Cheonggyecheon Stream Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Cheonggyecheon Stream Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Running through downtown Seoul, the Cheonggyecheon Stream brings natural beauty
into the heart of the city. The stream was once entombed in concrete,
and covered by an elevated highway, but is now accessible, and enjoyed by thousands
of people each day. Unique bridges and stepping stone pathways
cross the stream, many of which have strong symbolic meaning. The local government has spent hundreds of
millions of dollars making the Cheonggyecheon Stream an important
part of Seoul’s urban landscape.

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  1. After the Cheonggyecheon Stream was a center for everyday life for centuries, after it was polluted and neglected in the first half of the 20th Century, after it was covered over with a highway, now it's back in sight of the sky and in sight of the Korean people.   I think it was $280 million (in US dollars) restoring it and it's money well spent.  Well done, my Korean friends, and greetings from the United States of America.

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