‘Chenry vs. Seddie’ ? Summer Ship Showdown Series Ep. 3 | Nick

‘Chenry vs. Seddie’ ? Summer Ship Showdown Series Ep. 3 | Nick

Bobby, you look so good
on all of my devices. This is Nickelodeon’s
Summer Ship Showdown. The show where Nick ships
battle it out every Sunday to determine who is
the best ship of all time. We read your comments
and tallied your votes and have determined the ships
that will be going head to head in the final championship showdown. The two ships that will be
battling it out are Chenry… You were right and I was wrong
and you have to buy me a coconut. Versus Seddie. I think Carly’s spaghetti is great. Then why don’t you
put some down your pants? Aw, we love them both so much,
but we can only have one winner. [screaming] We know this is a tough call,
so to help you make your final vote, let’s have an ultimate showdown
within the ultimate showdown of some of their greatest moments. Oh, no… Hey, here’s a cool job I could do. Foot model. You guys, could we go over
the list for my birthday party? – Sure.
– No. No! Hey, you invited the doof. – Sam…
– Oh, man! I didn’t know that was gonna be here. She. I’m a she, Freddie,
as in girl. Just keep your hands off
my AV equipment. Hug me. Just trust me. Whoa. Up the tube! [screaming] You should at least appreciate that
Sam did it because she cares about you. Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. – Give mama some sugar.
– OK. Aww… Aww… Henry, don’t swallow that muffin! Henry, it is dangerous.
It will– Henry! Use the soft duster! Wait, what? What– Tell me one reason
why I should believe you. ‘Cause I came here. Have I ever come to you
for help before? For anything? Well, congrats Char.
I’m really proud of you. Yay, me too! I love you. I love you too. Oh, thank God.
It was just a dream. What was just a dream? What? Wait, you were dreaming about lips? Uh, uh… giant lips, not yours. They were chasing me down a hall of
popcorn, you weren’t there leave me alone. OK, but you got a phone on your face. It’s where I put my phone
when I’m sleeping. God! Where are you going? Uh, I gotta make out of here. I mean, get out of here.
I’ll kiss you later! – Hm?
– I mean I’ll catch you later! Well, that was, um… – Nice?
– Yeah, nice, uh… – Good work.
– Thank you, you too. Hey, I’m gonna go
to the bathroom real quick. Why? To take a tennis lesson. What up, my peeps? Wow, that greeting was
uncool in so many ways. Uh… OK. Well, since you were just
very sarcastic to me, now you can’t have a lick
of my ice cream cone. Well, uncool is the new cool. Wow, that comeback was
uncool in so many ways. – You know what, Sam?
– What, Freddie? [yelling] – What I deserve–
– You deserve a brain! At least I have a brain! No, you don’t have a brain.
You have nose hairs. Well, if I join your team you know
she’s gonna give me that look. What look. Ugh. And there’s the look. When they’re married,
I will call them ‘Chenry’. Chenry? That’s never gonna catch on. Obviously, it’s ‘Henlette’. #Henlette Me, you, Carly and Fred Lumps. – Hey, Char.
– Hi. Fred wiener! – Char, listen.
– Freduccini. – Hey Char, what’s up.
– Hi, Carls. – Hey, pretty baby.
– Hi, little Samantha. – Thanks, Char!
– Get in there, witchy-pooh. – Hey Char, let’s go.
– Fredamame Benson. You wanna humiliate me on the web
in front of millions of people, go ahead and just do it,
I don’t care. Get back at me for
all the mean things I’ve sa– How about a little bet? OK. If I miss this putt, you and I kiss.0 Uh, what? Oops. Uh, what–
What is happening? Quiet Henry,
I’m working on something here. – Lips!
– What? – Did you just say ‘lips’?
– What? No. I don’t even know what that word means. And there you have it. Tune in next Sunday to find out if
the Nickelodeon Summer Ship is… Team Chenry. [screaming] Or Team Seddie. [screaming] Don’t forget to vote in
the comments and community tab.

100 thoughts on “‘Chenry vs. Seddie’ ? Summer Ship Showdown Series Ep. 3 | Nick

  1. Seddie may be the OG nick couple, but Chenry wins because I need need to know we NEED it to be canon in the show and to stop the tease

  2. Ithink that if seddie like each other i am team seddie y cant chenry accept that they are inlove??????????

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