Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Brandi

Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Brandi

Hey everybody, Cyndi Williams here from
Careers on Vacation. I have the amazing Brandi from Posh Destinations and Travel
with me here today, my recent graduate, Brandi, how are you today? I wonderful I’m so happy to be here Cyndi and I’m a graduate I’m so excited to share
your story with everyone because look you are already a super successful
business owner before you came to me you have another company you own B Posh Events which is a wedding planning company Yeah and so you were like Cyndi I’m already doing the wedding doesn’t it
make sense to add another revenue stream travel so you were already successful
and you came to us what do I need to do and so tell everybody a little bit about where your
business was before taking the program and there you are now okay so it was
literally just an idea I had nothing it was just an idea because you know during
the weddings I had done a destination wedding and I’m like oh this is fun and
you know I do family trips all the time with friends and family and that
involves groups so I was like hmm I wonder if I should just go ahead and add
travel to this you know that would be fun so literally when I started it was
literally just an idea I didn’t even have a business name I had nothing weeks
ago and here we are 12 weeks later I am let me tell y’all better be ready to
work okay business name I have a EIN it’s a obviously I’m an LLC I have a bank
account I have a Facebook page Instagram page a YouTube page Google I mean I have
the foundation of what you need to start a business and it would I think when I
started be posh events it may have taken me about three years to get all of that
so twelve weeks later from an idea here we are. I have the foundation to run it And its done, doesn’t having that roadmap to make a total difference in your productivity Listen, I’m telling you it took me five or six
years to get here and I still don’t have some of the things for B Posh Events that
I have for Posh Destinations and Travel I’m far in the journey I’m grateful for where I am. I love what would you say and that’s a huge win already but what would you say
is like the biggest win or celebration since going to the program? Oh my gosh do I have to pick one I guess being able to learn how to build the foundation first
before you sell sell sell and I guess making money I’ve made money while in
the program I’m booked hotel blocks for my wedding yes literally maybe about
five or six wedding blocks of rooms of ten or more so that’s money oh oh the
biggest I have two destination weddings next year so though that would be I
would say that will be some of my biggest wins I’m sorry I cheated I gave
you a little bit more than one That’s totally fine, we love a lot of wins what you said the first thing you said
of course if the money is always amazing I want people to make their return on
investment super quick so that’s great but I liked what you said like getting
the foundation set before selling because most businesses and I was the
same thing when I open businesses before before I would hire a mentor invest I
would say I’m gonna sell this thing and I’m gonna figure it out right but the
changes like you said with your other business your business is successful
that’s amazing but you probably had bumps and bruises and mistakes and stuff
that had to happen you know exactly what works what not to put up with
so for travel not wanting to repeat the bumps and bruises and comparing the two
processes which would you pick right Obviously the Careers on Vacation
process I wish I would have known about this out of my you know you need to
wedding I know right, no, no weddings. I wish I could go back and do my own program I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads to figure stuff out and we give it all to you guys in the program. Take me back to like, in our program one of the things we do is we get you guys thinking like
entrepreneurs like CEOs like the boss of your new life how did the mindset work
impact you while you’re in the program or you know your business or your life
talk to me about the mindset work and how you incorporated that Well being able to write down all of my goal on papers in my journals just being able to
write down we are going to be how do I want my business to go from here to
there being focused always putting out positive juju out the world about where
my business is going to be because I feel like if you put on that energy and
all the positivity not just writing it down but saying it actually saying it
out of your mouth and even telling my kids and my husband this is where we’re
going to be this is what mommy’s going to do this is what I believe in being
focused and believing in myself and just making sure that I block out all of the
negative energy not talking to others about what I want to do because people
will tell you oh you people pay for travel agent and travel consultants now
people do that and you know just blocking out all of that negative energy
being focused talking all these things out with my kids and my husband applying
these same things and my children making them write down oh and how they’re gonna
make those things happen talking to my husband applying that
mindset to him as well where we where we’re gonna go as a couple that’s what
I’ve done throughout this program so it’s not just been with the business um
having that mindset of positivity just giving my husband these tasks
telling him write down what his goals are write down my kids goals that’s how
I’ve applied this business buying said to my family and also to my other
business as well I love that so much and I love that you’re sharing it with kids
because they are so they have open sponge brains and they if they really
get that right listen I tell people like you like you’re gonna get a great travel
business on this deal like that’s gonna happen I’m not worried about but if you
really like the magic sauce of our program if you get that foundation if
you get that mindset piece if you change and shift that in your life you could change your whole life relationships and you have a whole other
business that was beautiful for you so like everything I teach you you know you
can use in your other business too. your shift like look what I just created in my life for 12 weeks and
