Camping With Dogs | First Trip of 2018 | Heading to Upper Michigan

Camping With Dogs | First Trip of 2018 | Heading to Upper Michigan

♪ [background music] ♪ Well, guess what we
are doing today Pawdience? Finally, for the first time in
this season, we’re camping! You can tell, Oakley is already making herself at home. [laughter] So, we are camping at
Muskegon Lake State Park. It is Memorial Day Weekend. Can you see,
there’s a whole bunch of cool campers? That is Muskegon Lake over there. We brought our kayak, we got our camper…
We got the dogs! Right? We got the dogs!
For those of you that are wondering… The line of the dogs around is called, a picket line. I get them from ‘Alpine Outfitters.’
( Links down below with a coupon code,
if you guys want to get your own. This is a four (4) drop line,
so I could actually put a fourth (4th) dog on here. What this does, is to make the dogs have
space to walk around while they’re out here. They can get water and do what they want. But, they
don’t get all tangled to everything, which is super nice. One of my favorite things we ever got for camping. Don’t worry! They don’t stay stuck out here, all day.
We walk then around. We go and do fun things. Right now, we’re chilling out and we did
a good walk around the campground. Right now, we’re just kind of chilling out. Getting ready to start the adventure for today. ♪ [background music begins] ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ [background music ends] ♪ We’re having dinner and
the girls are having dinner… We’re building our fire. To have amazing things. Banana’s like, [dog speaks]
“I’m just warming up my butt!” [laughter] – My lap dog! – So, I got Miss Memphis here! In her beautiful green LED collar. See the lights up around, glowing next to her… We are going for a nightly walk. Before we go to bed! I’ll do this with each of the dogs. Walk around the campground…
Check out the moon! Always something fun to do! Take one at a time! Now, it is Miss Shelby’s turn! You can tell, Shelby has a pink collar. [laughs] There’s Miss Oakley! She’s getting her turn to go potty
before she goes to bed. I love her bright blue collar! Even lights up her paws! She’s like, [dog speaks]
“Oh! We’re looking at the lake?” Can’t really see it cause is dark,
but we can see the moon! ♪ [background music begins] ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ [background music ends] ♪ And… We are back home! From three (3) days of camping! Did you girls had fun? Was it the best? Did you go camping? You already went camping! I know, is your favorite words,
but you already did it! Alright you guys! If you want to see more of our
camping videos, I’ll put a playlist up above and down
in the video description below. Also, you can check us out at to see more longer versions
of our camping videos. Go check those out. Shelby thinks, we’re going camping again,
even thought we just got home! We just got home Shelby!
We just got home! Alright you guys! As always… If you are new to this channel and you liked what
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We will see you again soon! Alright! Let’s go and finish
unloading the camper, right? Unload the camper? Alright!
Goodbye guys!

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