CANADIAN ROCKIES Travel Guide: Essential Tips | Little Grey Box

CANADIAN ROCKIES Travel Guide: Essential Tips | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box now Matt and I did an amazing canadian rockies road trip and after we
did it we realized we had learned a lot about what went well and what didn’t
so today i wanted to share with you everything that we learned to help you
plan an amazing Canadian Rockies roadtrip all of your own This is the itinerary that we followed
and we really loved it so I’m gonna share that with you and
then I’m gonna give you a little bit of insight on things we wish we’d done
differently we started in Vancouver then drove up
the coastline to Porteau Cove then we headed over to Whistler followed by a
really long drive to Clearwater and Wells Gray after that we made our way
down to Jasper from there it was on to Banff followed by a brief stint in Canmore
a quick visit to Calgary and then we made our way all the way back to
Vancouver with a quick stop in Merritt now the thing about Vancouver as we found
with a small budget good quality accommodation was around 200-300
hundred dollars a night instead we went with an AirBnB in North Vancouver and
we absolutely loved it it was fantastic having our own little apartment with a
kitchen washing machine and lots of space to spread out and with a hire car
it was so easy for us to get around of course with any new destination you want
to have as much time there as possible but if you are short on time like we
were two days in Vancouver is definitely going to be enough I would recommend you
need to download the app if you don’t already it is a free map app
and you download a map for a region and then you can star all the places that
you want to go and use it offline after two days in Vancouver we drove a short
way up to Porteau Cove which is along the coastline and maybe about 45 to 50
minutes north of Vancouver the campground here is Porteau Cove campground
and we booked a walk in site we absolutely loved it it gave us the
chance to see so Stawamus Chief Shannon Falls and really enjoy the
beauty of Porteau Cove now if Porteau Cove isn’t exactly on
your dream bucket list or you don’t feel like you need that much time in
Vancouver then I would recommend you head to Whistler a day early we spent one
night in Whistler but could have easily spent two there is so much to see and do there
it’s not even funny and it’s only an hour’s drive from Porteau Cove we set
up at Riverside Resort campground and then we went out and we did some amazing
activities like ziplining and an ATV ride like a razor thing it was so much
fun there are some great restaurants and plenty of ways to fill your time after two
days in Whistler we headed out to Clearwater and Wells Gray
Our maps said that it was gonna take about five hours and it ended up
taking nearly seven hours and what we found was when we got there it was
beautiful at Clearwater it was stunning and we really wish that we had have had
two nights instead of the one so again if there is some room for
movement in your itinerary I would recommend giving yourself two nights
there because there’s so many great hiking trails and things to see and do
in the area that arriving there that night, late at night just isn’t going to
give you enough time also in this area is where you will find some beautiful
waterfalls like Spahuts, Dawson Falls and of course Helmcken Falls now these
places are gorgeous so you really don’t want to be rushed and you also might
want to do a spot of canoeing on Clearwater or Azure Lake and a really
popular hiking spot is the Joffre Lakes after leaving Clearwater and Wells Gray
we headed to Jasper and along the way I made Matt stops at the Mount
Robson Provincial Park because there is an incredible hike there the Berg Lake Trail
which is just beautiful if you watch this channel or read our website
you will know I always say I hate hiking I enjoyed this one it was beautiful it
was gentle and rolling and when you get to the end the lake is just stunning we
sat and had lunch and it was an amazing experience now the drive from the
world’s great Provincial Park to Jasper is going to take you about three and a
half hours so you definitely do have time to stop and do that hike but here’s
the thing when we go to Jasper we realize that
we probably needed one extra knife we say dat whistles campground don’t get
that confused with stayin in Whistler whistled the place and whistlers
campground are very very different but look we love staying at mrs. campground
it was really nice the showers were good spending a night in Jasper we hit the
ice field hoc way and we were both so excited because it is notoriously
beautiful and scenic and great for spotting affairs which we did get to see
with very exciting but here’s the thing about the icefields pkway you cant
pre-booked any of your campsites so what you have to do is go to these campsites
where you self register and you fill out these little homes where you put your
credit card details and say how long you’re staying there for and you pop the
