Cheap Winter Camping Tip, Keeping Warm inside your Tent

Cheap Winter Camping Tip, Keeping Warm inside your Tent

– Good afternoon campers,
over the next few months we’ll be busy out here
camping in the snow. But in the meantime I’ve dug
up some old footage for you, from a trip earlier this year in Tasmania. The footage is a little bit
rough, but I hope you enjoy. (gun shots echoing) (scream) At the moment we’re just
following these rock cairns, so every 100 meters or so,
there’s just a stack of rocks that someone has built to mark the trail. Cairns. Another cairn, just
here, another rock cairn. So just a stack
of three or four rocks. If you wanna help out, just
add a few rocks to the stack. Or make a few new ones along the trail. Good morning campers,
and welcome to Tasmania. We are in the presence of greatness here, these pencil pine trees
are 100s of years old, and some people say that they
could be over 1,000 years old. There’s the tent, pitched,
between two pencil pines, with the tarp tied up to the
trees, just up here in the tree we have a possum nest, so
at nighttime he comes down, he was trying to steal our food, actually. You have to be quite vigilant
to fend them off. Come back around. I know people really
like to see this, that’s why I keep showing the
campsite and how it’s pitched. Guy-lines all over the place. Now there’s really only
one tip I wanted to share on this campsite, and that is, a quick simple idea, for keeping warm inside
your tent at night. So all expensive sleeping
bags and clothing aside, these two bottles are what
we call our wee bottles. So the purpose of this is, at nighttime, it can be quite annoying to have to get up out of your sleeping
bag to go to the toilet. So lots of mountaineers
and cross-country skiers will use this trick of just
pissing into the bottle at night rather than getting
out of their sleeping bag. So you can laugh and joke
and make jokes about it, and it is a little bit disgusting, but, it really is a necessity
when you’re camping in extreme cold. This is a very windy campsite. The average temperature at night is about 5 degrees out here. And that’s not allowing for
the wind chill factor, so, we’re trying to keep warm in there, and the best way to do that
is to just stay in the tent the whole night, so when we go
to sleep we have all our food and water in the tent. And the ability to stay in
there for the whole night. That’s the man-sized wee bottle,
and the ladies wee bottle. For obvious reasons, the
ladies wee bottle needs a larger lid. The constant cold, and the cold wind, is the reason that these pencil pine trees take so long to grow. Pencil pine trees everywhere, up there, just surrounding us. So I heard yesterday
from a reliable source that some of these trees could
in fact be 1,500 years old. The oldest trees in Tasmania. Precious, absolutely precious. (camera bumps rock face) (wind howling) (wind gets louder) (upbeat music)

26 thoughts on “Cheap Winter Camping Tip, Keeping Warm inside your Tent

  1. Such a beautifully rugged country. Those trees were amazing. Something I've done in the past when it gets cold is to make a liner for the tent from Mylar blankets. They are thin and light. I just used duct tape to build the liner and to hold it in place. The pee bottles are a great idea. Plus they are warm for a while too lol. Thanks for being such gracious host. God bless and stay safe.

  2. But as a women you still have to get up .. I couldn't stay in my sleeping bag..? But maybe it takes less time… Certainly sth. To consider..

  3. Great tip with the bottle in the tent.  We use a portable toilet for car camping, but for our trip next month it will definitely be inside our tent instead of the vestibule.  Enjoy your channel.  Please check out ours.

  4. Yeah…. we had a friend who changed his about not using a piss bottle when about two inches of snow blew into his tent at 3:00 am.

  5. LMAO!! 5 degrees C in the middle of the night is NOT cold at all. That is summer here in the California mountains. And that is California, not exactly know for tough camping.

  6. We're known for eating possum here in the appellation region of North Carolina. Eat them before they steal your food.

  7. I thought it said "winter camping"? The last time i winter camped it was 0 degrees and got 6 inches of snow overnight. This camping is sweatshirt and shorts weather. Wtf?

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