looking!You can see the water all over the place. It’s almost like you’re Standing on water. It’s so cool So,we’re about to play a game of marbles. So,who thinks the’re gonna win marbles tonight? Hey,Miki.Look up,look up,I’m gonna hit you in the head! You,you,YOU MONSTER!!!! So who thinks the’re gonna win marbles….nobody, okay….I am!I am! Oh, you are Uncle Bubba won! [Cheering] The first game! Fresh win! Fresh win! Yeah! It is now morning time and we are all set for another exciting day And I think we’re about to go on another boat ride. I’m excited How’s your drink My drink’s fine,what did you do? [laughing] Hi! Those look good They turned out a lot smaller than what I was expecting The’re shrinking. They look fine to me. What do you think? ‘Bout what? Your burger Good. So we are about to go and walk some trails, let’s see what we can find out here So, what do y’all think about this trail?I think it’s been great!Jaylin, what do you think?Alright.Tyler what about you?Ready for round two?[Laughs] What about you,Mikayla? I have enjoyed it very much. What is that?Eat It! I’m not eating that. Well that is it for this video, I really hope you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe and to hit that bell for notifications so you don’t miss a single video.And don’t forget to leave a comment! I’ll see you all next time and don’t forget to stay Joyful! Uncle bubba won again tonight! Again,I’m the champ!I’m the marble champion. Because I have all the marbles!

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