Camping With Your Dog Gear Review |

Camping With Your Dog Gear Review |

– Hi everyone, I’m Amber from, and with summer coming up, it’s a great time to get outside and go camping with your dog. We’ve got some great
products I wanted to show you that makes camping with them
just a little bit easier. (upbeat electronic music) So first up, we have the
Ruffwear Approach Pack. This is a really awesome backpack that’s made specifically for
dogs that fits like a harness. And what I really like about this, it’s got a lot of compartments. So if you are doing a
little bit of a longer hike, you want to pack some treats, some toys, maybe you’re going to the river, and you’re gonna go swimming, you can easily pack a Chuckit
stick or tennis balls, and this allows your dog to
kinda carry some of the load. So if you have a working dog like Ringo, or a dog that really
kind of enjoys working, participating– this is a great option. Comes in a buncha sizes,
so really awesome. So next up we have the Bivy
Bowl that is made by Ruffwear. This is kind of a modern spin on your traditional collapsible bowl. What I found with the collapsible bowls is that they– a lot of
times their made cheap, the plastic parts can come off, the silicon can dry out. This is actually fabric,
so it’s waterproof, it folds down really small, and it’s gonna last you a long time. It’s got a nice base that can
just easily be rinsed off, so if you’re in the dirt,
mud, wherever you are, it’s really easy to clean, and kind of stick it
back in your backpack. So really solid choice. Just grab a couple of these. Really great option. So next up we have the Highlands Pad that is made by Ruffwear. What’s really nice about this is that it folds down really small, so this essentially is gonna be like a padded bed for your dog. So if you have a dog like Ringo, likes to lay on hard surfaces, this is just kind of a barrier, so they don’t have to
lay directly on the dirt. You could also lay this on
like an elevated cooling bed, if you have brought one of those. But this is just like
a really solid option, and if you’re hiking and you want to stop and have lunch, it’s something
that you can both sit on to just kind of add some
padding to the ground. So really great and
honestly this is something that you could have
all the time, you know, in your car or whatever. Just as a little nice to
have for wherever you are. So this is the Highland sleeping bag, so it is essentially a
sleeping bag for your dog, which is really awesome. I have a dog who likes to
burrow under the blankets, so something like this,
she would really be into. This is a good option if you’re camping somewhere it gets cooler at night. You can unzip it and open it up, but you can also leave
it as a sleeping bag, so it kinda has dual purpose and is something nice
to have if your dog does like to be warm or just relax
on maybe a little bit more of a comfortable surface. (ambient music) So this is the Knot-a-Hitch. What is really awesome about this is that it basically tethers
between two trees. So I’ve been camping where I’ve relied on just having the dogs on a leash, or having to bring clunky x-pen. This allows you to, you know, essentially, have a cord between two trees that you can attach your
dog to with your leash. It has a really strong carabiner
that has a swivel here, that locks over place so the
carabiners not gonna open. And essentially it just
gives your dogs some freedom to kind of go
within a restricted space while you’re maybe cooking dinner, or doing, you know,
something where you’re not able to have their leash
on your wrist at all times. So they can just really
go between the two sides, and really, honestly, I don’t
think I would ever go back to leash camping now that
I know that this exists. Thanks everyone for tuning in. We hope you have a great summer. If you want to learn more
about the products here just click on the links below, and for more general information, recipes, anything dog related, head on over to our blog, which is We’ll see ya next time. (ambient music) (swoosh) (bark)

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  1. Ringo looks like a "sleeping" dog haha. Great information – Riker and I are going off the grid late summer. Thank you!

  2. That leash alternative is such a great idea. We use a beach tether we hook Gnocchi (our dog) up to – she ends ups getting so tangled though! Check out our channel to see Gnocchi – she cute, but she a rascal.

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