Chica’s First Camping Trip

Chica’s First Camping Trip

*Drums beating with music while Mark slowly walks* *Mark reaches into his pocket* *Getting the tent out* *Putting the tent up* *Markiplier extending his tent* *Music continues while Mark builds the tent and plays with Chica* *Mark takes Chica in the tent while music continues* *Mark feeds Chica while music goes on* *Music goes on* *Music as the video continues* Alrighty! The video is over. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to Mark though. He’s awesome. oHMYGOSH I LOVE ETHAN aAAHH HE’s sO GoRgeOuS (im so sorry)

20 thoughts on “Chica’s First Camping Trip

  1. I just wanna walk right through that screen and give Chica the biggest belly rub in ghe world ☺☺☺☺

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