slip in a lock box so it’s an honesty system now we had a little bit of a fail
in this one / a really decent baler we kind of panicked and we just chose to
stop at the first campground we saw because we were worried we wouldn’t get
a spot otherwise so we stopped at Wilcox campground which is right next to the
Athabasca glacier I’m sure you can imagine Glacia sarn’t notorious for
being warm sunny cozy places it was freezing and then we thought well we’ll
drive a bit and we’ll go and see some more places along the icefield parkway
and then we found the rampant Creek Campground and it was like an oasis it
was beautiful that was sunny there was no fire man it was magnificent so then
we had to go all the way back and get our stuff from Wilcox and move to ramp
it darn panic there are plenty of campgrounds and plenty places to stay
just make sure you mark your campsite with something because I didn’t hear
from some other campus that they can be a little bit of fighting if you don’t
mark your campsite properly and then you come back and somebody else is set up
there and you’ve lost your spot now the drive from Jasper to the campground
where we stayed is about an hour and a half to two hours so it’s not a
particularly long drive which means you’re gonna have lots of time for
sightseeing make sure you’ve got a great Drive print play this plan for yourself
and next up was Ben and I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with Ben
just like now we spent two nights there but
honestly there is so much to see and do you could spend a whole week there we
stayed at the Tunnel mountain campground and it was fantastic there was no fire
ban there so we were able to have really nice camp fires every night and cook out
some really delicious food there is so much sightseeing to be done in Banff
it’s not even funny you can Jam pack a day off the day off
the day but having a car is really going to be your best friend here because all
of the great things are a bit of a drive away now we have a really really good
friend of ours who lives in Kenmore so after going to BAM we drove to camera
and it is a beautiful place I mean if you’ve never been before and you want to
do something a little bit different and you’ve got the time there’s some great
restaurants the mountains surrounding it absolutely beautiful blue pools out
there a beautiful and there are some amazing hikes to I never met and maybe
did an incredible hike up to the top of this man’s and they just I don’t even
know how they made it up there from Campbell we went to Calgary now it’s
about an hour’s drive from camel to Calgary if you were driving from 5th to
Calgary it would be about an hour and a half you could easily just spend one
night there if you did feel like you needed more you could do it but we were
kind of happy with one night from there we could easily have flowin out from
Calgary back home which is something you can definitely do but the lights worked
out cheaper for us if we flew in and out of Vancouver and they would direct
flights for us so it was really a no-brainer
so to get from Calgary to Vancouver we decided we would break it up but do the
bulk of the driving in one day so we drove nearly eight hours in one day from
Calgary to America where we just booked a cheap hotel so we could repack all
about here get organized for a flight home the next day
and of course our last day was from Merritt back to Vancouver which is about
two and a half hours give or take and it was a really easy Drive we were just
able to drive back in drop the car back at the airport and get inside for our
flight now when we first started planning our Rockies road trip we really
quickly realized that budget was going to be a very very big factor it was
really overwhelming when we first started and we realized the cost of
thing and then we were trying to figure out
what’s the best way to do it what’s still going to be fun but we’re still
going to have an amazing time but it’s not going to break our budget and it’s
part of my planning because I’m just that person I went through and I
calculated the cost of three different scenarios and then we compared them and
that’s how we decided which one was going to do this for us now in peak
season the average price for one night in the hotel is going to be somewhere
between 130 and 300 dollars and that’s just for a decent hotel that’s nothing
fancy I estimate that if you were going for around two weeks and you’re going to
stay in mid-range hotels it’s going to cost you around four thousand dollars so
if that’s within your budget have a great time it was nothin in your budget
let’s try that option right out now and if you are going to stay in hotels there
are a couple of things you need to factor in but first being parking and
not all hotels include parking especially in places like Vancouver
another thing to consider is that you won’t have the luxury of preparing any
meals in your hotel room unless you are able to find an Airbnb with a kitchen or
a service department I just assumes that an avi or camper van was going to be far
cheaper than hotels and will probably be the most cost effective way for us to do
