Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in in Hospitality Management Hospitality is a growing industry in the world.
With more and more people traveling regularly, there is a definitive surge in the hospitality
industry. Even in India, as people are growing more and more prosperous, they are finding
more time and opportunity to take vacations more often, and to treat themselves at really
fine restaurants. Gone are those days when a vacation meant a trip to the ancestral village.
These days, people are travelling both in India, and are also happy to travel abroad.
So, obviously the number of opportunities available for people who are graduates in
hospitality management are also growing at the same proportion. You can find a job as a manager in a good restaurant, or even five star hotel. The choices
are unlimited actually as the number of restaurants and hotels which need ideal employees are
growing by leaps and bounds. You can find yourself a good hotel and a restaurant in
smaller towns too these days, so obviously there are good enough jobs in this field.
You can further find career opportunities in many airlines too. The simplest one which
comes to anyone’s mind is the job as air hostess or host. You can even find a job in
airlines as a customer service executive, or a member of the counter and reservation
staff, or even find a job in the marketing staff. Airline jobs are often sought after,
as they give the employees an amazing opportunity to travel the length and breadth of our tiny
planet. Recent governments at both the state and central
level have realised the fact that hospitality and tourism can be a very lucrative source
of income. There are individual tourism departments at both the state and central levels. You
can apply for any of these jobs with a degree in hospitality management. There is an exam
however which is conducted by staff selection commission of India. Upon clearing this competitive
exam, you can find yourself working at the local tourism department or the central tourism
department. Another exciting opportunity is to start your
own catering company. I know this option sounds incredibly risky to most of you, but if you
are confident in your abilities then there are quite good opportunities in this field
either. You can even consider getting a Masters of
Sciences degree in hospitality management, hotel management, Hotel administration and
also in tourism. You even have the choice to do an MBA degree in tourism, hotel management,
Hospitality and Hotel management, Hotel administration too. You are bound to get higher pay scale with a higher level of education. You can apply
for all the job categories mentioned above, and can expect a pay packet anywhere between
8,000 to 18,000 Indian rupees. You can expect the salary to increase considerably with a
master’s degree in any of the fields mentioned above.
You can find jobs in any of the categories mentioned above at You
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