Camping Tips And Tricks For Successful Camp Outs

Camping Tips And Tricks For Successful Camp Outs

Camping Tips And Tricks For Successful Camp Outs Hi it’s AlaskaGranny welcome to Granny Camp it takes a lot of tips and tricks to keep
things running smoothly when you bring your family or your
little grandkids out to Granny Camp always make sure you bring a few
comfortable little chair so that no matter how long your legs are you have a fine place to sit then if you
can bring your favorite books keep them in a ziploc bag so they
are up out of the dirt and the rain You may want to place a ground cover inside of your tent I took a large black
plastic bag cut it open and laid it out to help keep
things cleaner and drier in camp make sure everyone has enough room for their comfort in their sleeping bag if you have a cot organize your things
dry clothes your pajamas make sure everyone is wearing a whistle so should they wander off
they have a way to contact you and try to keep your eye on each other
especially if you bring little ones to camp bring a head lamp along you can hook it up in the top of your tent
when it’s dark so that if for some reason you need a light you can reach up and flick it on if you intend to be out in your camp for a period of time get a nice comfy cot and a little chair whatever there’s room
for but at least get a cot that made a whole big difference luring the little guys out here and the sleeping bags, because there has been so much rain the cot and all the
sleeping bags are wet so they’re drying out bring lots and lots of big plastic bags because if you are
caught in a downpour and you can at least cover things over if you don’t have a little string of a
clothesline inside your tent put one up so that you
can hang up your socks or whatever to keep them out the way and dry yeah see the big puddles you need a big sponge so that you can mop this stuff up every time it happens, which for us, has been constant and ongoing the other thing you
need you’re not the only one that comes in a
tent bring a fly swatter avoid little kids screaming that there is something in there and you don’t want any mosquitoes or
flies or spiders to scare you get a foam pad so you have something to kneel on because there’s always going to be
something uncomfortable if you have to climb around and mop up water find out where your
shoes are whatever that’s going to be nice Sportsman’s
Warehouse collapsible wine glasses unbreakable Granny’s greatest tip sometimes it’s nice to have quiet time at Granny Camp so remember you can do it it isn’t easy but never give up follow your dreams and your challenges cheers Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

36 thoughts on “Camping Tips And Tricks For Successful Camp Outs

  1. Better tip for keeping the water out of your tent is, always keep the opening of the tent pointed down-hill at the lowest point on the ground. I could tell from where the water was sitting, and from the last scene where you were enjoying your wine, that the spot in the tent that had water, was lower elevation than the other corners and the entry into the tent. As long as you leave the entrance to the tent pointed at the lowest elevation point, the water will drain out on it's own.

  2. I second get a new tent. Camping is no fun if you are wet. So either the tent is faulty / worn out or not pitched correctly etc. You shouldn't be getting standing water in your tent. ๐Ÿ™‚ Other than that I loved the video.

  3. If one of my friends rolls up and says lets go camping, in less then 15 minutes, we are gone. I have every device (cooking utensils, drying cloths, wash bucket, BBQ lighters, nail clippers, scissors and much more in 3 plastic boxes, grab my tent and sleeping sheets and covers and coolers and frozen 2 litre cook bottles full of ice

  4. By the numbers:

    1 – You had me at "Granny Camp!"

    2 – Something as simple as placing reading material in a plastic bag (something I seem to forget even in normal sunny weather) made this video especially worth watching.

    3 – As a grandparent to 8+, I love the idea of setting up a camp in the backyard for a weekend, if only to give my kiddos a break. Bonus: I can start teaching them basic survival skills in a controlled environment while minimizing the bug quotient.

    4 – Wet, damp, and windy are buzz kills for camping. ANYTHING that mitigates those challenges only enhances the positive camp experience. Clotheslines are a great idea, and I would further recommend a change of clothing (preferably of a wool or water resistant nature) in a sealed bag, just in case.

    5 – While a conventional fly swatter is good for the little ones, as the adult you might want to consider something a bit more powerful when dealing with airborne pests or multi-legged terror instigators:

    There is no Number Six (obscure geek reference).

    Nearly two years old, and yet your video remains very timely. Thank you for your regular daily content on your wonderful channel. I may not comment on all of them, but watch them I do, and am appreciative of your efforts!

  5. Two tips from a long time camper… cover tent with a tarp you stake out for a dry tent, use Reflectix for under your sleeping bag as it will keep you a lot warmer reflecting most of your body heat( buy at home depot etc)..

  6. pitch your tent on top of a tarp that is big enough to leave a few inches or more exposed on each side. you won't ever have a wet floor again unless it's spilled. ? thanks for the tips.

  7. I have a small tent about that size I use for winter camping. The last time I used it I spent a 3 day weekend in it.

  8. If you had the right tent you wouldn't have wet puddles in it when it rains. Get a decent tent with a rain fly.

  9. try waterproofing the seams of your tent. plus, a tent like that is not meant to be up for extended periods of time. not sure if you touch your tent with your hands or not, but the oil in your hands will rub waterproofing off the tent over time. like everyone has stated, putting a tarp under your tent will help keep the water from the ground seeping in. if you can, you might want to think about hanging a tarp over the tent too

  10. You'd be better getting a groundsheet for under your tent; I think you call then tarps in the USA. :))

  11. granny, a good tarp with tree rope will keep your tent dry and if larger your chair. bring wooden clothes line clips – multi purpose! put pipe-wrap on those cot legs to keep it from rubbing holes in tent floor. just saying…

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