Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya and I’m Dave, and we are Turn It Up World. We just had the best time in
Las Vegas. That’s right, Viva Las Vegas and we’ve had one of the best times in
Las Vegas. Now, I will tell you this, some folks go to Vegas for the gambling,
some folks will go to Vegas for those shows. We went to Vegas for those buffets. Oh yeah, and we love buffets and Vegas is supposed to have some of the best
buffets in the world, so we decided to put that to the test and give you our
first 16 impressions of one of the cheapest buffets in Vegas vs the
most expensive, oh and that’s before tax. So kicking this comparison off between
the Feast Buffet and Bacchanal, we are going to jump right into this starting
with price. Now, I will tell you the Feast Buffet is one of the cheapest buffets in
Las Vegas. It actually is $9.99 and that’s with a lunch buffet for the with
a special players card I guess you would say. You’d have to have platinum or
some higher players card. We actually paid $11.99 for that buffet because we
got the preferred players card and that’s a free players card that you can
sign up to, which allows you perks and benefits at the buffet, as well as
throughout some of the shops in Palace Station. And, as we said, the Bacchanal
Buffet is the most expensive buffet in Las Vegas and we went all out for you on
a Saturday night we actually paid $212 combined, so $106 a person, unbelievable, so you have a $212 bill against basically a $20 bill for two. Is it really worth it? We’re going to do this comparison for you and let you know, but next up let’s go to the
hours and get into some more details. The hours, so we’re gonna keep this part
a little bit simple for you guys, but just to give you like an idea, the Feast
Buffet it does open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day 7 days a week. Now, there’s
a little bit more detail in terms of prices, which goes along with those hours
and I’m gonna put those on the screen for you guys right here, so you can
actually get a good sense in terms of the times and the prices that goes into
this budget amazing tasty buffet. And the Bacchanal is actually open Monday
through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and then on weekends Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., so it is, it is open for dinner an hour later than
the Feast. I will give you all the details right here as well to check out. Our next comparison are the line pass
and premium options of each of the buffets. When we got to the Feast Buffet,
there really was not any line and we actually looked into different options
and there really is not a line pass option or a premium option. Now at the Bacchanal
Buffet it’s very very different and also very important. There’s a line pass option for $25.00, which allows you to cut the line and, I got to tell you, on
busy nights you need that. We got there at 6 p.m. and we were very very lucky to
have that line pass option, because we could have waited for well over an hour
for our table. Another benefit at the, an upsell at the Bacchanal Buffet is the
all-you-can-drink option, which is really cool. It’s $15 a
person for that and that’s a great benefit as well. Now, what we decided to
do, they had this whole full VIP experience called Dine Like A Caesar
option, now it’s a little expensive right you go from a $65 fee to a $98 fee
per person, but it comes with the line pass option, the all-you-can-drink option,
and also this really really cool seafood tower that you got to check out. So the
next comparison we’re going to talk about are the number of stations found
between the Feast Buffet and the Bacchanal Buffet. Now the Feast Buffet
has six stations and I believe it’s the Greenery which is one that’s all for like the
salads and things of that nature. There’s the Wok station which is all
the Chinese influenced foods. Then, of course, you have the grilling station.
I think it’s called Blazing Grill where you can actually have tacos or pork
bellies or things made to taste. Then, of course, there’s the vegetarian option
which is kind of the healthy choice station for vegans and vegetarians. A tasty
carving station for all you meat lovers out there and of course the Just Desserts, which is a high favorite of mine. Now the
Bacchanal Buffet has nine stations and, oh my gosh, within those nine stations
there is so much going on it’s like heaven and a food coma tied into one and
those stations are the Mexican station, the Chinese station, Japanese station,
pizza station, the list goes on and on. Let me just show you really quick. This is the cheek fish, very fresh, very delicious, every which way possible. The peppers are so delicious, a little sweetness to them but super spicy, a little savory. You can even get sushi, I mean gosh, if you guys want there’s an assortment of different sushis. These were absolutely amazing. These are the crab legs. The kind of ones that we’re served, initially for us, it was served on the
Tower. This is like a soup station and salad station, there very much, you could say, almost Japanese style. Oh my gosh, this is the pozole, it’s like slow cooked pork with hominy stew. See what I mean, I mean oh my gosh there is so much going on in there the tasty foods the desserts you would
just get lost in there and you just might want to. Our next comparison is the
variety of dishes that each buffet serves. Now the Feast Buffet is about
half the size of the Bacchanal. The Feast is 14,000 square feet in total size,
which is actually pretty darn big, but the Bacchanal is 25,000 square feet of just goodness. It’s incredible. It really is. I mean it is huge. I can’t tell you how
many varieties of dishes that the Feast Buffet has. If you know, leave it in the
comments below, but what I can tell you is that the Bacchanal Buffet has 500, if
not over 500 dishes, they serve a day. It’s unbelievable. Now I cannot imagine
cooking 500 dishes for all those hungry mouths, but they do it every damn day.
