Cave Creek Pet Palace! Hammock camping with a dog done right!

Cave Creek Pet Palace! Hammock camping with a dog done right!

this is our Cave Creek pet palace this
is how we have a camp with a dog WELcome back guys and gals and welcome if you
guys are new this is Maddie outdoors I am Maddie my channel is all about
hiking and backpacking and hammock camping and I’m Canadian so I go to some
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on that subscribe button today we are talking about my cave creek pet palace
this is what I’ve decided to go with as my solution for hammock camping with my
dogs so inside this stuff sack is a fully integrated bug net and bathtub
floor system for my hammock what we’re gonna do we’re gonna get this thing set
up then we’re going to take a look at it we’ll go over all the specs all the
dimensions all the weights and everything but yeah let’s get this thing
out of stuff sack and get a setup on this is actually ridiculously simple all
you do first thing out of the stuff so identify the bathtub floor it’s
different than the no seeum bug netting that is pretty simple and find the door
the door is going to be the giant u-shaped zipper now what you want to do
is figure out which side of your hammock you want the door to go on this is a
head into my hammock that’s the foot end of my hammock I want the door to be on
this size what I’m gonna do just like that
next thing you want to identify is you will find the ridgeline of the hammock
which I find is pretty easy because they’ve got a nice little cave creek
hammocks logo on here so this is the ridge line of the pet palace itself
coming off of the ridge line you will see these little sleeves this is where
the end of your hammock actually feeds into so now that you’ve located that you
wanna go back to the door find the zipper it splits in the middle
and you’re gonna open the door all the way on both sides hold in my hammock so
what I’m gonna do is grab the end of the pet palette where I’ve got the door I’m
going to reach my hand inside through the door and I’m gonna put it through
that little sleeve and you’ll notice that the end of that sleeve you’ve got a
little cord and a toggle explaining that in a second so you do as well what I
find is you bunch up the fabric here and you get a little hole so this is coming
through the door and out that little sleeve at the end and this is where
having the ability to quick-detach your hammock suspension really comes into
effect here so on my field setup for my hammock I’ve got Whoopie slings with
Whoopie hooks from ducks we’re here at home I’ve just got toggles and a multi
buckle or a multi buckle and my continuous loop so you quick detach
there feed your continuous loop through the door and comes out through that
channel hook it back up onto your suspension and then what you want to do
is pinch that cord up with the toggle up against your continuous loop so what
that does that’s going to stop bugs from getting in through the opening here
against your hammock now we’re gonna do we’re gonna go to the head into my
hammock we’re gonna hook that end up head into my hammock okay
pet palace pull it down along my hammock same thing I’m gonna go in through the
door do that sleeve bunch up that fabric make a little hole just connect at multi
buckle leave my hammock through so now my
hammock is inside the pet palace to reattach on the multi buckle here I get
the door zip back up we’ve got the hammock inside the pet
palace of the pet palace right now is suspended by the hammock so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna take our four tent stakes stake out the bathtub floor
at each of the four corners on the pet palace you’ve got these little grill
green tabs we do put your stake in there it’s pretty straightforward
what’s hard I’ve got the other three already staked out does it for the
bathtub for you’ve got the sleeve here that you’re having peas through on the
pet palace and then above that you’ll see you’ve got an actual Ridgeline so
this will actually lift the pet Palace up even more so what they give you is
you get a little tab coming off the end here and you can decide what you want to
do to attach that so what I’ve done is I’ve just ran a piece of zing it off of
either side and I’ve tied a little taut line hitch so that I can adjust the
tension on this so on my tarp I’ve got two little titanium carabiners that go
off of my d-rings so what I’ll do is I’ll just clip this onto those so
because I don’t have my tarp up here I’m just gonna hook these up and simulate it
and then I’ll back the camera off and I’ll show you guys how tightening and
loosening up the ridge line works regionally I’m just clipped on on either
side like to tighten up those knots show you how it lifts up that makes a huge difference if you can
see at the bottom here I’ll go the camera down if you see at the bottom
there totally lifts up the bathtub for so that’s what helps give you your
sidewalls on the bathtub floor there is attaching those two pieces on the ridge
line makes a world of difference having a having those lines pulled taut off the
