Cary teaches you how to time travel

Cary teaches you how to time travel

You want to learn how to time travel, I can sense it. Well, I’ve been time traveling for years, but you look too inexperienced. Sorry, kiddo. Hold up! This restaurant’s dessert has been poisoned, and a baby is crawling to go eat it! Well, *sigh* a precious life is on the line, and I’ll need an assistant to save it, so it’s your lucky day. I’ll teach you how to time travel! First rule: Don’t do anything until the clock says it’s time. The clock doesn’t mess around. So, here goes! If you’re watching this video on a computer, pressing J or L will warp you 10 seconds backward or forward in time. Oh, god! Since when did this baby know how to run?! Anyway, if you’re instead watching on your phone, sorry, this effect isn’t gonna work. Come back when you have access to a computer. The baby’s getting close, so we need to act now! I’m gonna time-freeze the baby, and you will warp forward the cake’s age. Three, two, one, go! You never listen to me. Well, inexplicable rift in space time happening in three, two, one… Whoa! Baby doesn’t want to chow down on the now rotten, smelly cake? We saved its life! Oh, the baby wants to drink vodka now. That’s no good, the legal age is 21. I think you’ve learned enough, I’ll leave this one up to you. hopefully you never see this cary is dumb Perfect! He’s 22 and is enjoying the booze! Yikes, now he’s hungover. Let’s warp him out of it. Crap! Now the baby’s 50 too old to party, We gotta warp backward. You’re seriously gonna disobey me again. R I P B A B Y 2 0 1 9 – 2 1 1 8 He’s dead. What a tragedy. ‘Tis the fate of a time traveler to witness every youngster die of old age. Second Rule: Never become attached to the children you assist. That being said, you made good progress. But there one last skill I wanna teach you: O V E R L A P P I N G T I M E L I N E S Buckle up! Press L. hopefully nobody sees this too, i once drank water out of a jar that had been collecting dust for 3 months, and puked after. Nice one! You’re doing well. I’m gonna get some coffee, please ignore everything my animatronic clone says. Y O U copycat. Now press it again. Thanks for ignoring the clone, one final command. Press L. Give J another press. :0 Excellent job so far! Let’s turn it around and press J. It’s gonna be hard to top that flawless run. Out of hundreds of my students, nobody has performed overlapped timelines as well as you just did. Use your newfound powers for good. Never use them for evil. Oh, and one last lesson, press J every time you see this red dot hit the wall. Repeat that until you reach the beginning. Ready? Go! Thanks for watching! – Caption by Christina Hamilton (also helped with grammar), Davi12345 (sorry, i just continued your captions), Xander (spelling & minor edits)

100 thoughts on “Cary teaches you how to time travel

  1. wanna know how to go into different multiverses and pause time?
    how to pause time = k
    how to go to different multiverses (aka get to a better video with this video still in the corner) = i

  2. hopefully, nobody sees this want to see time travel to pause the video when you get to this time 1:57 i once drank water out of a jar that had been collecting dust for 3 months and puked after.

  3. 0:39 –
    if you're on a phone, you can simply just
    << 10 sec: tap twice the left side of your screen
    10 sec >>: tap twice the right side of your screen

  4. 'i once drank water out of a jar that had been collecting dust for 3 months, and puked after'

    huh, guess i learned something new today

  5. (Watching after an update with phones allowing skips) heh now i can do it to ALL HAIL THE PHONE GODS [android and apple]

  6. I went back to test out what happens when i go back, I thought I was just gonna restart the video, but it also rick rolled me. RIP

  7. The rick roll is if you listen what he says when you do the red line hits the wall he will sing never gonna give you up if you listen what he says

    BTW how you do it on phone you double tap left or right as a substitute for J and L

    Edit: oh you can’t do the rick roll easter egg on a phone

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  9. Hopefully nobody sees this too i once drank out of a jar that had been collecting dust for months and puked after
    Cary, 2019

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