Can I win Tour de Ski? Part 1 | Vlog 52³

Now I am settled here in Tour De Ski and it’s time for another vlog Tour De Ski is starting tomorrow and we just arrived we arrived yesterday actually I was out running earlier today and now I am doing the last preparations before the start tomorrow as I told you during the World Championship I have to shave my legs there are not going to be any hair left I am getting ready for tomorrow there is not going to be a single hair on my legs after I have shaved them I will keep the hair on my head though this is going to be exciting I am looking forward to this I am standing in the bathroom, and I am going to eat some food before I go to bed it’s almost 10 pm and Tour De Ski is coming up I am excited Tour De Ski is coming up in few hours and we are settled let’s begin Tour De Ski hopefully, I will do good let’s shave the legs and let’s go Tour De Ski! now my legs are very smooth there is not a single hair on my legs nothing is coincidental I have done everything I can and then we’ll see how it goes now it’s time to go to bed listen to some music on my headphones and I think it’s time to call it a day see you tomorrow good luck Johannes Tour De Ski is coming up let’s go! this will be exciting yes, it will Bolsjunov is warming up way much faster then the rest of you that’s for sure but there’s no point warming up fast if you aren’t racing fast waste of power they know everything about that are they going to Planica in between the competitions in Tour De Ski as well? Hello Gro hello Haakon, Happy New Year! they say second place is also good that was a good start yes, it was an okay start I am where I am supposed to be now it starts the most important day is tomorrow, it’s time for sprint the winner can get 60 seconds tomorrow, and the winner only got one second today and 15 points for a red shirt or something and I got that that was important Ustiugov is very strong there are way too many people here and I don’t have that much time I have to get to the doping-control so I think it’s time to move on we’ll bring the camera another day it’s was much colder today yes, it is but the sun is shining yes, the weather is nice the weather will be nice at 1 am during the final but the question is…do I get to the final? you are doing the prologue first yes, first things first and we’ll see after that what’s your plan? go fast from start but not the fastest I can you are going two rounds there are two uphills therefore, it’s not smart to go the fastest I can from the start because we are going two rounds there are 30 minutes left and people are way too excited that’s how it’s supposed to be too bad that Chanavat got sick yes, very bad hopefully, I will meet him in Dresden instead let’s go prologue! are you wearing a red shirt today? yes, I am the leader of the Points Cup or something I got most Bonus Points of all it’s supposed to be the same as the green shirt in Tour De France but the yellow one is the most important and Ustiugov has that yes, he has let’s do the Quarterfinal now it’s Easter weather I get very warm standing in the sun it’s very nice here we are done with the Quarterfinal I got to the Semifinal and it’s coming up very soon there’s nothing more to say about that let’s go Semifinal against Ustiugov, Valnes, Golberg, Pellegrino and the Lucky Loser! you are standing inbetween all the people here you have to be quick I am not surprised that you are standing inbetween all the people here number 31 he was very happy let’s go inside and finish up here thanks to Lenzerheide it’s a beautiful place yes see you in Toblach we have arrived Toblach I just woke up and I am ready for having a rest day there is another competition coming up tomorrow I will spend my day here I am going to watch some series and write in my training diary eat some food and drink a lot and that’s my plan I will go skiing for a very short time I think we should move on to tomorrow when it’s time for another competition 15 km skate I think it’s time to move on to the competition, or at least move on to tomorrow wish me good luck and we’ll see if I will manage to keep my leader position let’s go! this is going to be a war 15 km is a lot that’s it this may be the worst thing I can do 15 km skate it’s a part of the game I will do my best there are many people who enjoy going 15 km skate less people like going sprint I don’t understand why but let’s go! I just got back to the hotelroom from the competition I don’t have much to say to you you may have seen the race this was the third ski race 15 km skate it didn’t go that well I hoped that I would do better but I ended up one minute and 11 seconds behind the winner I am very disappointed very I feel that Tour De Ski is over for me I just lost what should I say? I am just disappointed hopefully, you understand it that’s life I am just going to change some clothes before I go down to have some dinner maybe I will go for a run as well and I’ll see you later if I get happier see you later finally, it’s time for the New Year’s Eve dinner this is delicious that looks way much better than my pasta yes it is it’s 9 pm on New Year’s Eve and I am going for a run I’ve had a terrible day today I need to go outside and get some fresh air and celebrate New Year’s Eve the best way we just ate some “delicious” dinner and now I have to go outside and train and then we’ll see now I have changed clothes I am wearing a proper t shirt I just ate some more food and now it’s 10 pm I have eaten dinner and some suppper and I have been outside running my mood is better now than earlier today it still sucks but I am trying my best to stay positive there are many races coming up tomorrow it’s time for 15 km classis I start 1 minute and 11 seconds behind the leader I have to go out there and do my best I will try to get closer to them it will be tough but I will do my best I feel that I have managed to stay positive there will always be some tough days but that’s life and I really feel motivated to start 2020 by doing a good race I will rest and do the right things for tomorrow even though it’s New Year’s Eve I have to be smart hopefully, it will help it’s going to be very exciting but I want to wish you a Happy New Year! it’s 10.10 pm here and I am going to bed I will lay with my legs up in the air and soon it’s time to sleep I think I will be asleep before midnight but I wish you a Happy New Year! hopefully, 2020 will be filled with happiness remember to be nice with each other that must be the most important thing in life there are so many people who are going through tough times that they shouldn’t be going through my goal for 2020 is to be nice with other people to all of you who are sending me messages, letters and everything I really appreciate it I got a lot of nice messages from you, after I did a bad race you give me so much motivation and it warms my heart I just wanted you to know but let’s call it a day goodnight, and a Happy New Year to all of you hopfeully, you’ve all had a nice evening hopefully, it was better than mine but I have chosen this life and it’s actually very funny except from days like today see you in 2020 it’s very easy to sleep when all you can hear is this I fell asleep at 11 pm and I woke up to this hopefully, they will be done soon so I can sleep you are just like NRK standing outside the truck, trying to record yes, I am filming secretly that’s good the sun is shining today as well Happy New Year! It’s 2020 I woke up at midnight because of the noise but I fell asleep right after the first ski race of 2020 is coming up we’ll see if it’s possible one minute and 11 seconds that’s a lot of time to catch up almost non of the girls have catched up time it’s going to be a lot of fun for us I have to try to catch up with them as fast as possible can it go in 2020? or will this year be a disaster? we’ll see about that but I will try my best to make this year as good as possible but now it’s time to warm up now it’s time to get in the car and move on to Val Di Fiemme but first I have to say good morning good morning that’s it let’s move on to Val Di Fiemme we just arrived our hotelroom I thought I should show you it nice with a double bed but look at this tv it’s the smallest tv I’ve ever seen am I supposed to lay there and watch that tv? I am looking forward to it we are at least settled here in Val Di Fiemme I am going to take a shower before I go to bed and relax for the rest of the day it will be exciting it’s time to prepare for the last races to be continued

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