CATALINA ISLAND Travel Tips & Things to do

CATALINA ISLAND Travel Tips & Things to do

yeah I don’t know who that guy was but
he was super excited to see me with my camera house I had a recording hey
everyone today we are here at Catalina Island Avalon and we just got off the
boat you can see it behind us and today we’re gonna be walking around traveling
seeing what’s going on with Catalina Island and we’re also gonna be giving
you some travel tips that way you can maximize your time when you come here
travel tip numero uno if you get seasick or you might think you’re gonna be
seasick make sure you bring some nausea medicine because me and my wife got a
little bit seasick and it would have made it a lot better trip if we took
some Dramamine or some medicine so have to change with you you can lock it up
for the day you’re just doing a day trip you know you could go around eat do
whatever you got to do but the thing is if you need to use a locker make sure
you bring four corners with you travel tip number three if you’re a US citizen
you do not need a passport to travel to Catalina Island if you do not have
snorkeling equipment know worries you could run out snorkeling
equipment right here when you get off the boat here so those are the busiest
days stay away from Monday Tuesday and then Saturday of course because it’s
also gonna be a busy day so keep that in mind when planning a trip here travel
tip numero Cinco they don’t let too many cars come on Avalon there’s a waiting
list of 20 years or something crazy like that so there is golf carts if you want
to rent them you could get around with a golf cart I mean it’s not it’s not a big
city so we just pretty much walk around and that’s our mode of transportation
you could rent bikes also for those of you wondering they do allow dogs here on
Catalina Island and on the ferry into place – scared here on the pier you’re able to rent
snorkeling gear you’re able to rent scuba gear kayaks boats whatever
whatever you want to rent and as you can see there’s a spot there another spot
there and another spot right behind me so you know take your pick up whatever
you want to rent and see how much the prices are and you could even rent boats
right here to here on the pier and you could already see the little guys having
a blast hi okay on our team if you’re traveling I
landed with babies water and although we see the memories crashing into me Travel tip number seven if you’re coming
just for one day and you want to shower up there is showers here across three
dollars for five minutes and there’s a lot of public restrooms
here on Avalon as well Travel tip number eight here on Catalina
Island behind me I have a casino they call it a casino but it’s really a
theater and it’s a ballroom so you can rent it out if you’re having a party or
a wedding or something okay it is not a casino as you think it’s Italian for
gathering so they called it a casino if you do want to see some casino or
gambling you could check out my video when I went to Las Vegas me and my wife come out to Catalina
Island every year we try to make it a little summer tradition and last year we
took a picture with the casino in the background and we’re gonna try to I
guess redo the picture this year and now with the baby the only difference is
gonna be the baby of course and then maybe my gut got a little bit bigger but
uh we’ll see we’ll check out the before and after and see how it looks
travel tip number 9 muumuu and weather ok so if you want to drink ok do not
drink next to the pier where the ferry leaves you okay if you drink there
you’re gonna get ticketed you’re gonna get arrested nobody wants to get
arrested when they’re on vacation if you want to drink if you want to have a good
time you come to Descanso Beach Travel tip number 10 numeral D s if you
guys are into adventure okay you could come here you could camp
you could hike and you could even zipline every time we go somewhere we try to
find a good spot to eat at that way we keep coming back and coming back and
last year we tried out coyote Joe’s and nobody no it wasn’t good like the booty
was okay the service wasn’t awful so so that’s
right a new plays this time Jim the spot this year me and my wife wanted try out
lobster trap it’s the restaurant that I got right behind me there’s a line
outside the door so that’s actually a good sign
probably good food in there we yelped it and some friends recommended it so let’s
go try it out I ordered the ceviche and it was good
delicious the lemon the it was just fresh fish I guess that’s a good thing
about being here on the island you get fresh seafood and it was delicious
what did you order I got this some real salmon sandwich it was really really
good I tasted it it was good and again fresh fish small place it is
hot probably you’re gonna wait a little bit
but it’s worth it Travel tip number 11 is if you want to come here to see the
Bison not Buffalo bison if you want to see the Bison and you get on one of
these Hummer tours right here just make sure you don’t go to the East End tour
if you go to the East and there’s not that many Buffalo I did that last year
and I saw a little black dot about five miles away and they’re like there’s the
Buffalo so if you want to go see the Buffalo you got to make sure you get the
center or a west tour do not get the east tour Blaze’s Ashley so it’s kind of been our tradition to go
to Lloyd’s and get ice cream and they just do it over the year I like vanilla
with sprinkles which one do you like cotton candy it’s my favorite cotton
candy I’ll stick with my vanilla it’s time to
go snorkeling and I almost forgot to throw on my wetsuit now I’m ready although we see the memories
me so close to the age Catalina travel tip number 12 if you
wanna check out the best fish snorkeling area right behind the casino there’s a
nice little spot Travel tip number I forget what travel tip number we’re
off for some reason yeah I forget what number we’re all for
some reason okay anyway if you come in to Catalina Island and you’re gonna stay
the night and you’re gonna get a hotel make sure you book in advance because in
the summertime it’s crazy expensive you want to pay somewhere around 120 dollars
a night for your hotel so if you don’t book in advance and you come to the
summertime you’re gonna be paying somewhere around 300 dollars a night so
be prepared for that and also you could get on Groupon and if you’re gonna stay
two nights or more you could save some money that way because that way you’ll
spend somewhere around 130 dollars in the peak season we did our picture
recreation okay we took our picture last year when we came here and then we did
the one from this year okay now with the baby you know we were not pregnant yet
almost pregnant actually we’re almost pregnant and we did our picture so this
is the one year later picture you guys tell us what you think in the comments
below and we’re gonna post it up right a couple of things to consider when
coming to Catalina Island okay so you have four ports that have ferries that
come out to Catalina Island starting with the one most South closest to San
Diego we got Dan a point okay and then we got Newport Beach Newport Beach has
Groupon deal so be on the lookout for those it’s actually like 50% off okay so
if you do go out a Newport Beach look for the discounts the next one is gonna
be Long Beach that’s the one that we took today and then above Long Beach we
have San Pedro if you’re interested in traveling to two harbors that’s the
other Harbor that uh Catalina Island has you could go to two harbors if not all
the other ports come to Avalon which is what we toured today and also another
thing is when you pay for parking parking is going to be somewhere around
$19 for 24 hours and that’s between the four ports so you know you should
consider parking paying for parking as well if you liked the video please give
it a thumbs up if you really liked to hit that subscribe button make sure you
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out my other videos like Disneyland California Adventure Las Vegas okay do
not be timid comment on the comment box below if you have any questions or any
comments thank you

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