Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Stacy

Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Stacy

Hey guys, good morning Cyndi Williams
here from Careers on Vacation. I have my amazing client and friend, Stacy, here today to share from Travel in Style to share a little bit about her journey
with starting her company she’s graduated from the Careers on Vacation
program. Good morning, Stacy how are you? Morning, I’m good how are you? I’m, you know what I’m blessed we’re moved now I’m happy a little crazy
this time of year is always crazy because we’re in busy season but good
very good and glad to be just taking a break and talking with one of my amazing
clients it’s like work is a happy escape right now So, Stacy tell me a little bit
about where your travel business was before starting Careers on Vacation and
now that you’ve graduated the program where are you now? Well, before Careers on
Vacation I had no travel business. I started brand new with you and you
taught me how to run a travel business so I’m up and running and I have a
couple clients already and it’s pretty awesome that is awesome it’s you know
when you don’t know where to start it’s kind of like oh my gosh this is
crazy what do you think has been your biggest win or celebration as a result
of going through the program or now that you’re through the program um just, learning everything about how to run a travel business. I had no idea what I
needed to do other than look things up for people and tell them how much the
cost. So now I know all the marketing, the marketing was a big one. I didn’t know
how to get clients the mindset was a big one too to get past any fears that I had
of starting a business so with all of that now here I am and it’s still a lot
it’s a lot to learn and it’s it’s a little scary but I’m doing it so! You are and what I love about your story is you really were your own business owner of a
different type of business before you started right so you knew to run a successful business might make sense to get a little bit of help to get because it’s
it is a big job like you said it’s the marketing it’s that I have to book the
travel it’s how do I sell clients what do I need to know about industry having
that roadmap and it is a lot it’s a lot of information which is why so many
people get in they get excited they have the passion for travel and then they
usually get overwhelmed right and you mentioned the mindset work that’s a
great so my mindset introducing and really integrating that entrepreneurial
mindset in what you do not just that I’m a travel agent I’m a business owner hat
I have to operate an online business how did the mindset work impact you? um it just really set me up for what I needed to do and to kind of clear everything
out of my way and focus and of course I forgot what I was gonna say
now. That happens when you are doing live video. getting the focus mean you know working
side by side in this beautiful mastermind format we have or you’re with
other students we’re going through the same thing and knowing that I can
do it and telling myself I can do it absolutely not only can you do it but
you’re seeing these success stories of people that are a few weeks ahead of you
in the program and oh that’s what’s coming next
oh that’s what’s down the road and it takes over that fear factor away I think That helped a lot because in our calls everybody was not everybody but a lot of
people were further along than me but it gave me an idea of what to expect and to
kind of prepare myself that way – yep I love that because we work with brand new
and we work with experienced owners who already have teams of 20 30 40 50
so it’s this great collection of wow what is possible in this industry this
is crazy so you know and now after graduation you get to go in the grad
group and have that beautiful community that you’re now a part of which is so
cool so taking it back Stacy to the beginning and that’s always a lot of
people are like oh no I need this but should I could I you know they go
through that whole you know turtles or sometimes there’s hurdles that you have
to get through in order to you know and feel like investing in yourself you know
or taking that leap or did you have hurdles what did you have to work
through to jump in and get started when we started working together? Not a whole lot actually I I love to travel and a lot of my friends and
family come to me already before I was even in your program wanting me to find
things for them and you happen to just come across my Facebook page one day and
I started watching every video on you and I stalked everything you did I was
able and oh when you were in Orlando but I missed you by a day Oh for the gold digger, I remember that and then I came home after that and I thought you know what I’m gonna do it
and I just signed up and jumped right in I love that and you really did like you hit
the ground running and you came in great questions and listen it is one of those
programs what you’re gonna get what you put into it in terms of that whole piece
but you hit the ground going knowing what you wanted just kind of building
that structure around it um so knowing where you were like you had better prior
business owners still are another business owner doing something you know
someone who’s in your same shoes would you recommend the Careers on Vacation
program to others? Definitely um the main reason is you can
even as a business owner I’ve been doing my other company for many many years
I’ve been in the business for 28 years and it took me that long to get to where
I’m at now so I started your program in October and
it’s February and I graduated your program I have everything in place I
sent out my mailers I have some clients and it’s going so it can only get better yeah that’s huge so what do you say to
that person sitting on the fence they know it’s what they need but they’re
like oh what do you say to that person? Just do it. If it’s in your heart you
know it’s in your heart and you know you can do it and just just do it what are
you waiting for? That’s right because your passion is not gonna go away
if it keeps tapping on your shoulder tap you on your shoulder I always say even
if it’s not me like you know go for it across the board my mission in life as
you know is to coach others inspire and motivate them to follow their bliss into
abundance by way of travel because travel is what my passion is but that
passion if you know it’s what you should be doing it’s not gonna go away and
you’ll get to that success meter climb that ladder a whole lot faster we don’t
want to wait 28 years to be successful right and take it we need to be
successful now if you really want to do it full-time or you really want to get
to a place where you can work every day be there for your kids
that stuff so I love Stacy, your story I think it’s amazing and we’re gonna
share a little clip here I think we’re gonna edit in your cool logo cuz you did
branding as you went through the process and listen I’m your cheerleader for life
we wish you so much love and abundance and thank you so much for sharing your
journey with us today. Thank you Cyndi You’re so welcome. Guys listen if you
are out there and travel as your passion you need the roadmap you’re not sure how
to get to A to Z you don’t want it to take 28 years I love that I’m gonna use
that all day long enough click the link below let’s have a little clarity discovery call figure out where you are
where you want to go and if our program is a mutual fit you can apply for it. So
I hope to talk to you guys soon no matter what so much love so much
abundance bye guys

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  1. Did Stacy go thru s Host or purchase a Franchise? What would you recommend for someone who had never done this as a business?

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