Can You Spot The Tourist? | Ridiculousness

Can You Spot The Tourist? | Ridiculousness

– Okay, we live in a city where people visit it all year long. – Yeah.
– Okay, millions of people come from all over the world, Let me see it, Hollywood sign. – Yeah.
– Beach. – Yeah. – Dirty downtown. (audience laughs) – Yeah. – Can you spot a tourist, in this city? – 100%. – [Rob] Yeah? – Yeah.
– A lot of the time yeah. – Okay, now what about
when you’re the tourist. Can they spot you? – Oh, 100%, Me? – [Rob] Yeah.
– The places I go? Man, I be the only black dude there. It be (bleep) crazy. – Look, sometimes it is
easy to spot, sometimes not. The category, Damn Tourists, take a look. (Polka music) – [Rob] There it is, it’s a…oh! – Did she have anything? Why’s she not giving it to him? – [Rob] I mean, but if
you look at it, her hair looks like the hay.
– [Steelo] Yeah, it does. He could go for it. – Oh, oh damn, that’s some crunchy hay. (audience gasps) – Did you see him jump and pray at the same time?
– [Rob] Yeah. He was like God, God,
please, please, please, Lord! Please Lord, keep me safe! – [Rob] Aw (bleep), go back. What, do they got this guy on a leash? – Yeah, they’re like
taking him for a walk. – [Rob] Just hunting tourists.
– [Steelo] Oh! – There you have it for Damn Tourists. (audience clapping) Okay, nothing I respect more
than when a crazy slam happens, and someone’s filming it,
and they stay focused. – Yeah.
– You know what I mean? Nothing makes me as sad as like, oh! – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – But is it okay to do
that when your kids slam? – No, you should drop the camera immediately.
– No, you gotta focus. – [Rob] Yeah, hey–
– You gotta focus. – Look, I probably land
somewhere in the middle. You know what I mean? Because like let’s say let’s close it out, make sure we got a good shot
then let’s get there okay? Every one of these
parents in this category should just Put Your Phone Down, take a look. (audience clapping) – [Rob] Oh, look at him now, he’s just this wee little boy. He’s just got, oh, and look at you. Oh, oh! – I mean come on, you
just got his full face, oh, let me frame it up, little Jeffery. – [Steelo] He got everything. He looks so funny and happy. – [Chanel] He’s so cute. – [Rob] I think he’s stained for life. – [Man] Come here, man. – [Rob] Oh no, oh no! (audience exclaims) – But he knew when he called him.
– [Rob] Yeah, yeah. – [Steelo] He got his
hat over his eyes too. – Follow my voice, Jeffery. – [Steelo] Follow my voice. – [Rob] All right
everybody’s safe, okay, okay. – [Woman] Lexi, out of the
way please, Lexi, Lexi! (audience laughing) – I like Lexi though, ‘Cause like, she tried
to roll over at least, She was like, oh let me get outta here! – [Woman] Lexi! – [Steelo] She turned into a spy. – [Woman] Lexi. – I tell you what he
didn’t go to save her, but kept that shot nice and clean. We’ll be right back with
more “Ridiculousness.”

81 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Tourist? | Ridiculousness

  1. Damn bro you got no views there's a video of a squirrel that was raised by a man that lives in the front pocket of his shirt he has more views than you do Rob, hell the damn squirrel gots more subscribers than you do what's happening dude!

  2. I stay a fan of ridiculousness.. Rob is a whole MOOD but I must say, when I see Steelo it just makes my heart so full. Thank you Sterling Brim for the representation. Love from KENYA.

  3. why, THE FUCK, is the outro music so loud every time…. it's so annoying. I just don't understand how such a dope show would not notice and fix this.

  4. Dirty downtown dirty Los Angeles county over 60,000 homeless people with 2000 sex offenders that register skid row as their home address so many people homeless they’ve taken over Venice Beach and that’s the new skid row there is no clean beach the Hollywood sign you can’t walk to and you will be climbing over homeless people! Los Angeles is nothing like it was before 1990 Los Angeles will have a half 1 million homeless people in the next decade and the National Guard should be called in. I do appreciate Rob even though it was a joke referring to the city of Los Angeles as “dirty” that’s probably the only thing that he could do on a show that he supposed to be funny on but still be socially conscious of what’s going on thank you Rob

  5. We Florida natives play spot the Canadian on our local South Florida beaches it’s easy you just look for banana hammocks & Speedos 🩲😵🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

  6. Really only show 1 clip on the first category… fucking lame!!!!! Show kinda lame now days… they just need to stop. They made their money time to walk away guys.

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