Camping On The Beach in Texas |Eating What I Catch

Camping On The Beach in Texas |Eating What I Catch

alright guys as you can see the water
clarity is not what we want it to be in order to get some good spearfishing in
and that’s not really a problem I didn’t expect it to be I wasn’t planning on it
to be it’s just something you always have to check when you come out here if
the water is clear you got a spear that’s rule number one but that ain’t
the case so what we’re going to do is drive down the beach a little ways we’re
running a little bit late for the morning trout and reds and all that
stuff in the surf that is also okay I still have to set up camp I probably got
another two hours of fishing before it starts to slow down I’m gonna get out to
the beach get our campsite I’ll immediately put some baits in the water
we’ll see how the bite does and when it starts to slow down then we’ll set up
camp let you guys see what we’re doing alright guys well we finally got out
here to the beach and it is looking so pretty today I’m out here I have this
entire stretch of beach all to myself and I’m loving every second of it I’m
still a good time to be catching some fish so I’m gonna make this quick I’m
gonna go out and put a I’m gonna do a artificials in the first cut here I
thought it wouldn’t get trout I don’t know if it’s a good time of day still
but we’re gonna take a shot at it and as soon as I’m done we’re gonna go
ahead and uh set up camp so I’ll see you guys just about let you guys watch what
I’m doing Well the bite’s turned off I’m not getting a hold
of anything and I’ve tried everything under the Sun nobody got it set up camp
now when the Sun gets a little bit higher get some baits out there and see
if we can’t get some big fish Look how pretty that is Don’t you just hate it when you get a new knife and you
don’t have a knife to open it home sweet home I’ve been doing a little bit of work
around the campsite here guys it looks like we might have a little fish on it’s
on the small rod that I put out pretty close but that small rod it’s gonna be
the one that’s going to be getting us lunch and dinner let’s see we got that’s a little hard it normally I
just throw these back but the only real food I have today is what I catch so I’m
gonna go ahead and keep this guy throw him in the box and have a little
catfish for lunch alright guys I don’t think we’re going
to be eating very good today if we keep catching all these hard heads like this
we’re going to get them anyway cross your fingers hope we get something a
little bit better for lunch I’m hungry Another hardhead he’s just a little bitty guy but it’ll
make a taco just so happens we got tortillas on us
today hardhats down here got a spine on their
fins so you need to watch out for them whenever you’re trying to take the hook
out you’re going to put that spine in between one of these fingers and then
hold them on the belly like that now hard heads are notorious for swallowing
your hook as this guy is done here that is a real pain to get those out it is
all the way down in there I’m afraid on this guy I’m probably just
going to have to cut the line on him yeah guys we got lunch not the best
thing we could come up with it’s not bad got two little hard heads one bigger
hard head and I did manage to get one good sized Whiting out of the deal when
nobody was looking so we need to get a fire going get some lunch cooked up
since we are kind of at a little bit of a break time and I don’t yet have lunch
ready I figured I’d give you guys a little tour of the camp show you what’s
going on here so first off this is our little kitchen setup just kind of a
social area this little tent is gonna be where everybody kind of hangs out the
late day when we’re all worn out I’ve got the camera tripod set up there this
is our little kitchen setup this is one that I’m really proud of we’ve got the
bread box that’s our dry box and that’s got
trash bags and dish soap and shish kabob skewers and stuff like that then we have
the vegetable tray right there I got some onions there I’ve got some potatoes
but I’m using them as a ballast on my mic tripod for the camera this is the
little prep station and we’ve got silverware in here for everybody and then we got a coffee pot we’ll
probably use that to try to do some coquinas just depends on how hungry I get
here this pot is for cooking up stuff if we decide to go that route probably not
but we’ve got it available right now I’m just kind of using it for storage and
keeping trash until I’ve got enough trash to do a trash bag and then we got
all of our cups and we’ve got some more cutlery and stuff like that up there
hang them out to dry and then I’ve got plates sitting right there for when it
gets dark we got some lanterns hanging around the place let’s see and then this
is our social little couch set up so that is the inside of the social tent
let me show you around the rest of the campsite here it’s spearfishing gear
over there but we’re probably gonna get to use that random fishing stuff over
here we’ve got a spear for stingrays in case we come across one cast net for
bait which we’re all full up that’s our bait there you got to keep them in the
shade right now this box is for liquor and fish that we’ve got you saw that
moment ago over here is the fish prep station now this is where we keep this
is where the drinks are going to go that’s our cold box tackle box this is
freshwater and unfortunately this is all the freshwater I brought I was expecting
a campsite didn’t get one so I’m gonna have to get reinforcements on fresh
water here pretty soon this is six gallons six gallons will not last me
four days and it’s definitely not going to last three or four people for
