Carnival Horizon: Virtual Tour | Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Horizon: Virtual Tour | Carnival Cruise Line

[upbeat drum music] Narrator: Ah!
Carnival’s newest ship, the Carnival Horizon. It’s an incredible place
in the middle of the sea that brings out the fun
‘you’ that you keep hidden for professional reasons. So, buckle up! It’s on! Kiss the sky as you
race your friends slash future besties on SkyRide. Take it away, SkyRide Captain. Captain on radio: On your left
you’ll see SportsSquare. Good to get the blood
flowing, 10-4. And of course the ropes course. Now, I’ve shown you
the ropes, copy. Finally there’s
Dr. Seuss WaterWorks. You’re now free to
move about the cat hat. Narrator: Now we’re
at Dr. Seuss WaterWorks. Fun for children and
your inner child. Here’s my inner child: [child-like voice]
You can do so many things, like the Cat in the Hat slide. It’s so tall and it’s got
these turns and then there’s another slide, the Fun Things
slide, it’s awesome! Narrator: One of the funnest
spaces exclusive to Carnival is Dr. Seuss Bookville. It’s like a real,
live Dr. Seuss story. Dr. Seuss character: As
it’s filled with characters set loose straight from
the tales of Dr. Seuss. But if your kids
want their own space, take them to this Camp Ocean
place where they’re guided by counselors well
trained and you can relax knowing they’ll be entertained. Narrator: Then there’s
Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse Brewhouse. Carnival partnered with Guy
Fieri to make you feel good. ♪ If you want
something good to try ♪ ♪ Get the best barbecue
by a guy named Guy ♪ ♪ Order some
championship pork butt ♪ ♪ Or blue ribbon chicken
that’ll make you strut ♪ ♪ One more thing about
this place is key ♪ ♪ There’s a brewery right
in the middle of the sea ♪ Narrator: The
Caribbean is great, but what if you could
take your taste buds on a tour around the world? Like the Far East flavors of
Bonsai Sushi and Teppanyaki, a first for Carnival. Then try the soul
satisfying fusion of spices and ingredients
at JiJi Asian Kitchen. Or for some family
style Italian, there’s Cucina del Capitano. Order the brasato al
barolo for your family and say “Mangia!” Now let’s head to
the Havana Stateroom where you’ll have
endless ocean views and exclusive access
to the Havana pool. But if you wanna feel the
rhythm of the tropics, dance on over to the Havana Bar. ♪ Ba da da da da da da da ♪ ♪ Ba pa ba pa ba pa ba da. ♪ Salsa to the music while
you sip on a mojito and say goodbye to bedtime. The Beach Pool area is
the intersection of food, drinks, and a whole lot of fun. There’s the pool, but then
there’s good eats like Guy’s Burger Joint, where the
fresh burgers are designed by Guy Fieri but also
BlueIguana Cantina, freshly made burritos. I could go for
some great drinks like, BlueIguana Tequila Bar. Mm, tequila. Takes me back to… Oh!
And Red Frog Rum Bar. Yeah, sounds great. Oh! And lot’s of fun
like the Seaside Theater, movies under the stars. Wow! Next, the Tides Pool. It’s great relaxing in a pool while also being
on the open sea. Lobster Man: Ya betchya
snorkel it’s great. Narrator: Oh, hey
New England Lobster Man. Lobster Man:
That’s Lobster MUN. You know where I go
for something fresh? Narrator: Boston? Lobster Man: Nah.
The Seafood Shack for New England seafood. Or Pizzeria del Capitano
for homemade pizza. Narrator: It’s… wicked good. Lobster Man: The student
becomes the master. Narrator: For a great
place for nighttime drinks, dinner, and a show,
check out this. ♪ If you’re looking
for great tunes ♪ ♪ You don’t have to go far ♪ ♪ You can sing along
at our Piano Bar ♪ ♪ And when your
tummy’s rumbling ♪ ♪ For a spice rubbed ribeye
head on in to Fahrenheit 555 ♪ ♪ But after that try on
the Alchemy Bar for size ♪ ♪ Where all the
drinks are customized ♪ ♪ They have a concoction
for every possible mood ♪ ♪ Enjoy all the music,
the drinks, and the food ♪ Narrator: What
if you wanna relax? We’ve got a few ideas
up our short sleeves. Spa Narrator: Serenity’s
adult-only retreat. Whisper voice: Serenity. Spa Narrator: Hammocks,
hot tubs, sea breezes. Whisper: All nice things. Spa Narrator: Keep the good
vibes going at Cloud 9 Spa, where you can get a massage
or bask in a thermal suite. Whisper: Sweet. Narrator: Well, now
I’m calm as a cucumber. Whisper: How are cucumbers calm? Narrator:
They’re super chill. Whisper: Sounds legit. Narrator: Here’s a fun
night out with the fam. Movie Narrator:
On a ship where… Narrator: You wanna watch
something larger than life. Movie Narrator: You
embark on an adventure to find the biggest,
most incredible… Narrator: IMAX theater. But then you search for… Movie Narrator: Fun
for the whole family. Narrator: At the
Family Harbor Lounge, where if you’re staying in
the Family Harbor staterooms, there’s video games
and ice cream. Movie Narrator: You
all scream for ice cream. Narrator: And candy
at Cherry On Top. Movie Narrator:
Comedy, action, candy. Coming to a ship in the
middle of the ocean near you. (dramatic movie music) Narrator: Wanna feel like
you’re on the best late night talk show? Head to Limelight Lounge, where
the pros tell the best jokes at the Punchliner Comedy Club. And when you’re done laughing, make a beeline to Liquid
Lounge for Playlist Productions where you can watch the
hits come to life with singers, dancers,
and big LED screens. And Lip Sync Battle
where people compete to put on the best show of
their favorite superstars. Well, it’s been fun, folks. We invite you to climb
aboard and fill up your mental scrapbook
with the coolest memories on the Carnival Horizon. See you soon!