Incredible. So, it’s really incredible to try all those variety of dishes. You could
actually get lost in there all day, well, on your two-hour time limit and still
not try all the dishes that they have in there. Yeah I know, that’s very true. It might be a multiple trip situation. Alright, so the next thing we’re going to
talk about is the ability to customize your dishes. Now at the Feast Buffet
there really aren’t that many options quite frankly, you basically get what they have prepared for you, but at the Bacchanal Buffet it is a completely different story. There are so many different areas and stations you can get
your different meals customized. For example, at the Mexican station you can
get your own tacos and enchiladas made up the way you like it. You can actually
have your own souffle baked and everything the way you want it. You can
get crepes made up and for dessert you can get an amazing chocolate lava cake
baked up perfectly for you just when you want it. Now it’s only fair to compare
the seafood between the Feast Buffet and Bacchanal Buffet and, let me tell you, the
Feast Buffet, the seafood was just okay. Now, I will tell you, we had just gotten
there for the buffet for lunch and the seafood did not look as fresh to us. Now,
David and I are huge catfish, fried catfish fans and the fried catfish I was
really having high hopes for that one but it really just tasted like breaded
mush. I’m just gonna use my hand but this is the catfish. The skin looks really nice
and crunchy. I don’t really like it. It just tastes like
breaded mush. So it wasn’t that great for me, but you know
there could be some other times you go there it might have just been a bad
day for the fried catfish. Now the Bacchanal, let me tell you this,
the Bacchanal is known for its seafood and when I see food, I eat it. Damn now that is, that is crazy. Do you see that? It’s like, it’s insane. Is that an appetizer or a meal? Here we go. And boy, it did not disappoint. It was quite exquisite and they had multiple stations from hot seafood to cold seafood stations, so in comparison between the two I will definitely say that they’re not really a comparison, because of the amount and variety that the Bacchanal has to offer it was quite the feast. So continuing right where we
left off with the seafood in terms of we see food we eat it, we’re actually gonna
go into the quality of the food comparing both between the Feast Buffet
and Bacchanal. Yes, and the Feast Buffet, I mean let’s face it, it’s a budget buffet right, that’s true, right so you can’t expect gourmet food at the Feast. Now, I
will say I think it’s a good quality food, but it is hit or miss. I mean you really need to be careful of what you pick, try to find the fresh items. Right, for example, I
got the clam chowder. Being from New England, I gotta try the chowder here in
Vegas to see how it is, so I’m looking forward to it, and I got the saltine crackers to put in there, because you gotta have the saltine
crackers in with your the New England clam chowder. Gotta slow-mo this time though for sure mmm, it tastes good. It’s a style
that’s a really thick, the thick style, sometimes you get a really kind of a
creamy milky style. This is definitely not that. Yes, I thought it was good. It was like kind of a comfort food, but the quality was really more like you’d get at
a Friendly’s or something, yeah it was really thick versus like a really brothy type, it was almost like plaster. Now I actually had a dish and I think I mentioned this earlier, I
did mention it earlier, it was the catfish and the catfish I was really
having high hopes because the skin looked really crispy and crunchy and it
had a great scent, but once I took one bite out of that it felt like breaded
mush and I keep saying that because it’s exactly what it tasted like. Oh man and, of course, I got the rotisserie chicken which was fresh, oh I love rotisserie chicken, right off the rotisserie and it smelled great, looked really good, but I gotta say it was a little dry too so it wasn’t perfect. And you even got the dark meat section, I know, which is generally the section that gives like, it’s really juicy, right, right off the bone. Yeah, that’s a little disappointing. Right, so it sounds like we’re killing it, but overall I thought it was actually a pretty decent value for the money. Yeah and I will say on a little high note I did have the chicken
cordon bleu and it did not look appealing at all, but it tasted quite
good so you know it’s kind of hit or miss like Dave was saying. You gotta
choose your options between which one is hit, which one is miss, but you know
what, if you try them all there’s some are gonna be hit and some are gonna be miss. Yes, and now to the Bacchanal and, like I said, you get what you pay for, well we paid for it and we got it. The quality was amazing there. It really was.
