Camping Tent Trailer | Double Duty Demonstration

Camping Tent Trailer | Double Duty Demonstration

When I think of a tent camping, the simple
things come to mind like breezy afternoons under big trees and blue skies. So, it makes
sense to me that my tent setup should be simple too. And with the Double Duty Utility Camper,
that’s what I get. Simple. A tongue stand and stabilizer jacks help steady
the footing. These two ramps will later serve as steps
into the tent. The front and rear gates swing open to support
the bed platforms. Hey, why sleep on the ground when you can
sleep above it? Hitch pins easily attach to the gate frames
to help secure the platforms. Once I put in my air mattress, the fully supported
and raised, bed platforms will allow me to sleep like a queen. Attaching the tent to the trailer requires
only a few straps – no stakes to hammer. Yay! Most of the tent poles are connected with
shock cord, so getting confused by which poles go with which poles is never a problem. Sure. Setting up the tent is a breeze, but
why do it alone when these guys will do if for me? Double Duty Utility Camper – just easy. To get your Double Duty Utility Camper,
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6 thoughts on “Camping Tent Trailer | Double Duty Demonstration

  1. Would it be possible to drive with the front gates partially opened and secured so the front wheel of an 8 foot long motorcycle could project out on a platform on the tongue? I prefer not to have to mount the bike at an angle. I know I would need to watch tongue weight

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