Capsule wardrobe: 5 tips to transition from summer to fall + free template ǀ Justine Leconte

Capsule wardrobe: 5 tips to transition from summer to fall + free template ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone it’s Justine. I’d like to
thank Organic Basics for supporting this episode in Berlin it’s full aka time to
get into cosy mode that’s when I start using my favorite blanket on the couch
again my book consumption increases my tea consumption as well
it’s the pre hibernation phase mostly it means that it’s time for a wardrobe
switch I don’t replace everything in my closet
though only a few strategically chosen pieces and that’s enough to turn a
summer wardrobe into a fall one in today’s video I want to share five tips
that helped me do that pragmatically without a headache and then I will show
you a wardrobe checklist or structure that you are absolutely welcome to copy
in use if you’d like to. Point n°1: the color palette for fall the first big
question I think is always which color palette do I walk this fall? I need to
feel something new but I don’t know what here I’m assuming that you already have
a certain preference in terms of color maybe a specific color that you know you
really enjoy wearing and suits you well maybe even a dominant color in you
capsule wardrobe already if not that’s okay if you think my wardrobe just has
no logics in terms of color and I’m not sure where it’s going go watch this
video first that will help you find your colors and then come back here now for
this video I’m assuming that your summer wardrobe looked a little bit like this
you had some whites in some beige maybe some florals some denim for good measure
yellow was the color of this summer so I’m just gonna assume that you had a
couple of yellow garments in there I’m not putting all the garments you
would actually have in your closet that would be more than this I’m just showing
the general feeling of it now the method consists in replacing just some pieces
while keeping the overall color theme which you know you already like while
making your entire capsule feel new it’s not as hard as it sounds first way of
doing it if you wore like yellow you can add a sweater which is yellow but a
more intense yellow more chroma it will go well with the same jeans
and the same other garments you used to combine your light yellow top with but
your entire outfit will look and feel warmer and by this I mean more more fall
appropriate that’s the first way second way starting from the same light yellow
you go for a color which is close on the color wheel so that your light yellow
and the new color look harmonious when you wear them together
for instance a warm brown mustard sand camel that kind of thing
third way of proceeding you take your summer color and you add black to it
this works for any color really by the way with one of these three techniques
you can keep wearing all the colors you had in summer you’re just really… you’re
keeping the theme you’re just stretching that yellow into a more fall warmer
cozier territory if that makes sense now if you did want to get completely rid of
that yellow and go for a new accent color for fall you could do that too you
would just take out all the pieces that are yellow or contain some yellow even
that floral dress even if yellow is not the only color there you would replace
them by garments that have the new color if you keep that floral dress thinking
yellow it’s not the only color you will find that it doesn’t really work with
the new colors the new pieces that you’re introducing into your wardrobe
for fall and you would end up not wearing that dress so much anymore so
you’d be wasting 1 out of the 33 pieces that you have in your capsule
that would be a pity okay that was about editing your color palette. Tip n°2: adding tights and leggings that’s the easiest trick you keep wearing your
summer dresses skirts and shorts just with tights what I do is that I start with
light tights that are close to my skin tone I even have thinner ones and
thicker ones for different temperatures so I’m flexible towards October I move
on to opaque tights there is black but not only here too you could technically
use tights that are in a color slightly more intense dark or blacker than the
summer dress or skirt you’re pairing the tights with just to bring in also
here that fall feeling just like we did with the actual garments. Then in November December when it gets freezing cold at least where I live I
replace the tights by long leggings because they are thicker and I wear
super thick socks in my winter boots I wouldn’t wear tights in winter boots
because I get blisters, terrible! I don’t know about you but I know I can’t. Tip n°3: layering for the three-piece season you know in summer you put on a
top and a bottom or maybe even one dress and that’s already a full outfit
how practical when you’re doing a capsule and you have a limited number of
pieces in your wardrobe then comes fall and you need to put more on so a third
piece is adding the flexibility that you need you know you get rain sun fog and
storms within the same day so you can just put that third layer on take it off
put it back on etc it means that you can still wear your summer clothes just add
one layer on top you don’t need to multiply your closet by three and you
don’t need to replace everything you already own so a top and a cardigan
for instance: you already have the top you only need to find a cardigan you
don’t have to turn to chunky winter knits quite yet you can really get more
wear out of the summer clothes that you already own so let’s do that what is a good
third piece to look for: for instance a blazer leather jacket or vegan
leather jacket a cardigan that you could style with the belt to just make it look
completely different using the same piece it’s a versatile garment a scarf I
will link here and down below my previous video on how to tie a scarf in 20
different ways very versatile as well or a poncho or a cape: capes are key items
for this fall season if you watched my video on fashion trends 😉 Tip n°4:
focused on fall fabrics and textures you know there are some fabrics that
