Canoga Park Tourism Video 2

Canoga Park Tourism Video 2

Canoga Park WE’RE BACK A wonderful city to share Mass transit With tracks that lead nowhere WHERE THEY GOIN’? There’s Scotland Yard
or Casey’s Get hit on my elderly drunks NO MEANS NO If you park your bike You might lose it To these guys, or that guy…
I’m not messin’ with that guy over there Come see the Cobalt Club Where fat gothic teens hook up BUY US BEER PLEASE Economy Find work or you’ll lose your house WE’RE EVICTED Find a new friend
You can spend quality time by the hour Your dreams can come true If you want it IF YOU WANT IT In Canoga Park!

100 thoughts on “Canoga Park Tourism Video 2

  1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This is an amazing tribute to a great town. Keep them coming PLEASE!


  3. That was freakin' fantastic. How sad is it that I can walk to all of those places from my apartment. You nailed it.

  4. I never gave my wife a proper honeymoon because I couldn't come up with a unique place to take her to… You have brought hope into our hearts! A trip to Canoga Park should rekindle our marriage.

  5. @CultureDiscovery HA HA the chick on the left at :24 is my friend!!! Also he would have a field day on Sepulveda near or around the Budweiser plant especially at night!!! If he does Panorama City hope he hits the mall and the Mann Plant 16.

  6. Oh you, I love you, I love this, I love the Valley. Please do Granada Hills. That place needs your gifts and talents.

  7. This is beautiful, truly beautiful. You've really captured the essence of Canoga Park. I'm just thankful the video doesn't come in smell-o-vision.

  8. "where fat gothic teens hook up….buy us beer please!" gets me EVERY TIME!! hahaha. i'm glad i know you, man. freaking hilarious.

  9. 0:08… So many memories at that Tommy burger. On Topanga just north of Sherman Way. Damn! 23 years later and it's still there.

  10. I have had my bike lights stolen twice in this fucking area. Other than that, a decent cheap place to live in the valley. Their are plenty of worse places in the east valley for the same rent.

  11. 50 second of youre movie was her a pros or a girl going to a club . it looks like it was in shearman way and topanga cyn let me know what she was

  12. I grew up in Canoga Park, and I can honestly say this video is 100% accurate. Thank you so much for reminding me of home.

  13. I have to go to work in Canoga Park every single day. I laugh and cry so hard when I watch these. Thank you so much for making these fantastic videos.

  14. God bless you for posting these wonderful, delightful and accurate videos!!! Love your singing and your lyrics are like poetry. Do Hawaiian Gardens or come down to O.C. and do Santa Ana next. You should call into Adam Carolla's show… he loved these.

  15. This is better than the first! But I miss the reference to the shopping carts in the LA River (aka my backyard). National City, CA needs one. It's Canoga Park of the south!

  16. Love that last line. "Your dreams can come true, if you want it." Really inspiring especially if you grew up around there.

  17. were is this song from sounds like it's originally from a 80's movie or Tv show. Been to Canoga Park many years ago but know nothing about it.

  18. Not the Canoga Park I remember so fondly from the early 1960's.  In fact, it isn't the Canoga Park I remember when I left L.A. in the mid 1990's.  But I enjoyed the video, so thanks.

  19. You don't know how true this stuff is unless you live here. I always talk to the bartender, Martin at Scotland Yard about this, but more importantly, it is SUPER TRUE that you WILL get hit on by elderly drunks if you go to Caseys. Still they have the strongest, cheapest drinks in the valley so might be worth it.

  20. They sad thing is this is basically every city in North America now. At least in CA there is always a chance a meeting a celeb.

  21. Wow! Lived here in the 70's/early 80's when a kid could still walk to Laden's or Clark's for a Coke. This is terrible!

  22. Gee, too bad. i used to live in canoga park in the 60s-70s. It was a nice place to live back then. Looks more like a cesspool now. Thanks to liberal democrats

  23. Since I am originally from this area, the comedic brilliance of this video is greatly appreciated. We are constantly quoting lines from the songs with side splitting laughter. Bravo Dr Jedly!

  24. 0:07 right there then look behind there will be an apartment building and that's where i used to live! I miss my city so much! ;(

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