three or four days We will need to get some more water of course the bed of the truck that’s
all storage and just got pretty much a disaster out over here is our rod holder
down that rod holders where I’m putting the small rod that’s the one that we’re
using for that I’m catching all the whiting and catfish on the big rod those
guys sit on top of that truck the wind is coming in this direction and the
current is pushing that direction so the big rod is going to get set in there and
that bait drifts down the beach that direction of course the seaweed is
really bad so it’s dragging my baits all the way down now over here
that’s home that’s the hotel room for the next few days I mean I guess let me
show you guys what she looks like from the outside over here
that’s the tent now I’ll take you guys on a tour of the inside here now ladies
and gentlemen as you know that is where the magic happens
that’s my reading chair and this is all this kind of random store just my
clothes in a box where we keep everything now I’m a little out of
kilter over here I didn’t do the best job of setting this tent up but you know
whatever could it work and this is what I have to wake up to
when I get up in the morning a beautiful stretch of beach so that’s it guys
that’s the camp it set up hey leave a comment down below let me know what you
think of the set up what am i doing right? What am i doing wrong? how would
you do it? part of the fun of camping of course is
setting everything up and organizing your life for the next four days just
surviving it’s one of the things I love about this anyway I’m gonna get a fire
going over here and see if we can’t get some lunch going where things I enjoy
doing is just walking down the beach and find enough firewood and watch a
helicopter we got a naval base in town over here so
those guys will be flying over all day anyway one of the things I’d recommend
here doing half the fun is finding all your firewood Christ look at that bee what
is that thing always flying in with a piece of grass or something this works
all full of those big black bees you want to do a survivor style cook them up
and eat them yeah I think anyway I’m gonna let you guys go I’m gonna drag all
this stuff back to the campsite make this big fires we get some lunch going those leaves are not a part of that
driftwood that is little nests made by those biting flies climbing up inside of
that wood hope I don’t stir up a nest That would suck you guys wore me out today got that fire
going we’ll be cooking here shortly that’s it that is how much fish we got
out all them it’s unortunate catfish you just don’t get much off a fillet if it’s
enough for dinner I just put some garlic cilantro salt and
pepper on the filets I’m gonna wrap them up in foil they’re all on the coal to
make some hamburgers here in a bit alright guys I think dinner is ready see
what we got here that’s our fish
I think the potatoes need a little bit more time but the onions are ready all right it’s the moment of truth guys
it has been a while since I’ve had a hard head I don’t remember liking them
let’s see if I changed my mind after being super hungry grilled onions on
there to mask the flavor that is a hardhead sandwich that’s for
sure I tell you what I haven’t eaten today it is 6 o’clock at
night I got a live stream to do in 30 minutes here we’re live-streaming this
entire thing if you miss that don’t forget to check out our live streams we
try to do them once a week and on special occasions tap that notification
bells on special cases will do them out here from the beach when were fishing I
got one of them coming up 30 minutes so I’m gonna hammer through this this tiny
little breakfast that I got as quick as I can it’s not bad
I mean beggars can’t be choosers this is the first meal I’ve had today and thank
God I caught any fish at all so I am not complaining it’s not something I’ll take
home feed my family it’s kind of mushy been a while since I’ve had hard head so
not a very palatable texture and it doesn’t help that the bread that I got
is now stale it did not last in that box ahead it in hey if it other than that
I’m camping out at the beach and having an absolute blast so that’s it guys we
survived day one of our camping trip out here I want to thank you very much for
checking in with this please remember like and subscribe tip that notification
bell leave a comment down below if you’ve ever eaten hard head you got a
recipe that makes it a little bit better tasting I would dearly love to know man
hey guys thank you very much we’ll catch you guys in the next video stay tuned we
have two more days of this out here guys we’ll see in the next one well that sucked

17 thoughts on “Camping On The Beach in Texas |Eating What I Catch

  1. Looks like a great time! Wish I could have experienced ocean fishing when I lived in Cali but I didn't discover my passion for it til I moved to Wisconsin. Great vid!

  2. Dude this was awesome i would totally do something like this. Camping at the beach say whhhaaatttt!!!!!! Hard head sandwich with some stale bread beats not having anything to eat lol.

  3. First, friggin thumbs up on YOUR Music! You so rock Stanley! Second, another awesome video my Texas friend! Fish tacos yum 👍💖 Nice camp! Now I am back to listening the amazing awesome tunes and watching the rest of your vid. 😊

  4. Thank you for the video! We are planning a trip to the north part Padre Island this summer and we have never camped out on the beach before so we are not sure what we are getting ourselves into LOL

  5. cant question your tent placement more.. this is how people get dead on the beach camping, you should be all the way against the dunes.

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