it you’ve got your kitchen you’ve got your bed everything’s on wheels it’s
easy to get around no worries there were a lot of cost that I just didn’t realize
were involved in hiring a Motorhome now your initial higher costs are going to
be about two thousand Canadian dollars and that is for two people in a 22 to 23
foot motor higher standard higher probably doesn’t include mileage at all
fuel and remember it is a big big vehicle you’re going to need to pay for
a campsite each night which is often for an RV
twice the price of a tented side are also optional insurance costs add on the
GPS and there is a mandatory four thousand dollar Canadian bond hold up
when I added up the costs to hire Amana home was around four thousand six
hundred Canadian dollars plus the four thousand dollar bond on top of it yikes
this is by far your cheapest option and I have
to say right up front we loved it I hate camping I have made no secret of it and
I said to Matt all right let’s go to Canada let’s do it and we realized how
much it was going to cost camping was the only option I thought you know what
let’s just do it now obviously if you have flying over to Canada like we were
you and not going to be able to bring all of your camping equipment with you
we brought our own sleeping bags and pillows but other than that we bought
everything we needed when we arrived we spent about 200 to 300 dollars on
everything out a mattress a pump air mattress tents propane bottles a single
burner cooktop and then we went and got an esky some cleaning essentials a
lighter collapsible water bottle tops some straps and we went to a thrift
store where we were able to pick up some really really good quality cookware and
a little camp kettle now the turtles spend for us four campsites and i–i
permits for our entire road trip was 260 dollars on top of that where our food
expenses two hundred and forty eight dollars according to my records so all
up the camping portion of our trip cost us seven hundred and ninety eight
dollars we hide a little SUV which is what I would recommend everyone does it
was just a really good size for us I think anything smaller like a little
micro kind of size just wouldn’t be any good you need something with a little
more go to it so you can pack all of your camping here in the back a higher
cost of work I was five hundred and twenty-two dollars now Matt accidentally
said yes to a fuel charge refill which is $85 service charge in
taxes at 120 and our total fuel spend was 374 there was a mandatory $200 bond
all of our car hire costs were $1100 you need to pick this up on your way into
the national parks we did this outside Jasper National Park and it’s really
important that you know how many days you need your parks pass to cover you or
if you were just driving through the national parks and you’re not stopping
then you don’t need to get one but if you are going to stop
and do anything do any sightseeing you have to get one we were there for
four days and ours cost us $78 just bear in mind when I was calculating these I
had to include our air fares as well which were 1,200 per person for our
return flights from Brisbane to Vancouver so if your plates aren’t going
to cost quite as much as that simply take the total and duct our $2,400 from
it so for camping all up it was around the 4600 dollars for the 14 days for an
RV can man it was around seven thousand six hundred dollars for the 14 days and
don’t forget on top of that you have to be able to pony up a four thousand
dollar bond and four hotels it was about eight thousand eight hundred dollars now
all of those totals are just my estimations based on my research and
there are a lot of variables like the time of year you visit the type of
vehicle you hire and how much you spend on food and so on but hopefully that
gives you an idea of the different cost points and maybe helps you figure out
which one is going to be best for you this is a real thing and you are going
to need to be bear aware while you are camping or just traveling around Canada
in general the most important thing that you need to do is make sure you don’t
leave anything with a scent in your tent at night that is so important you cannot
have food perfumes body moisturizers shampoo and conditioners anything with a
scent needs to come out of your tent and it needs to be look safely in your car
away from you otherwise that bear is going to claw its way into your tent
because something smells delicious when we were driving we saw so many people
spot a bear pull up and then get out of their car and approach it most of the
time with an iPad held up if that bear attacks you I’m pretty sure the way it
works is that it gets put down I think that bear loses its life because you got
out of the car and approached it they are wild animals do not get out of your
car do not look over to the mayor stay in your car and be respectful
observe from a safe distance away and do not disturb it it is in the middle of
doing some very important bear business it’s also important just to drive it
safely around wildlife in general and behave safely around wildlife in general