I mean starting with that seafood tower right off the bat it was just like they
really had freshest fish that you can imagine I mean the lobster tasted, well, mind once we got past learning how to eat the claw or you know spitting, yeah, this is hard, what’s this hard thing? But once we got past that it really was a delight and an
enjoyable, I really enjoyed it. Yeah it was really good. I mean they had an
amazing suckling pig there. I had fun kind of eating the leg or the calf of the thing, but it was good. It was really good stuff. Yeah, hold on. Take a look at this, you have to see David taking a bite of this leg, take a look I got to tell you that is damn good. The skin is really good. Ok, I guess I’m making a mess here. Oh my god that was disgusting. Oh no, no, it tasted great. It probably tasted really delicious. It smelled amazing. You know what I will say to that effect so was the ravioli that I had. It was a
short rib ravioli. It was really really tasty soft and fluffy but yet great
filling on the inside and that bone marrow was one of the highlights for me
putting on that cracker thanks for that by the way Dave actually put it on the
cracker I didn’t realize putting on the cracker would actually change the
dynamic of a taste of that bone marrow but it was really tasty I know I loved it
and also the pozole we had oh it was so good that was a really good starting
start really starting off the meal yeah and they don’t chintz I think one of the
things we noticed at the Bacchanal is when they serve you these dishes and
things they don’t change like the hot crab legs that Dave had they gave you
all the shortness some of the freshest crab legs and it really had a lot to do
with the quality of the pre of everything else so I just thought it was
really tasty and related to quality is the freshness of the food to turnover
how often do they turn over the food and as we mentioned before the bacchanal has
500 dishes and so it’s an incredible operation of turned that food over but I
have to say Tanya and I I mean the food was really fresh we experienced amazing
food there was incredibly fresh you could see the turnover you really have
to worry so much about food being fresh and the turnover just not happening now
at the feast buffet it’s definitely hit or miss as we said about the quality
that’s also true in the turnover for example I went and I picked out some
pasta so I heard they had a very good pasta at
the feast but it looked a little bit old they’ve had been turned over and it
actually was it wasn’t as fresh as I would have liked and it’s not something
you really need to keep an eye on when you’re at the feast it really any buffet
but the bacchanal was really amazing both places had somewhat of a
international Flair but the Bacchanal really set it off with this I mean we
already mentioned some of the things earlier from the many different stations
and many different influences from different parts of the world that it was
so incredible now the feast buffet and all it did have some of those slight
influences from different places but not to the the level of the Bacchanal
so the International Flair is incredible and again we mentioned from the Mexican
to the Italian to the Japanese at the Bacchanal just something to be mindful
of if you are looking for something a bit of a different flair and spin the
bacchanal has definitely a good quality an assortment of international flair so this next one is probably one of my
favorites well it might be one of your favorites depending on what search what
are we talking about we are talking about desserts desserts desserts
I do like desserts if they include a lot of chocolate well that’s very true
now the peaceful faith did not have that many assortments for desserts as a
matter of fact I felt like the desserts were probably something you could
probably buy in your local grocery store I mean the Feast is a budget buffet to
kind of get what you pay for so I did feel like from a value perspective you
kind of caught good value for the money yeah that’s very true and you she had I
mean it was like chocolate any chocolate oh no I was happy I had chocolate
chocolate on top of chocolate really good happy camper right there now on the
other side of the fence the bacchanal buffet oh my gosh there were so many
varieties of desserts there it would make your head spin and to probably
couldn’t eat them all well I could certainly eat them all how about you but
I can’t give all two hours you think four hours it could be one we try do a
test of that and see I would take that challenge anybody know time is
absolutely right the bacchanal deserves unbelievable and they’re out there
really known for their desserts as well that’s very true I mean and you can just
see the quality of the what they put into those desserts it just it really
does make you appreciate you know the fact that they have that many desserts
and I would certainly take that challenge like David I would certainly
challenge myself and try all those desserts next up we’re talking about the
drinks this should be a fun subject now at the Feast buffet we actually the
highlight for us is probably the lemonade
yeah I actually enjoyed the lemonade and I’m one that’s a little picky about that
it’s refreshing but sometimes it can be super sugary sweet this was not super
sugary sweet it was actually very tasty yes it’s really good now it’s a
Bacchanal a totally totally different story boy we went for the VIP option as
we said before and that included an all-you-can-drink option and I gotta say
we took advantage of it yes and disclaimer we did not drive so we had
nothing to worry about we heard it all night long but it was definitely
incredible they basically complimented you with mimosas or champagne or wine
and we even got a glass of a premium cognac which was the final piece to that
of course I know it was so amazing and I got to say they kept those drinks full
for me they really did as soon as they saw the glass empty if you did not tap
and say you didn’t want any more you would look down like magic it be a full
glass voila about oh thank you kind sir
what great service leads us into our next comparison the service and I will
tell you this the service between the Feast buffet in the Bacchanal buffet I
think they were equally as great yeah they were both excellent and I’d say the
people were friendly they were attentive they just did a great job I really did I
felt like every time we finished with one of our plates they were there to
