Chefs vs Normals Reviewing Summer Gadgets

Chefs vs Normals Reviewing Summer Gadgets

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  1. The apron holds your empties. You can't step away from the grill as a Grill Master, so when your done you can strap it on until someone brings you a cool one. And if you forget to give it to them to trash you've got space. It'll also help everyone keep track of what beer your on…

  2. It is getting quite heavy he said.. as he loads 3 pounds total of sauces and gear into his Batbelt.

  3. Seems like the combination lock isn't very tight, so if the wine bottle is open (ie any cork topped bottle) you'd probably still be able to pour the wine into a glass.

  4. I used the wine decanter on my box wine and now it has graduated to gas station bottled wine. 10/10 would buy again

  5. I did buy someone a wine aerator as a secret santa once, they do really like their wine, no idea if it was any good though

  6. Water when BBQing – DON'T! Water will cause steam, which will affect your food. Use a Pale Ale (the flavor doesn't transfer, so buy a CHEAP single can) as the alcohol will not allow as much (if any) steam, and will still put out fires or help with smoke. I do this myself, and trust me, it does make a difference.

  7. No reason to have more than one beer in that apron, James. They will warm up before you can drink them. Grill master stays by the grill, that's his job. When you finish your beer and open the apron beer, the next person going to the fridge/cooler to get themselves another beer, must replace the grill masters apron beer.

  8. Sorry guys, but this is the first sorted video I couldn't watch. Stopped it after 1:10 when there was a FUCKING DOG LICKING THE CHOPPING BOARD.

    You are a food channel and that was beyond disgusting…

    I love dogs – have two myself – but let them lick the chopping board where OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD IS BEING PREPARED?!

    If they lick your own plate Barry, then that's your thing. But this is an absolute no-go!
    Show some respect!!

    Sorry for the swearing – don't normally do that – but I ment it the way I said it.

    The fact that this made it through the edit means that even the two chefs approved. I am shocked and flubbergasted…


  9. Bud is a malt/rice beverage, it doesn't pass the German beer purity law of 1516. Reinheitsgebot, just sayin'

  10. The wine lock seems useful, just not for for everyone.

    It would be great for parents who don't want their teens to drink their alcohol.

  11. Problem with the wine lock: does not seem water proof. What happens if you just tip the thing over with the lock still on it?

  12. The rituals around alcohol, specifically wine are more about enhancing the experience than it is about enhancing the actual drink.

  13. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to store the ice in that insert and that it was saying it could hold 10 trays of ice in that insert. Still seems like a pretty bad ice tray though

  14. James is so cute for wanting the items to fit under the cloche…"It doesn't fit. It isn't going to be good". Like a little kid judging his presents on their size.

  15. if you know someone whos really into bbq i feel like this might make a good gift but seeing as a table does its job just fine i dont really see any particular need for it

  16. the third gay guy seems so fake in all his reactions and mannerisms, it takes away from the authenticity of this show

  17. I love how Ben said the thing about not needing to call men or women "real" and that the apron is for anyone cis or non-cis

  18. You would probably have to sew the string on the apron for it to work better it drooped because the face of it fell down the free floating draw string

  19. The bottle padlock is actually really good. It fits on most alcohol bottles. I have a few unruly teenagers, and I bought it for my whiskey after I caught them trying to steal it.

  20. hhahahaha the official review video has more downvotes than upvotes and has disabled their comments LOL. SORTEDfood not the only ones to give it a bad review vid

  21. I dunno, what you're doing with all of these gadgets in the end, but you could give them away in raffle or something ?

  22. Would you guys be open to putting in an equivalency in US dollars i love yur videos but am bad when it comes to currency conversion

  23. Ben and his sexy inclusion! yesss. (He mentioned accessibility in another review video and "cis-or non-cis, we don't even really need to put labels on it if you're BARBECUING this might be useful" 07:54–08:07 in this one. ) This makes me oh so happy, in fact, I did an excited squeal noise. I'm 24. Honestly, the lack of toxic masculinity but shit tons of bants ACROSS the channel is the main reason I watch these guys.

    getting in my good books= 1. food, 2. inclusion, 3. banter. SORTED.

  24. That is a very cute doggy but the fact that it's on a kitchen work surface, despite how much you clean it afterwards, really bothers me.

  25. Actually a lock like that would be good if you have kids/teens in the house who you suspect might try to get into the liquor/wine cabinet. That seems like the most useful purpose to me, although it would be easier just to lock the cabinet (but uglier to have a visible lock in your kitchen).

  26. You say wine connoisseur or I'll repeat what my old boss used to say about what his sisters profession was.. wine sommelier or "professional drunk".

  27. I know this video is a year old. But my husband has the same exact decanter and he swears by it. I personally think it's all in his head Hahaha

  28. I would love to see you guys make a red pasta sauce using NO TOMATOES! I'm allergic and I have my ways around it but I would love to see the chefs try it, or better yet see how the normal's cope with the thought haha (FYI I'm posting this on every video on your channel because I really want it to be seen)

  29. @SORTEDfood I can't believe you guys skipped over the potential of the bottle combination lock for people who know alcoholics that need to be kept from drinking. That's actually an amazing device that could help many families that have one parent that can drink, and one that can't.

  30. I love how they said “or a real woman” then, “cis or non-cis”! I’m impressed when cis people know that term ? That’s what I heard at least. Really, anything can be for anyone of any gender! Trans and cis men, trans and cis women, and non-binary trans people. I’m over the unnecessarily gendered products

  31. It's nothing to do with being a wine connoisseur, if you pour wine into a carafe from a height, it gets air into it and it tastes better…simple

  32. Chef vs normal grilling battle, and they're only allowed to cook with items kept on the manly apron – seasonings, utensils, flavoring elements. They're allowed a meat, bun, and vegetable.

  33. My nephew's a sargent and i really want to get that apron for him because it's absolutely ridiculous! He'd probably use it lol. i do love the apron string design, that's pretty neat.

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