– you’re going to see lots of signs up as you go around because in Canada you
cannot be in the wildlife it can be seen as animal cruelty and in some cases some
of the signs I read so that you can be charged and find the animal cruelty what
happens is the animals become very unhealthy and they become dependent on
humans for food and it’s just a bad situation and also recommend that you
don’t underestimate mountain weather one minute it can be blue skies warm and
lovely and the next it can be chilly and pouring rain and that is part of the
beauty I would recommend you always have some kind of way of staying dry with you
whether that is a waterproof jacket or an umbrella if you are planning on doing
some hiking and make sure you are properly prepared if you need to
register if you need to register for the trails please make sure you do that and
just adhere to all of the warning signs now tipping is a part of Canadian
culture so please make sure that you tip your servants the customary tip in
Canada would be about 15 to 20 percent of your total bill if you were really
happy with your service of course more if you would like to know please don’t
underestimate Canada’s border security I’m pretty sure Chris Brown and gez have
learned the hard way that if you do have some criminal offenses in your past you
may not be allowed entry into Canada so make sure you answer all of their
questions honestly up front and you might want to check the entry
requirements before you go booking anything if there’s anything you’re even
remotely worrying about it’s also very important that you are respectful of
Canada’s First Nations people using terms like Eskimo Indian or even Native
American aren’t the right way to go about it please make sure that you are
respectful of all the First Nations sites and that you refer to them in a
respectful way do not leave rubbish behind if you see
well they should be a good person and pick it up and make a difference but
please make sure you are respectful of Canada respectful of the people and
don’t leave a mess leave things just as you found them all
better and before you fly you are going to need to get yourself an ET a that is
an electronic Travel Authorization and you’re going to need to do that online
before you go there’s a proper official website where you can apply I did mine
it was instant and it was really easy and when it comes to packing for your
Canadian Rockies Road Trip you are going to need to pack quite an array of
clothing because we found in places like Vancouver and Whistler it was really
really warm we were wearing shorts and t-shirts and as we moved to Jasper in
the icefields pkway and then it was really cold and we needed thermals
beanies jeans woolly socks and really thick heavy water perfect carts as I
mentioned earlier mountain weather is a real thing so you need to be prepared to
be able to strip some lands off when it’s warm for a couple of hours and then
be able to pack some more layers on when it gets cold and if you are camping guys
it is going to be very cold at night we were there in summer and it was really
cold for someone like me in the dead of the night in Banff I would recommend
packing some activewear and things like that those days when you’re doing some
hiking or canoeing or any of those amazing outdoor activities and you guys
I hate to say it but you’re gonna need some Crocs oh I’ve come to love Crocs
and I’m not even ashamed to say it they are amazing for camping you can
slip them on slip them off they’re great for in the shower they dry easily
they’re just a great around if the camping and you might like to bring some
earplugs to I really needed those a ton of mountain camper in advance because
they were trained so impossible and my very last packing essential tip would be
and I mask because if you are there in summer like we way the Sun does not set
until very very late there’s something about a road trip that is nostalgic and
reminds you of your youth and that is exactly what it did from that night
before we went we both made a couple of different playlists which we took on USB
sticks so we could listen to our music in the car and we had so much fun
windows down mountains outside listening to the music talking and laughing
navigating dig yeah snacks how the bsp and Bert listen
Australian wines for you we just had a really fun time and it was like this
unbound sense of adventure it was incredible it felt like the world was
ours we had total freedom we could go anywhere we wanted now you guys I just
want to let you know we have written out a lot of this information in detailed
guides on the little grey box website so if I spoken too fast for you or you
couldn’t take down nerds that’s okay there are links in the description below
which will take you to everything you have just heard thank you so much for
watching you guys I hope you enjoyed this video now if you don’t already be
sure to subscribe and say hello in the comments below I hope you have a great
weekend and I will see you next week love you

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