Hydro so, we just hopped into with we just got word that bait has the EZ 700 that honestly probably wasn’t gonna wake up for These had no idea about the Hong line launches. Did you know anything about them? No, I’ve been out to this gay. So I’m actually it’s actually good news. I’m pretty excited about companies I don’t things really to excite about conferring but you know what? We don’t see what it’s looking like see if there’s people I will keep you tuned in It’s the morning time I’m excited to get my first Perry Easy’s effort I’m a god everybody says who does he think he is. I just told you who I thought I was Oh God, I Just told you that’s who I think I am. That’s how other people are true. This is like 5:30 5:30 And how did you find out? But I better get my pair so I gotta go okay, okay a Few moments later Okay Take photos. Okay meanwhile Keep out of the way Raziel home every two three hundred No sales tax before me you know I’m saying so Get me mad How’s it feel those great? Young aspiring cigarette Oh Y’all got y’all cares How you feel about it? Cool, bro? Chillin, bro. You Tilly you got joke here is video finds you have your camper? Rockin either school or you know, just a regular day Just doing not even go rocks on the school. Just only at the house What’s the first thing you gonna do when you get the shoes to the house? Oh just putting up with the rest Do not even go over the box. I don’t picture for Instagram Young humble place. Yeah What about you? Huh? How you feeling about the pair? It was a big day today I’ll work after this watch me do some bugs good day. Okay Aren’t you guys we’re back we got the cakes the launch it was pretty successful It seems like everybody got what they needed. We ended up getting our pears. We’re in the first tin to get inside So we all got what we needed in our sizes. The number one reason why I went to the launch personally I’m not a fan of the shoe was because of JQ shell ojq. He’s the one that got me out there to do it So I had to pick our towers in line What do you think about him? Are you about to keep the shoe? What are you gonna do with it? Yes, I was lucky to get more than one pair. I had somebody rob with me shoutout Jasmine my little sister Jagger out of bed this morning. I said, hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try to get two pair of these I snagged a pair for a friend. They said they didn’t want them. So I’m stuck with two pair I think I might keep my size 10 pair. They do run true size So if you are able to cop these get them true to size There is a rumor that they fit a half size big that is not true that fits for the size So yeah I’m gonna keep the size 10 And then I got a 9 and a half just in case they do fit a half a size big I think I might let those go and I’m a reach out to nominees if you got a extra pair of shoes My advice is to reach out to Auto homage to see if they got their pairs for us They’re gonna love you forever in that small gesture go to long wigs So this shoe came out in 2017 and then it’s the same exact shoe is just a restock basically right come out in 2018 so this is another opportunity for people to pick up the shoe We’ve heard a lot about easy supply restocking last night at 1:00 a.m And then other stores getting them around the nation. Were you lucky to get a pair? Did you want to get a pair? Is this your second pair comment down below? We’re very interested just to hear how your experience was with this shoe Obviously, this is our first time picking up the shoe on the now Restart but uh, I’m just I’m still not feeling it So, I don’t know if you agree with me comment down below if you agree with AJ comment down below We just want to hear what you think about the sneaker pairs were going for Seven to eight hundred when they first released They were kind of teetering three hundred Retail price for these is a lot and so when they came out they actually sat for a little bit once they were gone people Were like, ah, I should kind of want those Seven 800 is where they were at. They re-released for the second time There was the first rerelease they were about like five six and now they’re down to about 400 bucks if you check stock eggs Probably the most you can get for them is 450 so from a retail standpoint standpoint You’re not gonna get much for your investment and for a 300 dollar investment It’s a you know, it’s up there for most most most sneaker heads, so 2500 subscribers we will be doing a giveaway again. What do you want? You guys want to shoes you want merch you want a shoe cleaner gift card. Give what a it would help let us know like I say every single video I Appreciate you guys watching Like the people who stopped us on the streets in the lines and say that they watch the videos and they point out Random parts of the videos that honestly sometimes I don’t remember right? I appreciate you guys Honestly, that’s why we do it. We want to be a part of the culture in the streets It’s so easy for us to say, you know what we’re know. They’re gonna come out online Let’s just try online If we don’t get them We’re just gonna fall back to sweet right but to actually like stand on line with the people who love the culture I mean it takes me back to the high school days when you sustaining I’m sure there’s All right, you guys thanks for subscribing. Thanks for supporting. Yeah Dancers man you already got the answer time. You ain’t got the essence. You already got the answers wait time I’ve been doing this more than you doing we got come on. You ain’t got the end


  1. Just came across your guys channel you guys are dope definitely subing got my pair so I’m good I think they are so ugly that there dope in my opinion

  2. I got 2 pairs off yeezy supply. They allowed multiple orders to the same address this time. They even let you select the quantity of the shoes this time. They were supper easy. I got a 10 for my friend and a 11 for my personal pair.

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