CAMPING WITH SEVEN DOGS | Five Huskies and Two Honorary Huskies Day 1 & 2

CAMPING WITH SEVEN DOGS | Five Huskies and Two Honorary Huskies Day 1 & 2

Alright you guys! We got all the dogs! We are going camping!
-Jamie- Yeah!
-Jessica- Were taking you on a little adventure! If you wanna see more of our
camping adventure,
you can check us out Yes, Shelby is here too!
Memphis, move for
just a second. She’s (Shelby) right there! Hi Shelby! *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” If you would like to see
even more from our camping trip,
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(Dogs barking)
So, has everybody else! We all got here at the
same time! (Dogs making noises) Are you telling them,
what you think?
(Barking sounds) Shelby’s like,
“I’m telling you what I think…”
(Shelby growling) What? Alright guys!
We had our first night here
of camping! This morning we woke up
and is raining.
I didn’t filmed a whole lot for the dogs last night, but we woke up
this morning and is raining
so not really sure what were gonna do…
All our doggie friends are
out there and our other YouTube friends are out there.
So were gonna figure out
what were gonna do today. (To Shelby)
Sounds like a plan? You are ready
to find something to do. Aren’t you? (Laughter) Memphis is like,
“Outside is this way guys!
Let’s go!” I think, Memphis sees
her BFF (Nora).
Look at her! There goes her tail… There goes your tail!
Who you see Memphis? Who’s over there?
Looks like is coming!
(Noises) She’s like,
“Wait! I know her!
I know her!” “Is my BFF (Nora)!”
(Laughter) (Noise)
Whoa! (To Memphis)
You are tearing apart the camp! (Barking noises) I’ll bet, we can hear it!
(Dog noises) Aww!
(Dogs barking)
(Laughter) Aww!
(Background voices)
(Dogs barking) (Laughter) It’s like a dog party camping!
(Laughter) -Jamie- It’s like, “I got you!”
-Jessica- Everybody’s here!
(Laughter) Everybody’s here!
(Noises) (Laughter) (Background voices) Oh no!
(Laughter) (Waterfall noises) (Laughter) Oh! You got wet? What you think Oakley?
Oakley’s like,
“I don’t know guys! There’s water!” “I’m not a big fan!” Memphis is like,
“I’ll go for it!” You’ll go for it? (Background noises) Shelby’s like,
“I want the water!” Oakley’s like,
“I don’t want any water!”
(Laughter) “Not, if I have to go
in the river to get it!”
(Laughter) Hiking Huskys! Were going!
Woo! It’s slippery!
We got to be careful! (Waterfall noises) -Jamie- Oh, oh guys! Did we make it to the end
of the trail?
That’s what the sign says! “Trail ends!” (Jamie to the dogs)
Lay all the roots in these trees!
I’m just barely holding on! You girls doing it?
Huh? Hi Oakley!
Yay! -Jamie- Memphis, here! (Waterfall sounds) (Jessica talks) -Jamie- (To Jessica) Yeah! Were here at the falls!
Here, you wanna show em
since I can’t get close? -Jessica-(To Jamie) Sure, give me!
-Jamie- Ok! (Waterfall sounds) -Jessica- There’s Canyon Falls! -Jessica- Jamie has all the dogs
except for ‘Thor!’ (Dogs noises) Everybody is taking pictures!
(Dogs barking) Jamie, I like the ‘Dog Whisperer!’
-Jamie- Maaan!
(Dogs barking) -Jessica- Jamie’s giving Oakley
a drink out of the ice cold creek. She doesn’t want to walk on it
and drink out of it!
But, she’ll drink out of his hand! (Laughter)
Shelby’s like,
“This is great! I love this!” Aww! It’s kind of warm, huh girls? And Jamie!
-Jamie- Water’s nice and cool…
-Jessica- Yeah! It is! Dinner time for the dogs! Feeding them in the camper,
cause it’s a little bit humid outside. I figured I’m keeping
them here for
a little bit. Gotta be nice and cool.
Oakley needs to make sure,
she stays calm after eating. So, this is a good way
to make sure she takes a little
nap, eats her food and doesn’t get to rile up by the other dogs! I can do a water fall after sunset! May be dark!
Were going for it anyway!
-Jamie- Yeah! About ten (10) minutes pass the time, we should be looking
for water.
-Jessica- Yep! (Waterfall sounds)
We found the water fall
in the dark! But, is there! Look at these two! (2)
Are you BFFs? We got ‘Banana’
hanging out with the Huskys! Then, Shelby!
Oakley’s napping! (To Shelby)
Yeah! You are a happy girl!
Huh? Are you happy? ‘Banana!’
They haven’t realized
you are not a Husky yet! You are fitting right in!
(Laughter) Alright you guys!
Another day comes to an end! Look it!
The dogs are already sleeping!
Were getting ready to go to bed! (Laughter) Alright you guys!
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Dream big!
We will see you again soon! Oakley did amazing tonight!
You did so good today!
You hiked more today than you had in so long! (Laughter)
She’s like,
‘I’m ready to go back to bed guys..” -Jamie- Come here Oakley!
-Jessica- They’ll cuddle with you. “I don’t know about cuddles guys!” “Maybe I will take some cuddles!” (Laughter) You already had a good night snack!
Tell the ‘Pawdience’ good night! Good night ‘Pawdience!’ (Music) *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come 
into our Siberian world!* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*

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