Cebu Camotes Islands Top Tourist Attractions with Todd Hata

Cebu Camotes Islands Top Tourist Attractions with Todd Hata

It was really fun and I enjoyed it although the falls is just really small below it is just like a mini pool. but i really had fun we’re going to the nearly island which is Tulang Diot we’ve been taking a lot of photos and videos doesn’t it feel good that you’re already with kids early in the morning

22 thoughts on “Cebu Camotes Islands Top Tourist Attractions with Todd Hata

  1. Hi..Bang I’m new to your travel Vlog of the Philippines. I came across it coz I guess the YouTube
    algorithm recognized my liking for travel videos of the Philippines. And I’m impressed with the
    dynamic edits, kinetic cinematography and great suggestions for traveling Cebu and the Philippines.
    It’s great to see a Filipina and a Filipino do videos of their own country instead of all these expats and
    wannabe celebrities. This is what I’ve been waiting for in YouTube content and professional presentations
    by indigenous/native Filipinos. Keep up the great work of enlightening and entertaining us on the
    plethora of Islands. You will have a lot of traveling and eating to do. SALAMAT!!!

  2. Thank you for including an itinerary in the description box. ^_^ Just found out about your channel and I am loving it. Like you po, I am also planning to travel the islands of the Philippines after I graduate. Sana matupad nga lang hahaha God Bless po and more power to your chanel. ^_^

  3. Very detailed information haha. Surely will watch again when I'm about to go there myself hehe! Great intro Bang!!

  4. Really well put together, the sequence in the first cave is so cinematic. Great job! Can't wait to visit the Phillipines in a few months time

  5. Bukilat cave looks quite scaring after the event with children last month. But this cave looks amazing, we were a few ago in the caves in Belgium and everyone from our family loved it. Great editing skill and drone shots. And this pancake/ salvaro looks very tasty. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow, what an amazing island! Loved the cinematic intro, great job putting that together! Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  7. great intro for sure! thanks for showing us all the great fun things to do on these islands! 7,000 islands to visit…i think you can do it! LOL ~sara

  8. The hanging umbrellas were beautiful and i loved the slow mo shot of the kids backflipping. Great edit made the islands come alive.

  9. Sobrang ganda jan! I went to Cebu probably last 5 years ago, hopefully to visit there next year. Nice vlog Bang!

  10. I was very hesitant bfore, wondering what Camotes Island has to offer, but coz of this video, I'll surely go there next week. thanks much for this…. Excited much!

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