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  1. One thing you need to add to all your ship is English dubbed channels don’t get me wrong even time I see ad for English live or something I laugh a little but seriously plus your ships TVs need more channels too

  2. What if and I realize this is crazy talk. But all the ships did not have exactly the same named bars and restaurant. I cannot discern one ship memory from another.

  3. It’s going to take for alone of years to build it I can’t believe it’s huge with alone of stuffs I really love this ship. People will really want to go to the ship

  4. I'm actually going on this cruise on the 31st of July through the first week of August and it's going to be amazing and me and my grandparents have already payd for it and everything I can't wait

  5. I'm also gonna be having my birthday on the day before me and my grandparents get off and I'll be turning 13

  6. Why is it that most walk throughs ot reviews never talk about the me it's very important!! It's not only families on these boats. I truly hope theres a good dance club smh the pools are very small and not impressive.

  7. Going on horizon again with my 16 year old son now in August 28 2018 super excited I just went on it in April from Barcelona into Italy and France what a blast awesome time we had love the ship can wait to be in our room with balcony

  8. Looks nice and fun. I like how Carnival decided to built newer, fun, bettter & bigger ships. I went on two cruises in the past and all ships were old and small.

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  10. On cruiseships, i always stay up for the 2:30am event. What's that? It's the hour that most cruiseships dump all of their garbage into the "crystal, clear Caribbean sea" that they promote in their advertising. Sick? Sure is!

  11. Tell us about your ship's
    late night dumping of garbage and raw sewage into the "clear blue Caribbean waters" you promote in your advertising… ouch!

  12. Hi I just came off a cruise which was Dec. 2-9 was great the Cruise director Alex was a great entertainer and the people that clean the was awesome so so nice.

  13. I went on this cruise over the summer. EVERYTHING WAS PACKED. It was trashy. They food made my whole family sick. The food is soooo salty. There was not tones of fun things to do at night. The Havana pool was nice but You need to pay extra by getting a room over there in order to use the pool. The regular pool that anybody could use was so horrible, people were shoulder to shoulder in this pool. So I recommend not going on this cruise

  14. I must of watched this 100 times in my room on the carnival vista just to hear the New England Lobster men and the cool jingles and songs. ?

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  16. Waw man there are other cruise lines that are really taking big steps and new features for there cruises but carnival just isn’t compare this ship to symphony of the seas its kinda embarrassing tbh

  17. A sky ride closed temporarily b Leo comedy director on this boat you can see him in the liquid lounge also their is a lot of dad jokes

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