Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Karyn

Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Karyn

Hey guys, Cyndi Williams here from Careers on Vacation. I have the most amazing guest this morning Karyn from Charming Voyages Travel. Karyn, how are you this morning? I’m great, how are you? So good, thank you for spending some time with us this morning. You’re not only a graduate of our program you have a punch card you’ve
been to so many events now right?! Which must mean you love me!! I do love you, you’ve really made a difference in my business, its amazing! So good well tell us I want to invite you on just to kind of talk about your story you had this dream of having a
travel agency in the travel business talk to us about where your business was
before doing Careers on Vacation where your business is now. So I started as a travel
agent about three years ago but was really just kind of wanting to get my
own travel a little bit cheaper and kind of know the inside scoop on that and so
I was really doing it just kind of at Hobby level and then had some life
change going on and just decided that I wanted to do something I was really
passionate about and travel was just kind of that thing it was just always
nagging on my heart to figure out a way to travel more and the best way I could
figure out to do that was to work right in the industry so I love the nagging at you heart! Your passion is not
gonna go away it’s gonna keep tapping you on the shoulder it’s gonna keep
nagging on your heart that’s a new one I’m gonna I’m gonna use that um because
it’s you know it’s what kind of fills your spirit right so I love that that’s
awesome. So what was your biggest what would you
say is your biggest win or celebration since taking the program? I think really
just um having more confidence and feeling like it was okay to go for this
crazy wild a dream of being able to do travel full-time and I’m not there yet
I’m still growing my business but I have all the tools that I need to get there
and just have the confidence and to do it and I’m determined to do it. I love that, you mentioned going through some life change and a lot of times
people go through shifts or changes and that sparked when that’s the best
opportunity for your passion to tap you on the shoulder and go we’re still
waiting over here so I love that so confidence that’s kind of thing that’s
one of the things we have in our program that a lot of programs don’t have right
so the mindset work how to think like an entrepreneur how to run your business
like an entrepreneur how did the mindset work impact how you approached growing
and scaling your business? For me I definitely have some mental blocks I
have actually been in management my whole entire life running other people’s
businesses and businesses and making other people lots of money but I had had
this mental block of when it was for me it was all of a sudden like I couldn’t
get past why I should be able to have this great career at this great business
that’s thriving and so there really was a mental block because I’d been doing it
for 20 25 years for other people. That is so true and how many of us right now
like if you’re watching this video are you working on someone else’s dream for
them right so to be able to take the reins back and go why not me I’ve been
having success after success whether it’s in corporate whether it’s
in other industries whatever walks of life and for you taking those skills are
transferable to your own business so what a beautiful thing to wake up and
have that realization like I just need the roadmap I just need a path I just
need to approach it differently so I can have that same thing for myself
that’s amazing I love that um hearing at the very beginning how you know how did
you find me? How do you find Careers on Vacation, was it tough for you to jump in talk to us about that process when you when you were going through this major shift how do you jump in? I don’t even remember it’s kind of a mystery I don’t remember how I found you I just remember like
watching a video and seeing you and going oh I like her energy like I loved
your energy in that positive war and that you seemed very real to me and now
that I really know you you’re exactly
who you are so it was like I just got that connection right from the beginning
because I I could really like I felt like you were someone I could hang out
with and like and just be real with and be like okay here’s the deal I’ve got
this mental block help me unblock it you know and I knew
that you could get me there so I have no idea how I found you somehow on Facebook
I found a video watched it and the rest is history. I love it I love it and so
when you and you you got on the phone with one of our team members right so
what you made that decision you felt like he had that relationship through video I
love you said you’ve got to know me now because we’ve been let’s see we’ve been
in Disney together we’ve been an awesome together and New Orlean’s is coming up and we’re gonna spend some more time there so I love that we try to be very
transparent I don’t have time to not be myself I love that you said that. What would you say to that person who’s out there and maybe was in the same position
that you were in they’re kind of they know they have this dream they know they
have this spark and they’re sitting on the fence they know that they need help
they’re not either exercise they want to be in your case you were already
