Camping Simulator 2017

Hey how’s it going bro. My name is PewDiePie This is some footage of me and brad play or sorry Marzia playing at Player unknown battleground [I] wasn’t planning for this to be a video my webcam wasn’t recording but I think you guys are going to find it pretty interesting We’re literally just hanging out and not really Thinking about that this should be a video, so it’s very You just watched Hillary [quit]. I think I can see one down the road Someone just to describe to my YouTube stream because I got that hillary Clinton [found] Hillary Clinton, I have obs open, hahaha That’s so retarded 11 twice Are we going good for that that beginning? Yeah? So we’re in the blue. Yeah I hate this fucking car. I’m Gonna get The Jeep you know do you yes? Because I will flip it in that car and house [cuz] [I] [can] drive you [we] got a long way to go buddy. [I] know okay fun. This blue does not vary much You take an energy drink in its first blue. It’s activating just amazing Now I like it people, shoot you when you’re in the car. You did there yeah, I? Had one game where I can’t find people with a car It was the best yeah, I [fuckin] love that when you just go call Mageddon Is that it fucking oh? What the fuck? Dammit yeah, we’re looking for people that like we’re running out of the blue [hilarious] Okay, well and will it go [flame] went over the middle didn’t it though? Time’s up [mich] pens down no more [ink] no more ink Fucking naive, it’s [False]. He ever said you know I actually had her I hated him the whole season season 8 we watch season 8 [I] hated a mole season And then I was screaming because I knew he was gonna pick Kelly’s tattoo because she did him right in the end Yeah, yeah, I’m like to get I hate him. [I’ve] anything like that Well yeah, and then he did and [I’m] like I had so much respect for you. I don’t Thing I really didn’t want her to win, just because she had that thing yeah Because I feel the same I was like are they going to pick that one this him. Yeah Yeah, no it was a fucking bet. They just fucking left it. [I’m] [so] glad I’m like [cuz] their other one was that yeah anyway, oh there were in the bill ah Leave it Where you [hear], [I] don’t know I’m just driving to the noble every time I let you look up. I’m like okay Where are we and dangerous where should we go? I’m gonna head to so there’s a couple of houses along this road. Think it. Do you think it’s good to be there? I think [a] terrible place [to] be [I] want to be in the middle We’re not in the fucking middle Now this one houses down here with like a pretty good purge And there always be people in this we have to fight our way in yeah great. Way. I ever have helped Yeah, it’s a bad [idea] move it Just checking for open doors. Okay? Well I’ll be These guns on on the hill [on] the left coming up these are all clutter that orange one. Yes [but] they’re dangerous, [so] I won’t find out the date as well This seems like a terrible idea. There’s a car here [a] Bike I like it This is just [fucking] madness Fuel now yeah melee look around car behind us. Oh shit. [is] [it] stopping no it’s not They stopped Yeah, they’re coming around. They’re going to come and get us get in this house. This has been Lewis We just have to hope there’s no one in the actual hair. I’m having The bombs will cover us going in okay. No one in the house close all the doors on the way up That’s you in the building right? Yeah, I’m upstairs Well, here’s me Hey So this one has a pretty good round like an f [youth] one of us goes [down] to this next floor down here That’s pretty better out everywhere. Yeah And you know when someone coming in and it’s three floors, so then have to fight up well They have a fire, and it’s pretty central so I’m a fan of these three-story buildings where you can get up I’m a big fan of the ones that properly open up to the very I thing you can jump down and talk with them Yeah, this one has an escape route on the site apparently they’re fucking the non barred windows They’re adding a patch soon where you can just jump through them. [I] saw that looks dope as fuck It does look dope, but it does mean also that you know about to predict whether there’s someone in a house anymore Yeah, if you know someone’s in a house yeah You can usually predict, but they’re what they’re going to do now So we know they’re in the other building I? Have a feeling that there’s someone here. Well these are those building next We saw his what we saw so out here two teams just had a fight [that] one that we just saw [yeah], drove over here, and then go into a fight with [another] team. Oh I don’t see it. Oh. It’s here. It’s stopping and stepping outside. Okay. It’s Gonna Come up Yeah, don’t move don’t walk. They’re gonna hear you They’re gonna get me I’m coming [down] here to pick me up. Yeah Are they coming in tell me talk to me? Oh they’re coming to the coming in? Trying to walk down without making noise another dance done How do they heard you fuck my whole plan is over you’re dead Yeah, [hey] grenading. Yeah. There’s no way Are you flash nope? to be having escaped from [know] there’s one right next door here on this level a Date over the other half you mean they didn’t actually go for our house. Oh here. They come