Candolim Beach Goa – Candolim Beach Tour & Travel Guide

Candolim Beach Goa – Candolim Beach Tour & Travel Guide

You remember me What’s your name Gina, yeah 14 years ago How old you now? Twitch 21 Hugh’s 21 last toy, yeah But And now I’ve got a speck down there I foot massage how much you charge foot massage good price Yeah, I just had to put my size, ohh Now no today, I’ve at a sunbed now I’m going to go in my own bed in my room with some air conditioning on my body I Won’t forget you What Arrived in shake. Oh yeah, I might be I’ll come before I’ll come back again later Remember vodka Why sorry I’m not staying. I was just passing through okay green. Oh, yeah, just going up back up to Have signed the wait in the restaurant out here Maybe I come back three o’clock for free when it’s getting a bit Sounds too hot now I’ll come early and then I’ll come light Oh, yeah still making a video Longer hi I’m down there where I used to stay you know when I first saw my mistake in the elbow and village yeah, so I just went back to see what I was like I Said oh man like the restaurant I’ll see you later

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    Famous Jesus Church in Goa??
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  2. howmuch is weed here, is it any good, show us some pictures of the local bud, no worries we are patients looking for medication and relaxation, we bring money to spend in the local places

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