Camping & Photography at Tsomoriri | Winter in Ladakh | Episode #5

Camping & Photography at Tsomoriri | Winter in Ladakh | Episode #5

Tsomoriri in winters is always full of adventure and excitement. Back in 2015 I encountered my first blizzard when camping there with my friend. The roads closed. We were stuck there for over a week Before the ITBP opened it and gave us a ride towards Leh. The road to Tsomoriri was closed again this winter. Nobody was getting in or out. But I did not give up and camped near the Mahe bridge waiting for the road to open. It was the ITBP who again opened the road and they took me along to Tsomoriri. I felt lucky to get a ride but these ITBP drivers do not like putting snow chains on their trucks And we got stuck in the snow, on top of a pass some 20km from the lake. We were stuck for almost 10 hours from 6pm till about 4am. Huddled together at the back of a truck. In winter, at night, while the temperatures outside dropped to -30C. Things got so bad that one of the soldiers fainted from hyperthermia and the Indian army was sent to rescue us. The army were much more professional than the ITBP And they took us safely back their camp in Korzok. The next day everyone suggested that I go stay at the village till the road opens. It was sensible advice, But I ignored it and camped at the lake for the next 5 days shooting my time-lapse videos. Tsomoriri is a very windy place especially in the winters. So the Changpa shepherds dig holes in the ground and erect their tent around it. This way, they will be below the ground level while the wind blows over them. I needed to avoid the wind as well. So, I cleared the snow in one of these campsites and pitched my tent there. It gave me good protection against the wind and this would be my home for the next 5 days. The weather was excellent at Tsomoriri this year. It made even the mundane chores like collecting water, washing dishes, cooking and eating bland food seem enjoyable. I revealed in the silence around me and passed my time reading books, listening to music and even tried doing a few video reviews of my camping gear. But the videos did not turn out great, especially the audio. I will have to redo them some other time. Sunrise and sunset are the coldest times of the day. Perfect time to seek the warmth of my sleeping bag. But these are also the best times for photography. Especially for my timelapse videos. So every morning, I would wake up
before sunrise and if the weather was good.. I would force myself to get out of my sleeping bag and rush to the lake before the first light hits the mountains. I would start a time-lapse sequence and pace around the ice, walking back and forth constantly. Movement like this is the only way to stay warm in these conditions. Sure it was difficult but
the results speak for themselves. Finally it was time for me to leave. So I went to the Korzok village and hoped to get a ride from there to Leh. I was prepared to wait a few days for the ride. But then I got lucky and got a ride the very next day. But the ride was not to Leh though. It was to somewhere very special. And you will find more about it in the next episode.

100 thoughts on “Camping & Photography at Tsomoriri | Winter in Ladakh | Episode #5

  1. You made my ladakh more beautiful. As a Ladakhi I know how cold it is to travel and stay in ladakh(in winter) but you've managed it, and made such beautiful videos. You are adventurous!
    Thumbs up for your outstanding videos🖒!

  2. I had never commented on any video on Youtube but this one makes me to do. You are a true inspiration. Salutes to you.

  3. While being at office and I have no workload of designing test cases and executing them (yes, I am an IT guy) I watch these videos and feel like crying…Why am I not there?…and after watching your timelapses and the whole commentaries the frustration has built up more!
    But kudos to you Sir….for people like you, people like me can open their virtual Windows and get a feel of the pains and the glory of such travels. We can feel the cold air (though being from the AC vents but still imagine them to be from the snow), we can feast the eyes and quench the thirst to travel and see these places at least to some extent.
    So thank you, thank you and thank you once again for not being selfish and sharing such beauties of the world with us!

  4. Have been to ladakh in winter but could not go to these places because of road block and the dedication of us mortals is nowhere near you. Turning on the AC to full capacity, drinking black tea and binge watching this series. Loving it.

  5. started watching this video and expected to be just another ladakh video…Ended up watching all the videos from your channel…I must tell you.. U have done a brilliant job..Loved your work, your passion for photography..keep it up..

  6. Loved the video ❤ !! Shooting the video at that altitude and temperature itself must have been a very difficult task…. Only because of you, we are getting to see the beauty of the place 👍 great work man

  7. Hello sir , how are you? Lately you havent uploaded any videos. Are you taking break from videos , is your health ok sir ??

  8. The Music you use, where do you get them?? Do you compose them?? Please answer. I am very eager to know.

  9. Mind blowing. But just curious to know why are there no time lapse videos of the night sky. Is it because of the cold??

  10. Hats off man! Awsm work! don't have that much finance tho … but I promise your patron within next year! Keep It Up ! 😀

  11. That still shot of someone standing alone in the snow was very good. All the stills shown in the videos are excellent. Which of the gears did you use for taking the still photos ?

  12. seriously man you are a legend to me… we went to tso moriri md pangong during mid of Sept we couldnt even step out post eve nd early morni but you went out nd had awestruck timelapse videos😍🤩i salute you whole heartedly🙏👏

  13. hats off to u man…. gr8 work, absolutely breathtaking views u have captured for us to see. i think this is the finest video of the place in youtube. hats off man really hats off to ur hard work…. 👍👍👍

  14. This was so beautiful that…I got tears in my eyes by the beauty of Nature!
    Now I get to know..How much beautiful our Universe is!!!
    I touch your feets…You are true inspiration to me in terms of cinematography till now!….
    This was recorded so like as if god itself has made this video to show the beauty of nature!
    Please keep doing this crazy things even I want to join you if you want an assistant!…A Huge respect to you man!

  15. I am watching YouTube last 5yrs
    I must have seen lacks of video but never comment on any video .
    First time I wanna say u salute to your hard work and you passion towards ur timelaps…

  16. The most inspiring video at my worst condition. I wonder how you could survive in such harsh weather conditions. Salute to your determination and passion

  17. Ekdam sahi video ,photography & also back ground music dost good job and i, impress u r daring👌👍👍really, i'm from mahashtra state

  18. Man what’s your name ! It’s just Because people like u, people like me who work in office all day long get motivated to move the arse to do some shit like this. Motivating and so much motivating.

  19. Maybe… Maybe heaven looks like this. Stunning, spellbound and breathtaking. Your passion and hardwork shows in every frame of your shot.

    would love know the song at 1:50 for the time lapse!!

  21. I am from Leh Ladakh , but never had I seen someone more enthusiastic and determined unfolding the beauty of Ladakh in cold frigid winter.

  22. I think you should settle down ,up in the mountains. Ultimately it's peace and spirituality we are all running after….

  23. Beautiful ❤️ ❤️ so much learning can you teach me how to do these photography???? Amazing 😍👌

  24. I request everybody to please support the channel so that this crazy person keeps doing all this. I want him to have money for this. His videos are amazing

  25. Phenomenon I hope ever & never seen this kind of super duper scenic view how do u do it to survive in this ultra extreem condition thank you to watch us these views 👌👍

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