One down no [turn] nice Got him. Yeah [boy]. I was fucking out that. I [wanna] Loo this one Huh, oh man if he goes my private, please fuck dude this guy had a lot [of] shit on him Fuck was he carrying around that if he’s got a he’s got a suppressor for a sniper in his pocket suppressor everything else No, I got nothing. This is garbage. He had a lot of fucking he looted everything what a fucking spaz. What are you gonna? Do with all this shit? He had a this one’s got a little to this if you need one Yeah, why is my bank so forth? Yeah? You should check this guy because I don’t know what the fuck I still think there’s another team over here somewhere. They say well, they check the other [bitly] Now these guys came straight in on the bike came in to us. I still think there’s another pin We’re here before we got here. They’re just playing it safe mmM Well, it’s not fucking diving 47 Bandages These 5.56 am I have any no fuck me fucking love the shotgun racks at this descent the third The two more shot again. Yeah if you assume if you can you can [rapid-fire] that yeah, if you just go bang bang yeah [sock] not and and they’re perfectly on Target is just an instant kill It’s fucking beautiful. Yeah, well I? Know what you did yeah, I can’t assault rifle this distance. I always fucking fucker Yeah, it’s just it’s weird like a lot of people saying they want a training mode in this game like where you can just shoot with Dummies and practice Target practice kind of thing mmM And I actually don’t want it because that means that I feel like I’ve earned the ability to shoot people Because you have [to] get into a fight with someone you can [lou] up all day and play the hiding game to the final circle But you pretty much always have to learn how to kill someone by the end So getting into fights with [people] and shooting them and killing them Is so I feel like I’ve earned the honor. I’ve actually been able to shoot on Target, right? By getting into real-life fights and risking that myself. [yeah] it annoys you know that They’re considering putting this training thing in and I’m like no, please don’t Yeah, you just I don’t know it’s weird You just get used to each thing and I think that’s why people like certain guns because you get used to a certain gun right? I like that the guns are actually different as well. They’re not just collect basically skins that make sense I Don’t see anyone and I like it listen either do I what scopes. Do you have read up. That’s it Do you want are four times? Yes? Unless you need it No, because I can put in eight times on the M16 and I can read dot with the aek okay Well, I would [just] like a [foreword] time to alternate between thank you. Yeah, it makes sense From from these houses four times is pretty much necessary, but I can eight times therefore now Some people unlike oh, they’re in the elevating there is [not] [a] milling you fill the balcony [see] the other park. I got shot come upstairs. I’ll [call] you pause – okay. I got a hill. I got it here I Fuck. I’ll just pulled up outside well fuck them Yeah come into this one Gonna try and made him Surf smoke grenade myself. No. I threw a need in the other building that was them. They threw a smoke grenade in here. I Don’t know where they are I have no idea all right. They’re probably outside You watch you watch that window, and I’ll watch the door here which window You try and get them because they might be hiding in their house. [I] don’t think they Donating leg then I’ll cover this door. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to get in almost Fucking [close] they’ve encountered the other team good. That’s perfect Fuck I fucked up [because] I put it on single And it was super zoomed in and I was like I could [have] easily gone him yeah Do you have any red ball? Thank you Thank you Like oh he’s on the balcony again. He’s on the balcony again If we stay apart from each other the grenades conquer us. Do you have a need? Yeah, throw it on the Balcony. He’s there For it. I’m thinking on the balcony. I’m not sure well. Let’s see one [run] you go. I’m a legal smokes I Can get play through another one you come and jump down? I’m just going to watch the inside of the house you try and watch the outside of the house. I’m truth It’s really hard. Oh yeah, I see him he’s on this side, I Can’t shoot. [it’s] too close to the house. I Wish I got another team [coming] up Team outside running, there’s a bunch of fucking people last time They’re in okay one down nice go I’m fuck that I fuck that move good the other guys going to get us from the other fucking balcony [I] Was the worst shit I’ve ever fucking seen No, I’m down He’s really hurt. You can [even] pick me up or get in but you need to do one now come here. I Can see through you tell me who’s coming? Just get onto the stand keep coming. It’s coming. Yeah, just keep nodding Sunday [there] left He assured me I don’t I only have bandages I’m gonna go to fall pill, and then I think they ran away Okay, fuck. I can’t believe fuck that up other teams here Okay, [go] and sit on the stairs and just bandage 9 is bandages Why are you causing that I go good good is this now? I’m staying here. They’re coming they’re coming. [they’re] [fucking] creep Let’s fuck them