Celebrating 1K Subscribers + Vacation Rental Consulting Options

Celebrating 1K Subscribers + Vacation Rental Consulting Options

Hey, guys. Welcome back to my channel. I’m
Heidi with Fully Booked Consulting, and today’s video is a different kind of one. I am switching
it up with the location and also with the content this time. So, I realized today that
I hit the 1,000 subscriber milestone, and I am so excited and really wanted to share
my gratitude to you for following along on this channel, all of the sweet comments and
praises I get that my videos are helping your business. I’m just so grateful for you coming
on this journey with me. So, I really just wanted to celebrate you and thank you for
following me. To do so, I have a free gift below in the
description. I will put a link to a free training that I have for you, and it’s called the Three
Insider Tips To Running A Profitable Vacation Rental. You will learn how to zone in on your
ideal guest, the secret to mastering kind of both sides of hosting, and then really
those key focus areas in your first year of business. If that sounds like something you’re
interested in, if you’re new to this business, then check out the link before below. Thank
you so much for following this channel. Also, I really wanted to hear from you. I
read and try to reply to every single comment that I get on these videos, and I take your
feedback very seriously. I have a special request from you, and help me figure out what
my next batch of videos should be. What do you want to learn more about on the marketing
side? Are you a beginner that’s trying to figure out how to best market themselves on
the listing site? Or are you more advanced and you’re trying to understand how to transition
from the listing sites and really build more of an independent marketing strategy. If you
have specific questions, leave them in the comments below. Those are so helpful and it’ll
help me plan out my next batch of videos. Then last, I just wanted to also let you know,
because I don’t know that I’ve talked about it in any of the 41 how-to videos that I have,
but I do have coaching packages if you are looking to work one-on-one with me. I have
a coaching package for the beginner that’s getting started on the listing sites, and
I have a coaching package for the more advanced owner, has maybe been on the listing sites
for a year plus and is looking to build an independent presence. If that sounds like
something you might be interested in, I will link below where you can set up a discovery
call with me. We can chat a little bit about your business, and we can see if my services
are a fit for you. Really today is just celebrating that 1,000 subscriber mark and making sure
that I’m letting you know about the resources that I have for you, in addition to the videos
on this channel. Be sure to check out the description below for those links. Thank you,
again, for watching, and I will see you next Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating 1K Subscribers + Vacation Rental Consulting Options

  1. Thanks so much for watching! What questions do you have about vacation rentals that I can answer in upcoming videos? Also, be sure to join me for my free class, ‘3 Insider Tips to Running a Profitable Vacation Rental’: www.fullybookedcourse.com/freeclass! Can't wait to see you there!

  2. Heidi, Congratulations on 1k subscribers! ? You offer outstanding material and deliver it in a professional, efficient manner. I recently added VRBO to a wildly successful Airbnb str which I started in 2016. I needed help understanding VRBO. Luckily, I found your channel! Just watched your video about targeting guests. I'm still working through updating descriptions with bullet points on both listings. Suggest a video? Tips on price setting; offer discount?, minimum stay? max stay, dynamic pricing software? Recentl subscribed to Airbnb and Vrbo host groups on FB, I promptly unsubscribed.Too much bad advice shared in those groups! And, too negative. Those groups would benefit from your channel Heidi!

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