Cheap DIY Car Camping Setup Part 7, Campsite Flooded by Rain

Cheap DIY Car Camping Setup Part 7, Campsite Flooded by Rain

(gun shots echoing) (car rattling) (car rattling) – [Voiceover] So people watching this might recognize this
campsite from part four of our car camping series. So we’re back at the
blackberry picking location. Last night was just an absolute washout. We experienced probably
20 millimeters of rain. It’s raining right now. There’s just puddles everywhere. There’s even a creek
flowing through the back of the campsite. And we’ve also got a bit
of damage to the tarp. See the new hole there, unfortunately. Just cooking a bit of
sausages for breakfast. So we might have to
replace this tarp, I think. So it just ain’t fun. Unfortunately, we won’t
be doing any hiking today. When the weather’s like
this, it’s just not cool. One way of being
self-sustainable in the rain is you just put a bucket
underneath that dripping tarp to collect water for cleaning,
even for drinking water. Provided that your tarp is clean, you could even drink that water. Unfortunately, there’s
water just everywhere here. Even our blanket that
we’ve got down on the bed is a little bit damp at the end. Fortunately, our sleeping bags are dry. And if you’re wondering,
where is Christina in all these camping videos, she always sleeps in. There she is there, just waving. Hello. – Sleeping. – [Voiceover] Having a sleep. Take you back round to the front. So look, it is the same campsite, but the opportunity to
see what it looks like when things turn to the shits. So I’ll just show you
what the blackberries look like in winter when they’re overripe and dying. There’s a couple of blackberries just there. They’re definitely not edible, so they’re overripe and very squishy, and almost rotting. In about two or three weeks, this area will have a bit of snow, so we are camped at 1,200
meters above sea level. And any mountain peak that
has that much altitude in Victoria will have some
snow in winter, generally. There are a few exceptions, though. So come back here in about a month, and there’ll be probably
three or four inches of snow on the ground. So I’ll probably be wrapping
this video up pretty soon. Just take, swing you up, hold
you up there so you can see the campsite. So when we get home, we’re gonna have to do a bit of repairs on this tarp. Probably just use some duct tape to fix up that hole. So the best way to survive
a big storm overnight is just make sure that all your guy-lines are tied down really tight. So it was extremely windy last night, but we have survived. Everything is relatively intact except for the fact that it’s wet. Even got probably five millimeters of rain just inside that aluminum plate there. I picked up that aluminum
plate from an Op Shop for only one dollar. Ultra light aluminum. Here’s a new lid from one of our pieces of cookset from
the website in America. Just bought that online. So this is what’s happening here in the mountains of Australia. I’m gonna have my breakfast now. And hopefully, if you’re watching this, you’re not stuck in the rain. You’re out there in
good weather somewhere. We’d like to wish you happy camping. (rap music)

19 thoughts on “Cheap DIY Car Camping Setup Part 7, Campsite Flooded by Rain

  1. I love camping in the rain. It makes the back of the truck, or tent so much cozier. It can be pretty lousy sometimes though. 
    Keep the videos coming! We are just getting summer temperatures here in Canada. Hoping to get out soon.

  2. Thank God that you guys were in the back of the truck and not floating away in a tent. Do you do much cold weather camping. If so what extra equipment do you bring. For cold weather here I use a heat reflective wrap over my under and over quilt on my hammock along with my m.s.s. and have been warm and toasty down to -25 Fahrenheit. I'm surprised that there were still berries left after all the ones you and Christina picked. Lol. Oh almost for I also use a homemade tarp that looks almost like a tent with both ends enclosed. I borrowed the idea from the eno super fly. God bless and stay safe.

  3. Glad to see you out in the elements and still having a good time. Summer is just arriving here in RI, USA. It's cool to see the weather change on the other side of the world. Thanks for sharing -Eric

  4. I've seen this sign before with it nailed on a dropped tree, but, does this mean that the road is closed because of that one tree or does it mean that they didn't have the equipment to remove it? Most campers have an axe!

  5. Yup, mother nature will do what she wants, you were well prepared with the truck/tarp set up. I like that truck…new Ford Ranger? Australian back country is much different than my Canadian woods but very interesting to say the least. Great vids, I'm subbed. Thanks Ed, Ontario, Canada.

  6. I have subscribed as you have some useful tips and interesting videos. With this video – however why park up and set up camp in a wooded area that has lots of falling trees? Most near to your vehicle are young saplings, however there's a few "widow makers" I can see further in the bush and as you said the wind was very high during the night. It wouldn't be the tarp that I would have worry about it would have been the next large falling tree 🙂 Stay safe ATB Richard

  7. Damn this looks rough. I hate camping in the rain. Do you sleep in the back of that cap? I can't imagine you can fit all the way with the tailgate up.

  8. in Asia they like to camp in raining season due weather is colder then usual.. evenmore camping with vehicle with complete gear.. wala..nice bro.cold climate with rain maybe a bit tough..but we Asian we like it..

  9. as well gear up as you are no duck tape ha ha show you even the best of us forget things at home why you add duck tape or black tape to hikeing polls knifes belts backs

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