Can I Get Married on a Tourist Visa? (Then Adjust Status)

Can I Get Married on a Tourist Visa? (Then Adjust Status)

(upbeat music) – Can you marry on a tourist
visa to the U.S.A. from Ghana? The short answer is yes. You can always get married. I think your real question is can you marry and adjust your status. So getting married is easy. Marriage is basically a state law and any state will probably
marry you, no problem. So your real questions probably is “I’m here on a tourist
visa, can I get married to my fiancee and then apply
for an immigration benefit?” And the short answer is yes. It happens all the time. It’s extremely common in
fact, a lot of people do it, but all the same rules still apply. Any prior marriages for either one of you need to have been cleared up. You can’t be running away
from a marriage back in Ghana. It needs to be a legitimate relationship and they’re gonna check that
and the fact that you didn’t do this what they would call the right way, meaning go back to Ghana and
apply for a fiancee visa, might even get you a little more scrutiny and your intent is important. If you came here on tourist visa with the intent to get married, that’s
not technically allowed. You’re not supposed to do that. Now if you came here on tourist visa and while you were here you met somebody, fell in love, whatever, that’s allowed, but its gonna
be up to you to prove that and, of course, you need to be honest and obviously, you don’t
wanna go into an interview saying you didn’t come here
with the intent to marry when in fact your did
because now you’re lying and that’s never what you wanna do, so the short answer is yes, absolutely, but you need to have a good
strong case and we see people. People do it all the time, everyday, but if you threw a going away party back in Ghana and you told everybody I’m going to America to I’m
gonna marry my boyfriend and I’m gonna stay forever and then you come here and you lie and say “no, no I didn’t intend to do it. It just happened after I got here.” Well, not you’re in a conflict, so, you know, there you go
that’s the short answer. The short answer is yes, absolutely. Just make sure you’re
not playing games here because that’s never gonna work
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7 thoughts on “Can I Get Married on a Tourist Visa? (Then Adjust Status)

  1. I have a question on a different topic… The proposed Public Charge rule. My future husband will be coming here from Egypt I will be filing for a cr1 Visa. I was out of work for a while this last year and was receiving snap and Heap benefits. Can you tell me if I will be disqualified from sponsoring him because of this? He has never used any public benefits in the US… Just me. And also I do have a co-sponsor if necessary. I've been asking around and I keep getting the same answer which is that it does not pertain to the sponsor but I just wanted to ask you guys and get your opinion.

  2. A friend got married on B1/B2 visa, and came back to uk he only stayed 14 days. Can his wife put in for a permanent residence, now while that is in progress, can he still travel backwards and forward to usa on B1/B2 visa or will that get cancelled ???

  3. I am a 61 year old female American citizen. My fiance is a 35 year old Nigerian man. We have had a long distance relationship for almost a year now. My question is simply how hard is it gonna be to get him a fiance visa. Proving our relationship is not a problem for us, because it is real.

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