– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m
going to share with you my best car hacks and essentials for mums. I have been caught out way too many times on days out with the kids
or during road trips. Recently when we went to the zoo, my three year old thought it
would be a really good idea to dive bomb the water feature at the zoo and I obviously didn’t have a
towel or a change of clothes, so this year I vow to be organized. So, I’m gonna show you how I do that and I really hope you like these hacks. Please give this video a thumbs
up if you like hacks videos and I will make more of them and subscribe to see more as well. And yeah, let’s jump into it. So, the first thing I want to show you is this cool new gadget from the AA, it’s called a Car Genie and it’s basically this little plug that you plug into your onboard diagnostics thingy and luckily when you download the app that comes with this,
they show you exactly where that is in your car. Mine is just above the pedals and so you basically plug that in, and then you do everything
else from your phone. So, it’s super simple. Basically, this little gadget
will monitor the health of your car and it will
monitor your battery life, if there’s any faults in your car, it will even show you how to save fuel, and how economical you’re driving, and it will even, if you’re in a crash, it will contact you to see if you’re okay. I found this gadget really, really simple and easy to use and really helpful. This is 29 pounds a year if
you’re a member of the AA so I’ll put the links down
below if you’re interested. Next up, is a hack to
protect your car seats. Even though we have leather, they still just get so messy with kids so we got ourselves
this car cover for pets and it basically comes with
holes already for the seat belts but you can also put more holes in this if you need to for car seats and then all you have to do
is clip it onto the headrests and cover the seat and match up the holes, and there you go, it’s all protected. Next up, is a way to make a
really cute but practical bin. All you’ll need is a
command hook like this. I got a pack of four for a
pound from the pound shop. Just peel off the sticky bit, stick it wherever you
want it to go in the car, and then I’ve used a gift
bag as the actual bin. And this is brilliant because
it doesn’t slide around. I used to use a container like
a cereal container as a bin but it would slide around so this is great and also quite stylish. Instead of the normal air
fresheners that you can get that can give you a headache,
use a scented candle. You can choose your favorite fragrance just pop it in your cup holder and it smells even better on a hot day. The car smells like Jo Malone now. (laughs) Next up you’ll need a bungee cord and hook it to a hook like this, you’ll probably find this
in your boot, or trunk, and then just thread it
through your shopping bags and then hook it again and
this will prevent your bags from spilling or falling
over while you’re driving. Single hooks like these also
work really well for shopping. My next hack is for scratches. All of these scratches are from me leaning the car seat on the car, whoops. So, if you want to get rid of them before your husband comes home and you don’t have any polish, grab yourself some toothpaste and a sponge, just sponge the toothpaste into the scratches and
give it a really good scrub and then wash off with
water and you will be amazed that they have reduced considerably. That seriously works, that’s weird. Next up, I got this backseat storage you can buy something
specifically like I did or use a shoe rack. All you have to do is
clip it onto the back of the front seat, fill
it up with all the things your kids will play with,
and drinks and snacks, and things like that,
and you’re good to go. My next hack is a way
to cool down your car really quickly on a hot day. Just lower one window, put on
your air con at full blast, close the door again,
and that should push all of the hot air out of that one window. I also found this phone
holder from the pound shop, it was so easy to install
and it’s really nice that I now have an actual
place to put my phone. Make sure you also have
some kid-friendly music or books to play in the car. If you have an older child that likes to undo their seatbelt, get
a plastic cup like this, cut a hole in the bottom
and then slip it over the part of the seatbelt where you clip it and it will be much harder to undo. In my driver side door, I’m
going to keep my scraper, and also a small umbrella
’cause I always get caught out, and microfiber cloths so
that I can wipe surfaces if I need to and also a
little foam paint brush which is perfect for cleaning
in your air vents like this. I found this great small
picnic blanket for the car. If you didn’t want to carry a whole one another great option is to
carry a party tablecloth. They’re plastic so they’re waterproof and perfect for impromptu picnics. And next up I wanted to show you all the essentials I’m going to pack and how I’m going to store them. I found this great
storage system on Amazon. It basically brings
everything off the floor of your trunk or boot, leaving space for things like buggies, and scooters. So, you just clip it onto
your headrests and fill it up. So, I’m packing grocery bags
because I always forget them, a simple first aid kit, some Savlon cream, and some band-aids or plasters,
two nappies, and wipes, sun hats for the boys
and also some suncream, a change of clothes for each of the boys, enough money for milk
if I forget my purse, and also a towel, this
could be used if they’re wet or also it could be used as a blanket, water, a flashlight, and I’ve even got a camping pillow for my
eldest if he needs to sleep, and for entertainment for the boys, I’m packing these flying disks which fold up a lot smaller
so they’re easy to pack and I’m also gonna pack a ball and also a portable potty because you never know when you’re on the road with kids. And that’s it, that’s all my essentials packed away and looking so, so clean. All there’s left to do is add my buggy and close up the car. So, thank you so much for watching. I hope you liked this video and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys!


  1. I've had a seat storage thing for a while, great for keeping everything in one place. Essential oils on a tissue (s) works as well x

  2. Love these Emily there are some fab ideas. I bought one of those phone holders though and I don't know about you but I had to fight it to get my phone back it wouldn't let go! ? love how clean the your car is my kids think our car floor is a bin ? is it a Kia Sportage? How do you find the space in the back with three kids? X

  3. Lovely helpful video! Does anyone have advice on not getting your kids to enjoy listening to a wider variety of music? In our car it's the same songs on repeat and sometimes my ears cry a little from it all!