edge ridge line I did originally try shockcord and I found shocked or just
the flexing the line this would just end up sagging it’s just too much weight
there is a quite a bit of weight on the from the bug netting here but yeah
that’s basically it so I found using two solid lines so there zing it worked
really well not having any stretch holes nice and taut for the ridge line seems
to work out really well now one thing I did have added to mine was I had the
tayo sat it on the front and back I’ll go to a side you and I’ll show you guys
how much of a difference having the tayo two actually makes they’re totally worth
it back side view of the pet palace the whole oats are not utilized but then on
the front side they are utilized and it just pulls that netting off so when
you’re actually inside you don’t have the netting slapping up against your
face so the pullets are totally worth using I
usually don’t stake the pullouts out right to the ground what I’ll usually do
is I’ll actually take the Toyota and I’ll loop it down and I’ll tie it to the
d-ring on the bottom of my tarp but because I don’t have my tarp out that’s
why I’ve got these things staked out to the ground or I’ll also like run that
down a Taito to vegetation or whatever or sometimes I will stake them out to
ground but I usually tie it off to my tarp that seems to be what’s working
best for me pass up will do a little walk around so everything is sewn here
there’s no zippers on the ends I’m pretty sure you can get an end entry so
you’d have a zipper here on the end I believe that’s an extra but I just went
with the normal side entry pull oh it’s done on both sides maybe a nice side
view here you can kind of see how much it opens up then on the front you’ve got the huge
u-shaped door that goes all the way to the top which is nice you can flip it
all the way over and tons of room inside so the base dimensions on this one it is
60 inches long 48 inches wide and 1/8 inch high bathtub floor they do have an
XL version that is 84 inches long and the same 48 inches wide and the same 8
inches high I went with a standard version just because I don’t plan on
having any person sleeping underneath me so I figured the 60 inch length was more
than enough room for the dogs pad and my gear to go on the side as you can see this is basically where I wanted sleeps plenty of room yeah this thing is
awesome let’s let’s bring you guys inside and kind of show you guys you
guys may have seen a few times if you’ve seen any of my trip videos this kind of
gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with for room inside here take a look at
the details here I made us a tag and I will say like everything on here is
absolutely amazing quality I mean the stitching and everything is top-notch
let’s turn around here this is just from Wanda’s footprint stepping inside but I
mean we’ve we’ve ridden out storms in this thing the bathtub floor definitely
holds up the bathtub floor is a 2.2 hex material and then it’s a 0.9 no-see-um
bug matting you can kind of see you get for a room here with the pull outs how
they kind of really open up on the inside it’s really nice
yeah super happy with this thing this is wicked yeah this is this is what we deal
with for room inside it’s not too bad a Wanda those guys and gals are Cave Creek
pet palace this well Wanda and I have been rocking all summer for the hammock
camping trips you guys have been seeing popping up in the cards here
yeah we’ve been using this thing a time it is worked out it’s been everything we
were hoping it was going to be Cape Creek was great to deal with Rick thank
you so much man for all the help you were getting the same built and getting
it shipped up to us yeah we could not be happier with this yeah if you guys have
any questions for me or for Wanda please drop us questions down below we’d love
to help you guys out we’ll put links to Cave Creek down below as well please
check them out they make some great quality stuff so yeah that’s uh that’s
it for us today guys that’s our Cape Crete pet palace this is Wanda as always
I have Maddy thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you guys on the
next one

12 thoughts on “Cave Creek Pet Palace! Hammock camping with a dog done right!

  1. Never camped in a hammock man. Was always told if u like to sleep on ur side, like I do. That it is hard to sleep in a hammock. But need to try it out for myself. Stay safe and good adventures!

  2. That is cool, that would be great for keeping the creepy crawlies out of my boots and gear.
    Thanks for sharing Matty

  3. I just keep thinking that this is a great bunk bed for when you bring your ground dwelling friends. I think could make the 60 inch length work. Just no beans for dinner…

  4. That's VERY cool! But, set up could actually be much simpler with an end-to-end ridgeline zipper. Mesh is so light, the stress on the zipper would be negligible. But, if a person just left it on the hammock, it's one and done, which negates any changes that add weight, cost and (possible) failures/repairs.

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