up boy. We got it. But they are yeah, they didn’t have anyone doing what I just did to them nice as other themes running in we should [everyone] is here. This is Lucky. Ko [ok]. I’m not starting anti look out. I Need a fucking hat [dude]. I think one of them have it Fuck me man This is fucking crazy. How’s everyone going here. So we’re just outside of the circle or we just in it you [check] [them] that Depend to where we are in the building the booms off in yeah Well, that’s good though because this is the best build never for that little side fuck. It’s coming upstairs down One down, I’ll go in Now worth it out. He’s a cricket who shot him hit that fool no, okay? real quick I Got it here you got a love bet on me a fucking shotgun Are you looting yeah madness [you] cry? Okay, didn’t have much bandages a little too helmet you fucking beauty Pan okay? Okay, there’s no one have fucking painkillers [alright] yeah, I’ve got some [cap’n] police. This is [the] safest place [all] right, one first aid kit. Thank you to energy drinks and one painkiller Thanks, so I do I take the painkiller Take a painkiller and just but use bandages now because we’re relatively safe so don’t waste the first-Aid kits We might want it in the table. I just want full house Yeah, paint bandages press F9. Till you get up to the 75% yeah. I have part blues commented kit for the second floor Second floor yeah down here done it because we can jump out that look okay? It’s in this time. Yeah Which are the two dudes right there? Where [you] then where where oh outside? Getting there running up the hill. They’re trying to come in or and they’re going to walk past okay. What passive [insure] Do the Magic diet to the blue? That’s insane So where do we go now cuz that feel this fucking open? There’s a guy over. There’s a guy there. Let’s gather for him, Skeleton Got two shots on him fuck he went behind the rock Okay, he’s in the circle, but he has the advantage here. It sucks Are you trying to shoot? He’s got other people shooting him nice to Fuck when did you line that rock there the point you won? [I] [won] the other point one That’s not gonna. Let’s not get blindsided on him though 10 alive, that’s a lot of people yeah people Know we’re in here. Well, oh Yeah, when do we go? That’s the question and where do we go the last second we go take a painkiller now? yeah, I did and Take the energy no Good they stack. [no]. Yeah, I’m already stacked Yeah, they’re shooting him the question is should we wait up those Guard is [dead] jump out jump out jump out the Rock is clear by the way who Okay I’m gonna go in the shadow and lay down I’m gonna hope this tree is in I don’t think it is Could be death [oh] I think someone’s shooting at me. I’m not [sure] yeah now. I’m safe, but you should fucking lay down dude. What are you doing? Wait, I need to know if it’s crazy. No fuck I Can run to this tree? I’m not going anywhere right now. Yeah, you say that What? During tank, where are they [I]? Don’t see anyone is by this big rock in front of me Can’t worry about [and] don’t worry about him you just worry about yourself for now, okay, [I]? Don’t [see] anyone. This is insane It’s hard to see throughout the blue. Yeah it really is oh No, I’m shooting you yeah, where the fucking sniper? Hmm. I don’t know where he is I’m scared about him Well, you’re in the right spot. No, you’re not actually that tree right there is like the best [spot] Fuck. I don’t know what the fuck to. Do just say that 21 seconds, and [you] got to run in anyway, so No Manus, I can’t see anyone. It’s fucking [up] there. Hey, I see one [two] [seconds] give us a run He’s [runnin] by that tree Everyone is shooting me fucking everyone is you mean yeah? Oh? Kill one there’s another one over there. Well, did you kill the one by the tree? I’m alive somewhere Where are they we’re right in the middle right [in] the Middle [Northwest]? Straight ahead of where I’m facing be my facing no Okay, [I] see it He’s up there. He’s just on top of that hill. He’s the last one alive you versus him go now Go now facing me. Wait. I’m going to distract him. I’m going to crawl towards him He’s crawled that he’s behind that bush that bush in front of me. He’s placing his weight I Can’t see no I see em side I see him. I see [him]. He’s calling I’m gonna wait him out He’s gonna cross that bush just fire into the bush any second now They were grenade no Stand up and shoot into the bush no You know move he doesn’t know your that He killed you yet for what about yet saying That was awesome fucking nice Good job you two men. Hell. Yeah, we weirdly enough that fucking house man That’s what I was fitting the house, led the circle landed on the health Department. Who’s lost a little bit hell Yeah, that’s a second one Yeah Splitting up if he didn’t [tommy] he knew I was there we were both yet. He a he Potato aimed the fuck out you there. He was he was up first and aim they like he ids on you first. Yeah And yet still lost. What a fuckin Scrub Did you see his name call him out? Send him a tweet alert? I’ll edit it. I think It is a easy this game is so easy to easy [anything] Nice good job. [you] going home now now. He’ll know we just can’t start it

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