established but you just needed to scale or maybe they’re brand new what would
you say to that person sitting on the fence about considering Careers on
Vacation? You know I would say that if you’re not gonna stand up for
yourself and make a difference in your own life and make a decision that’s
gonna help you learn and grow and get you closer to your passion if you’re not
gonna take that chance on yourself nobody else is gonna take that chance on
you and it’s your life and it’s your dream and it’s your thing so if you’re
not gonna do something to get to the next level then you’re just gonna kind
of hover and be stuck as any other industry besides entrepreneurs it’s
totally normal to hire a coach if you wanted to be better at golf you hire a
coach if you wanted to learn to paint you hire somebody to teach you but yet
entrepreneurs feel like they’ve got a stumble along when there’s someone like
right there that has the information and has the tools to get you to the next
level yeah that’s so True I tell people the only reason I’ve been
successful is because I’m so impatient I won’t wait for three I don’t want to go
and I’ve had running businesses where it took a long time to get them up and
running I’m over that situation so even in my you know role we go out and
hire consultants we go to conventions we do all the stuff and then we bring back
bring it back and share it with you guys but the only reason I’m successful is
because I take action and I’m super impatient like I don’t want results
three years from now I want results right now
and in travel you know we’ve made all the mistakes so it’s one of those things
where I can go back in time and give myself roadmap I want to spring a question on you about your branding process okay remember so sometimes it’s
really hard for people to because I really feel like we went through several
evolutions but we finally got I mean Karyn’s branding y’all is amazing go
follow her stuff we’re gonna link it below Charming Voyages Travel but when
you talk to us about how frustrating that process was for you and how we got
over that roadblock of getting your company image exactly the way you want
it. Yeah so the whole thing was kind of a tough one for me because when I first
joined your program I didn’t necessarily know that I was gonna open up my own
Travel Agency so that was like a huge thing to begin with and I feel like I
was just wrapping my head around that piece so then to have to think about all
the branding – it kind of overwhelmed me a little bit and I had like a vision in
my head of what I wanted but it was really hard to get somebody to hear me
and to do it and I’m really happy with where I landed on it I’m glad I was
patient and didn’t settle because I just feel like I got what I wanted that
really is kind of telling the story of what I want for my business is to really
specialize in Disney vacations and cruises and all cruise brands and I just
love it I just think it’s it’s great it’s a great representation of me and
the clients that I’m wanting to attract my business so I love it yeah and I
think you know with being in the mastermind process being able to take
those logo samples and should I use a tagline should I not what colors are
great you know just that whole process of creation in your case was a beautiful
evolution because we went through several we kept kicking it
you know when Disney has restrictions like you have to make sure you’re gonna
be able to pass you know there and we went through
that cycle as well so you got to skip over the mistakes though because you
knew that in advance right I loved it so I have one last question I know you’re
having mic trouble but one last question would you recommend Careers on Vacation to others All day every day! absolutely!! I love it, and I know you would because you are coming to our events. So awesome for that
continuing education as you grow and as you scale we’ll be here to support you
and of course you’re in the grad group and you’re super active in there which
is awesome but I love you so much I’m your cheerleader for life and guys check
out Karyn’s and stuff we’re going to link it below and listen if you have been
thinking about opening your own agency or branching off to open your own agency
or you’re stuck and you haven’t been growing the last few years
reach out to us at Careers on Vacation that’s what the program what the
mastermind does it focuses on working with you where you are at your level on
a custom custom environment and you get to work in this great mastermind where
there’s others that are there to support you while you’re in the program and even
after you graduate so we would love to roll up our sleeves and put you in
Karyn’s position 12 weeks from now so you’re feeling great and awesome and
excited about your business love you guys so much love so much and abundance so much abundance no matter where you are on your journeys with travel thanks
for watching guys take care

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  1. i am loving all the testimonials and where people came from. i also feel like you are very "real", Cyndi. there are no accidents as to how people find you, really, right?? and yeah, if you are not worth it to yourself, no one else will find it for you. i do wish i knew how much i need to save up in order to take the course. THAT right there is a stop for me as i still am working full time as a critical care nurse and will have to likely save up in order to do this course and make the jump.

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