scream fall because they’re just so cozy and warm and soft to touch but they’re
still very breathable you know for that in-between season – that works for fall
and for spring by the way so great fabrics to look for this season are:
cotton gabardine it is a thick twill so woven fabric very tight
often used to make trousers and in tailoring it is warm by default because
that’s the way it’s woven then lyocell jersey
lyocell is a very thin fiber it can be knitted extremely tightly so it’s warm
and it’s also draping very well but it still breathe is extremely well – better
than cotton. then wool specifically cashmere and merino wool:
wool in general will keep you warmer or cooler depending on the outside
temperature it’s a fiber that literally adapts to the outside temperature
cashmere is particularly warm and merino particularly soft compared to
standard wool if you’re vegan instead of wool you will opt for acrylic and
modacrylic I’ve done a separate video on vegan fashion and materials and
then if you need new sports clothes I would prefer nylon over polyester it is
more resistant it holds you tighter so to speak especially if it’s for sports
clothes very relevant and it also lasts longer through washes on top of
playing with the materials you can play with the textures for instance a jacquard
made on a machine can still look a bit like crochet work you see this one is
warm but still very airy perfect for an in-between season. Tweed typical Chanel
fabric can come in a dominant color but with little threads of other colours
accent colors or even other completely other materials like raffia or lurex
threads etc and then faux fur that is usually a knitted basis so it’s even
very comfortable and stretchy when you wear it and the hairs are almost
always in synthetic fibers it’s not as warm as real fur so it’s good already
for fall not just for winter it’s also a lot more environmentally friendly than
real fur. You can totally put together a monochromatic look one color throughout
but different textures that’s advanced level very elegant! Tip n°5: the footwear switch. no more naked toes we need closed shoes in fall. here is how I do it I take out all my shoes I look at the range I sort out all
the sandals and I replace them by boots that are
comfortable enough for me to be able to walk all day in them (imperative) and they
will follow me also into winter so these boots are for six months
not just three a good basis to start with can be one pair of black flat boots
(rounded or pointed toe, whatever you prefer) one pair of brown flat boots one
pair of black boots with heels one pair of brown boots with heels – I’m still
looking for that one and I’m happy to take any suggestion of comfortable brown
boots with heels if you don’t like/wear brown I would advise you take the black ones
but you could replace brown by the dominant color in your wardrobe if you
find shoes in the machine color, that’d be great! and then all the rest of of my
range… I keep from summer; so that’s loafers ballet flats sneakers etc now
taking all these tips into account this is what your entire capsule wardrobe for
fall could look like I plan with 33 (ended up with 34) pieces that’s for tops over tops and
bottoms here is what I changed compared to summer for the tops I have less
blouses and more knitted tops and these knitted tops are more the long-sleeve
turtleneck type there are proper winter tops not just summer airy knits. for
the over tops I add one thin cashmere sweater I keep the same amount of
cardigans blazers and jackets as the previous season for the bottoms I
subtract one skirt but I’m adding two pairs of pants that are in jeans (jeans
are separate). I keep one summer dress to do some layering and I add one into
dress with a turtleneck which will follow me into winter as well. underwear
remains exactly the same no difference in the season. shoes no sandals no
stilettos as I just explained I’m introducing boots and adding one pair of
closed-toe flats. accessories I’m adding one scarf and erasing one
necklace three scarves aren’t too many if you want to match them with your
outfits or use them as an accent color I add a coat for when the trench coat
won’t be warm enough anymore. and I added loungewear to the template
because in winter when I come home I shower and then I change clothes it
really marks for me the cut between working day and evening off. I often wear
leggings and socks when I’m at home my house is completely shoe-free now, you
just don’t notice because you see me only until here in my videos… But if you like my socks and my leggings and also this long-sleeve top here, they all in GRS-certified recycled nylon, which
means that they are more resistant and when you move in this clothes you really
feel the difference. The fabric is also (and that’s special) treated with silver
salts, which you might have heard of from deodorants: it protects against odours,
so when you exercise in these clothes, you will notice that they smell clean for
much longer. I don’t think you want more details so I just tell you it’s yoga
approved, I tried 😉 The brand is called Organic Basics they work essentially
with recycled materials, which is great, and since they are sponsoring this video,
you can get 15% off your order if you use the code that I put in the video
description. In this so-called silver tech range, which is the one I’m wearing,
there are leggings, sport bras, tops and socks, They also have another range made
in organic cotton, also really cool. Feel free to browse because the discount
applies to the entire website, with no minimum order amount. If you want more
info on the topic of capsule wardrobe I will link my previous videos here in the
corner, as well as the video on fall fashion trends and the one on 20
different ways of tying a scarf… I think that’s it. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this
video, thank you very much! And don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
before you go watch something else. I will see you
extremely soon in a new video and until then take care, bye!

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