scoop it up and every time our glasses were empty whether it sweater or wine or
alcoholic beverages those glasses were full especially at bacchanal that’s very
true I do have to say this as well the general manager was definitely a
definitely a highlight of the bacchanal yes I we have to give a big THANK YOU to
Brian Murzyn who is the General Manager at Bacchanal
he sat with us he actually gave us some really great recommendations on dishes
we should try which we were able to show for you guys they were so good and I
think that was like one of the recommendations was the bone marrow and
oh my gosh it went one more time we’re gonna show you guys look at David I
gotta tell you that is damn good skin is really good ooh that was nasty that was
good thanks Brian one thing I want you to do turn it up hold on a minute just a minute before we
continue you would let you know that we have put two awesome videos of both the
Bacchanal buffet and the Feast buffet and you can check those videos out by
clicking the link in the description below so this next comparison is kind of
an important comparison and that is the ambiance and I will say this the
ambience of the place can really make or break that place and in this case both
the feast buffet and the bacchanal buffet did great in showing us some of
that great ambience now the feast buffet they did undergo some construction which
really tried to bring them up to more of a modern fresh look and it did do that
in charts I mean that the stations they really had a modern Flair with the
seating area some of them fell a little cafeteria ish like as well as old-school
with some carpeting and things of that nature so that for me kind of made it a
little bit of a different take comparing it to the Bacchanal which really had
like a modern type flair with artwork and different things all over the place
I thought it was quite impressive even to the fact that some of the lighting
fixtures were made of glasses and I’m talking cocktail glasses they were made
of glasses it was quite impressive but I’m gonna have to hand it to the baka
now for the ambience because it really did showcase exactly what they were
trying to go for and creating that high-class buffet vibe let’s talk about
location now the Bacchanal is located in
Caesar’s Palace which obviously we all know it’s on the strip it is it just a
great location you can walk to it from any hotel along the strip now the Feast
buffet is actually a palace station which is not too far from the strip it’s
about a 10-minute uber drive from it but again you can’t walk to it so overall we
got to give the location to bacchanal all right hold on y’all we’re coming you
asked but certainly not least we got to pull up a seat for this one oh yeah last
but not least the presentation and we’re talking about the presentation of the
food at both places and I will say Bacchanal had one of the most impressive
presentations I have ever seen Oh unbelievable really wise and to wrap
things up well I think both buffets are actually great in their own right
honestly very very different experiences I mean the Bacchanal topped the line
Feast buffet budget but I felt like we got good value at both places yeah
absolutely I think in terms of the value you’re right you kind of each place you
you pay a premium at the Bacchanal buffet but it does reflect in it you
definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth and the same thing goes
with fees book bag you definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth
no sir yeah and I I think they both have wonderful things about them and if
you’re going to either one of these places it’s really an experience
absolutely and the way I think about it the Feast buffet I would go on a regular basis maybe multiple times a week good point where the Bacchanal it’s kind of that
special occasion yes and go for that one special night just really you know spend
the money and have that amazing amazing experience I completely agree and on
that note thank you guys so much for joining us if you haven’t already please
be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell so that you get a
every time you post something new and exciting again thank you so much for
joining us we really appreciate that and we look forward to seeing you on the

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  2. How do you two stay fit and healthy? In many of your videos I see you eating a lot of good rich food. Do you work out? Is there any type of food you avoid ?

  3. Hey Tanya and Dave! Great to see this video on comparing the two buffets.. one from Palace Station for $11.99, and Bacchanal at Caesars Palace for $212 total. For sure a difference in price, but like you said, Tanya.. you get what you pay for. No joke! Glad that you still enjoyed the Feast buffet and it wasn't that bad, but sucks the catfish was mushy on the inside. Glad that the clam chowder was ok, and so was the chicken cordon bleu, and lemonade. Also great to hear you had good service there. How cool that you guys went to Freemont street.. Love the light show at night! Darth Vader was putting on a show for you guys!! Too cool! At Bacchanal for $98/person before tax, is quite expensive, but if you're going for a special dinner, it makes sense to get it! Especially for all you can drink for $15.. that's a good price! Can't believe that there are 500 different options of food! The seafood tower was beautiful, and good to hear the service was good as well. Definitely a place to go when super hungry, and have a couple hundred extra bucks.. won from the craps table! LOL Great video and lots of love to you both. Happy Holidays! <3

  4. Great comparison! Never tried the buffet at the Palace Station, but the best Oyster Bar in our opinion is there. We just got back from Vegas, cashed in our last Bacchanal Groupon cert we had, so worth it. Thankfully, we only had to wait a bit over 30 mins! Looking forward to your next adventure!

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  6. Would you go for that cheap buffet or would you treat yourself to that expensive buffet?? Leave a comment and let us know! BTW – We've heard from quite a few of you that have said they like the music in our videos! Where do we get the music for our videos? It’s from Epidemic Sound! You can use their library of over 30,000 songs for free for 30 days with this link ➑

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