what else could I possibly create in the next 12 weeks and then beyond I love
that that’s my favorite that you’re sharing it with your kids oh yeah At the beginning like power wherever you found me you know whether you tube or face I
don’t know wherever you found us walk me back to like that time frame like was
that hard for you to jump in like when did you know like this is exactly what I
need to get to the next level what and was that process hard for you, what did
that feel like and look like for you? Oh Cyndi, hell yeah it was it was in the
beginning um in the beginning I would say it was hard I found you on YouTube
okay and I typed in like so you want to be a travel agent or you thinking about
being a travel agent I mean a million of your videos popped up right night after
night just like literally watching that’s how I fell asleep watching all
the videos and all the testimonials right and I’m like watching everything
because when I have my mind set on doing something I’m like anything like the
authenticity I felt it through the screen from you
right it was absolutely hard because imagine going to your husband I’m sure
you might have done this before I’m not sure say hey I think I’m starting
another business oh and also I found his lady or YouTube on
the Internet I want to pay her to join her program
just amount of money start my business and he’s looking at me like okay so you
found the lady on the internet videos and now you want to give her money I’m
gonna be successful it but you know what I jumped in this he saw my commitment
daily he saw me making dinner and running back and forth to the computer
um he’s seen where the business have gone from nothing too busy and he’s like
you know you making this decision has been from the best decisions ever you
finding that lady on YouTube great decision but it was so hard and I
would advise that if you feel a connection and you feel it in your soul that this is right for you, just do it, so yes it was hard but I love it, it should be hard you want to be all in and make sure you have that connection you feel like what you saw on those
videos in the program or even more I try to under promise and over deliver that’s always my goal and you have to be seriously it I felt that connection with you through the
YouTube videos and everything and I just knew that investing in you and you
investing in me in return is gonna have others investing in my business so I
feel amazing and I love your energy we are such you’re such a match from the beginning
you do have to apply to get in our program only spot since our TV show
launched it’s getting harder to talk about manifesting and you know having
that mindset and craving things the TV show came out of left field I did not
expect it but it’s just been such a beautiful thing because my goal is to
help as many people as possible and you know so at any rate what for that person
who’s on the fence and they’re in that hard place like do I dive in what would
you say to that person where they know this is what they need but they’re there
in that hard place what would you tell First of all this if you’re
looking at any programs across the board like you just need to stop here
seriously here and just like just do it because um you have to be ready though
you have to be ready you have to put the work in because is an investment you
don’t want to regret your investment because you didn’t put the work in you
have to be ready to put the work in but I advise is just stop looking at others
hit the subscribe button on Cyndi’s YouTube watch her 126 videos I did every
week and Counting it’s kind of like if you have a
pregnancy test you got to take like three or four of them before you believe
Thats how it was for me watching your video but my advice is just do it! I’m so
excited about going like just do it I try me I’m a professional in my other
business and I’m telling you as a professional, just do it I love it because you already business and so you were very savvy going in and a lot like me like I’m not gonna wait three years have a
successful business tell me what I have to get what I have to do I want to do it
yeah and now 12 weeks later you’ve already made sales you know and this is
just the beginning so now you have every month the tools that you need to
replicate that going forward so yeah super super excited for you we’re gonna
put a snapshot in of your logo here and if you listen you guys are planning a
wedding maybe you just follow the channel yeah cause you’re like curious
about travel but if you have a destination wedding or friends and have
a destination wedding coming up call Brandi she can handle everything from A
to Z that is amazing that’s such a cool process and those of you out there who
have complementary businesses that travel can be a match for we’ve also
worked with people that run sports teams and even people that have cleaning services and different things like if you can do get another revenue stream in your business and
you’re already a smart business person a lot of times it makes sense the
listen guys if you are thinking about starting or growing your travel business
wherever you are in your journey reach out to us at now you’ll go through the exact same process the discovery calls really just to help you get clear on what you need to do whether
you move forward with us or not so book a call with the team apply for the
program if you’re even thinking about getting into it in the next few months
where we’re starting waitlists like this week so apply what can it hurt you
can be like Brandi in 12 weeks and be so excited, you can be my next rockstar right oh my gosh I love it Brandi I’m so happy for you
and I can’t wait to watch I just can’t wait to watch the evolution of both of
your companies as you come together and create this amazing thing so I wish you
so much love and abundance in the world as always so grateful yes and thank you
it was a pleasure working with you so thank you for sharing your story today
and guys we’ll put the link below for everything. Go like and follow Brandi’s pages too because she is so awesome!

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  1. Cyndi how much is it to go thru the class? I have been watching all your videos and keep getting so inspired but have little extra funds to pursue but know it could be such a great opportunity.

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