Camping Tips from Ontario Parks – Packing a Cooler

Camping Tips from Ontario Parks – Packing a Cooler

When you’re getting ready to go camping, there’s
going to be lots of food that you want to bring and so getting it all there and in one
piece is the most important thing. First of all, it is just like packing your grocieries
at home, when you put the food in, you’re going to want the heaviest stuff on the bottom and
the lighter stuff on top. So, I’ve got my groceries all here for my camping trip, I’ll
start with my meat as the heaviest stuff and put that right in the bottom there. My juice
can go right in the bottom, and then on top of that I’ll put my middle weight stuff, my
dressing, my water, and some fruits and vegetables here just like this. Lastly, the light stuff can go right on top. So, after all of your food’s in, you can put your ice right on top. Now, some people
prefer to put the bag in just like this, and that can be great because that conserves the
cold with the ice. Some people, however, prefer to open the bag right up and pour it overtop
so everything can stay nice and cold. So you just open it, and gently pour it overtop like
this… Now, when it comes to night time and you’ve got to your campsite you’re going to
want to keep your food safe because now you’re out where there are a lot of animals looking
to get a free meal, the most important thing you can do is keep your campsite clean. No
food left out at night, no dishes that haven’t been cleaned, and no garbage left laying around,
all of that stuff has to be taken care of before you go to bed. So once all of your
food is in, your site is cleaned, you’re just going to close your cooler up, take it and
put it right in the trunk of your car, and that’s where you can leave it for the evening.

3 thoughts on “Camping Tips from Ontario Parks – Packing a Cooler

  1. Use square gallon ice cream containers, and make your own block ice.
    Freeze all meat, and any water bottles you plan to bring.
    If your cooler will fit in your freezer, fill with a few inches of water, and freeze. Repeat filling/freezing as necessary. Don't do it all at once, or you will split your cooler.
    Keep you cooler in the shade, and covered with wet towels.
    Open your cooler as little as possible. For long trips, bring 2 coolers, and don't open the 2nd cooler until the 2nd half of trip.

  2. We like to make blocks of ice in the freezer using plastic containers. It's free and they last longer than the chipped ice you buy.

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