  4. Hi Emily! Can you make a video on how to enterain kids in the car, we're planniang a 24 hrs car journey thi summer and I'm getting a bit stressed about it

  5. I have found his video super helpful! Just in time for the many road trips this summer! I don't drive, but my partner's care is about to go through a mummy friendly make over. Just a heads up to all the mummy's on here, Wilkos has nice first aid kits they have about three sizes. So glad you doing this full time. Lots of virtual hugs!

  6. Can you please do a video on how to leave the house with 3 small children? What do you do if you need to pick up groceries? I have 2 under 4 years old and it's terrifying to have them by myself when I am not at home.

  7. I just found your channel actually through searching for kids travel tips and found one of your older videos. I just wanted to write to say that we have three boys as well. Our youngest boy is named Frazier. When I heard you say your son is named Faser I couldn't believe it! We have never met another family with a son named Frazier (however the spelling)!!. I feel like we met our match in families even though we are across the world! We are in America – Oklahoma! Can't wait to keep watching your videos and keep up with your family and your Fraser!

  8. hello emily , i watched all of your videos ur so lovely and i love the kids ? i always get inspiration of u xoxo

  9. Hi Emily, love love your vlog. Just one tip on de water bottles: don't keep them in the sun. The water can spoil and can be dangerous to drink. Just put it in a dark bag or container.

  10. Hi Emily! Which camera do you recommend more for video-recording? The Canon G7X or Olympus Pen EPL7 (which you've mentioned you use to record your videos!)? I am pregnant and will want to film my baby all the time once he/she is born, looking for a good camera to use..let me know what you think! x

  11. love these hacks. I just ordered the boot storage. at the moment I have a basket type thing which take up so much room in my boot and I need plenty of space for my double pram .You are my mummy HERO!

  12. I love your channel! Your videos are always so helpful and easy to implement in everyday life. I would be very happy if you would post more recipe ideas because I never know what I should cook for my family Greetings from Germany.

  13. Always excited to see you have done a hack video. Guaranteed to take away lots of useful ideas. Your videos are always inspiring and helpful. Thanks Em xx

  14. I love this , i always forget things and it's hard to bring everything and just throw it everywhere so I love these ideas thank you (: love your channel

  15. Emily, I have been finding myself watching your videos, clicking your links and adding many of them directly to our baby shower registry.  Thank you so much for teaching me about "after my baby will be born!"  You are helping me so much!  <3  I know you can never be fully prepared, but your videos are definitely helping with me become more prepared by giving me a vision and a plan.  <3  Bless you for helping families!!

  16. Thanks for some great ideas ? I'm going to buy one of the car organisers and start keeping spare wipes in the car too for emergencies ?

  17. thanks for ur vids! I have 3 babies (a newborn, 1 yr old. n 2 year old). its really help keeping my energy up n helps
    me get oragonize.

  18. Hi Emily, this is my first time commenting on one of your videos as I've only recently discovered you! I love watching your hack videos and I think this car one is super. Thank you! I also have a small box in my boot to house some buckets and spades so we always have them if we end up at a beach or park with a sandpit. They can go back into the box at the end of the trip so you don't get sand all over your boot. I also keep wellies and rain coats in there too!

  19. Hi Emily, where did u buy that green caddy organizer from. I need one for my car, my husband has too much junk @da back of the car lolz, really needs reorganizing big time. Tanx xoxo. Luv ur videos keep up the good work.x

  20. Even before I watched this video, I bought a similar trunk organizer on amazon as well! I’m going to be a first time mom and I need all the space I can get in my SUV, especially since I made big trips to Costco as well ? love all the other hacks though!

  21. We also get a carpet cut for the back of our boot- this way when putting the buggy in a and out over time you can putt it out, spray it off/ vacuum the dirt off and it keep your vehicle so much cleaner and you can cut to custom size!

  22. Hi em I love watching your videos but I’m only 11 and am not a mum but still am facinated how you come up with such amazing ideals I would love a shout out and your boys are so cute love you loads x

  23. We all know that you copied clicknetwork just search up clicknetwork road trip and car life hacks. It has a bunch of the same hacks and the clicknetwork one was made before this one

  24. Ok i cant be the only one who thought of this but once you put the cup over the seatbelt a buckle it how do you get your kid out of the car?

  25. This video is fab! Could you do an updated 1 now you have changed car and jackson is older??? ???????? love all your videos! Xx

  26. like the video ordered the boot organiser thing straight away.the cd u mentioned what songs it has got very old disney or nea ones like moana frozen please thanks.

  27. You are putting your kids in danger with the cup over seatbelt hack….. Take it from someone that's seen and attended many rta's if your in any kind of collision and the emergency services or any passers by need to get your kids out the car lights bad or theirs smoke god for bid… then they wont be able to release your kids….. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS WITH THE CUPS AND SEAT BELTS.

  28. I keep a "treasure" bag of a couple gadgets and brain teaser manipulatives in the car for my son and rotate through them. He knows it has to be small enough to fit in the seat pocket so he doesn't ask to fill it with junk.

  29. Love your videos. You have helped keep me motivated and steer clear of mummy blues.
    Your voice is a happy sound that my kids recognise too ?
    Thanks heaps

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