Cheap DIY Car Camping Setup, Part 2 – Dirt Road Campsite

Cheap DIY Car Camping Setup, Part 2 – Dirt Road Campsite

(gun shots echoing) (birds sing) – [Voiceover] About quarter past 8AM. Just thought I’d show
you another variation to the 40 dollar tarp setup that we had in a previous video. So this time we’re parked
actually on a dirt road. We kinda got stuck here, cause up ahead there’s a fallen tree
which has stopped us. So I’ll just show you some of the things you can tie down to. This is a 10 liter water container. So we’ve just used that
for a couple of guy-lines. Over here we have a 20 liter water drum filled with tap water, just from the city. So there’s that wooden
stick from the other video. Our new table, just from a furniture supply store. Just a cheap fold-up plastic table. So this guy-line here is tied to a rock. That rock must weigh
about four or five kilos. And we’re also using this trekking pole as a tent pole to hold that up. And we’re tied to about
four shrubs over there. Very small trees. One of these guy-lines is
just tied to that fallen log. It’s just a tree branch that
fell off one of these trees, probably about a year or two ago it must have fallen down. Another tent pole. There’s our fold-out chair. You’ve seen that before. There is the four wheel drive mattress. So it’s a bit of tight
squeeze on the side here. And we’re parked inside this puddle. It’s a pretty rough road. Let’s come back this way. Show you the obstacle, cause last night at dusk, we decided to stop going up this road. So that tree has fallen down right in the middle of the road. And I could have probably
squeezed through, but it would have been a bit of an effort, and it was very close to sunset when we had to stop here. Hopefully no-one else will come through and get angry at us for being parked in the middle of the dirt road. We’ll just come back here. Give you another view of
the vehicle from the front. Down this side. (hissing of high-pressure portable stove) So we’re now underneath the tarp. Another one of those guy-lines. It’s tied onto a very thin shrub. (hissing of high-pressure portable stove) Over here, just burning an MSR stove. Just boiling water to make some tea. (clang of pots) And that’s the story. And soon, we will be having breakfast. (relaxed electronic music)

23 thoughts on “Cheap DIY Car Camping Setup, Part 2 – Dirt Road Campsite

  1. I'm trying to think of the word you may have said when on dusk your saw the tree across the road… Did it start with the letter 'F'?

  2. What kind of little truck is that? I thought I saw a Ford badge? Here in the US Ford stopped building the ford ranger and changed to a Euro spec utility van? Where ever your located it's beautiful there!

  3. I'm not sure I'd camp in the middle of a road where tree branches fall, but I enjoyed the creative set up! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the great videos. I like your new green tarp. What are the measurement of the crock skins tarp? How is it holding up?

  5. Cheap&cheerful mate…..good onya. I like the roll out windbreak for the fire (i'll be cutting myself a bit of that b4 my next trip out)….& I suspect the only fella's going beserk for you being camped on the track will be illegal doggers from the city.poaching deer, so….F-them.

  6. This video should call how to block the road with a tent and stupid as a driver even though there is a tree in the way

  7. I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing im in the middle of the road..even if noone would comes for hundred years…bit selfish I reckon….

  8. What is peoples issue!!! THE ROAD IS BLOCKED ANYWAY!!! Personally I'd be more concerned about the risk of getting caught in a bloody bushfire.

  9. Well you ppl are useless. Oh no a fallen tree has blocked the trail. Let's set up camp. NO, YOU ARE BLOCKING THE TRAIL. Move along somewhere else. Also, learn to stake and tie a proper guy line. That setup is junk

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