Can I Use My Tourist Visa While My K1 Fiancé Visa is Awaiting Approval?

Can I Use My Tourist Visa While My K1 Fiancé Visa is Awaiting Approval?

Okay I think there was another question
okay here we go all right so Jerrod’s asking my fiance
has a tourist visa and I want to know if there’s an issue there traveling to the
US on a tourist visa now that we have applied for a k1 fiancee visa we get
this question a lot this is a tricky one in general what we recommend is once
you’ve applied for the fiancee visa just hunker down you know we’ve we’ve heard
it both ways we’ve heard of people being able to do it if they had a pre tourist
visa already approved or they’re from a visa waiver program and their ad says
approved but we’ve heard on the opposite end where they try to get here to get
all the way to customs coming into the United States and then they see their
existing petition for the fiancee visa or even a spousal visa and they see that
that’s in route and process and then they put them back on a plane into the
back so you get to donate some money of the airlines and spend a lot of time on
a plane so in general once you apply just just
hunker down and that’s right so it’s so so the bottom line is there’s no rule
against it nothing says you can’t but our experience and experience of our
customers is that they’re going to assume the since you’ve already made
your intent clear that you’re trying to emigrate because you have a pending
spousal visa a fiance visa parent visa or whatever it is now you try to come on
a temporary visa like a tourist visa they’re gonna assume that you’re just
trying to shortcut the process you’ve got tired of waiting and you’re going to
stay and you’re not going to honor the tourist visa by leaving within the 90
days so a lot of time perhaps the majority of time we don’t know because
there aren’t published statistics that we could quote to you but we certainly
have known a lot of people suffered that heartache of getting to the border and
getting turned around so so I would suggest don’t do it you know the wait is
difficult many of us here including myself have been through that and it is
hard being apart from your loved one but it’s best just to wait it out
that would be that would be our suggestion

5 thoughts on “Can I Use My Tourist Visa While My K1 Fiancé Visa is Awaiting Approval?

  1. We asked same thing to our Lawyer but she said no! No assurance that the border will allow me to get in to US as tourist while waiting for my K1 Visa.

  2. Hi sir, are we possible to file for a fiancee visa even though we only met 1 time but we lived together 1 month in Philippines

  3. Hey sir, my fiance is us citizen and we are about to apply for k1 visa but I have already applied for tourist visa so I am confused.

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