Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” Explained | Song Stories

Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” Explained | Song Stories

JACQUES: Childish Gambino caps summer 2018 with the release of his “Feels Like Summer” music video. JACQUES: The video, directed by Glover himself
as well as Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp, features Gambino walking down the street while the
who’s who in hip-hop and pop culture act out some things that line up with some current events. JACQUES: Travis Scott ‘ruins’ Nicki Minaj’s
building blocks, calling to mind her early August complaints. NICKI: I felt like I wanted to punch him in his fucking face! JACQUES: A tearful Kanye West rocking President
Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is embraced by Michelle Obama. Yeezy’s tears may allude to his breakdown
while apologizing for his ‘slavery is a choice’ comments on Chicago’s WGCI radio
station in late August. WOMAN: Now I got to return the hug. JACQUES: Beyoncé dons a ‘RIP’ Fredo Santana
Shirt commemorating the late drill rapper. Florida Democratic nominee for governor Andrew
Gillum eats ice cream on a bench in what may be an homage to the late XXXtentacion. Oprah is even featured braiding Lil Uzi Vert’s
hair. JACQUES: However, while we’re caught up
in identifying all the cameos, we’re missing Bino’s lyrics and that may be the point. JACQUES: His words double as a call to action
on everything from overpopulation… JACQUES: …to climate change. JACQUES: The video ends with the artist walking
into his house, possibly signaling his retirement as Childish Gambino, something that he confirmed
earlier this year. JACQUES: If you wanna learn more about “Feels
Like Summer,” check out the song page on JACQUES: I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

100 thoughts on “Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” Explained | Song Stories

  1. The video was really nice….great animation of all the people along with a very chill vibe ….and I actually did hear the lyrics but the actuall music kinda drowned them out a bit XD.


  3. Research anyone at Genius? It's Shannon Sharpe, not Florida's gubernatorial candidate. And the ice cream is not XXXtentacion. It's just…ice cream melting in the summer.

  4. the song can be interpreted in many ways, after watching and listening to the lyrics I found that the meaning of the song was that the society that we live in has reached a boiling point, the song even eludes to trying to slow the boiling point down so it doesnt spill over. The second verse about the sounds dying, thats where nobody is listening to anybody else and so everything falls on deaf ears. The video shows many different rappers enjoying a day out in the sun in a neighborhood having fun, unlike in real life where some would kill each other, make threats, or be aggressive.

  5. What about the age of the persons in the video : Lil Pump and Trippie Red are babies because they're news in the rap game, while Migos are teenagers, and the others like Drake, Nicki Minaj etc are adults because they're rapping since years now. This is maybe not very important, but I thought that was cool and no one talked about it sooo here is my opinion 🙂

  6. I understand the ice cream could be referencing X but could it also mean that the current state of politics is dividing black and white people more than ever? So instead of enjoying the ice cream with both flavors he puts it down and ignores it? I wish Danny would just make a video explaining it lol. Either way great song and great video.

  7. The whole song was about climate change the beginning about 7 billion Souls is about how there's a lot of us 7 billion of us that are on this planet going around the Sun so preoccupied about everything that's happening on social media with entertainment with other things and not a chance to stop and think about what's happened to the planet around us that's the whole point of not a chance to slow down

  8. I am sad I am only 12 years old And I know why future will not be so bright :C I am felling super sad, And the only thing I can do is sit and watch :C

  9. Do you know how long it took me to hear the lyrics how am I supposed to hear that when it sounds like trippie redd trying to sing the American national anthem

  10. We were all focused on celebrity cameos rather than actual lyrics. That's symbolism to how we care more about celebrity drama rather than world's actual problems. Wow, i'm a fan…

  11. It's funny cause the song itself was out before the music video, yet there are people saying they didn't even pay attention to the lyrics after the video came out…

  12. Guys don’t come here if your gunna joke around and use emojis that are laughing when he says 7 billon would that go around the sun he means to many have been killed think about it 7 billlon killed idiots

  13. This is a good song but I'm kinda in a not believing in global warming or not. I'm not going to sacrafice my procreation abilities just for a few trees. Babies are being aborted every day, population controll is already happening. In the food, our attitudes towards life etc. There will be a time when people becomes too old and will have to be executed for being passed their prime. The elderly is seen as the parasites in the world and must make room for the able bodied.

  14. 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

  15. That ice cream is not xxxtentasion, the man is supposed to be Martin Luther King and the ice cream is vanilla and chocolate (black and white people). Martin wanted black and white people together but there friendship is “melting”. Just saying

  16. It's not smart nor deep though. If I love watching barney and friends and I'm a rapper too and this dude has me animated on the video with a purple hat and a heart on it because I love barney that's not smart.
    Childish Gambino is an artist and he's doing something different than anyone else and I appreciate that but just like Jaden Smith, it's all hype. We'll look back in a few years and see that 'Feels Like Summer' with it's intentionally blurry lyrics and way over your head symbolism was just another badly aged pretentious song that tried and succeeded, do to the mongoloids that inhabit this earth, to be edgier than the edgiest in a culture that praises self-proclaimed intellectuality and passed "deep" symbolism as sm-art .

    Edit:Animation was good though👍

  17. Nothing like seeing Childish Gambino walking down the hood of hip-hop listening to "Feels Like Summer" by Donald Glover. 🤔

  18. The fact that everyone is trying to spot cameos and ignore the lyrics represznts how pop culture and political drama is overshadowing the real problem: global warming. That you for making this genius. Also please stop doing Jacob satorius genius videos

  19. I thought he meant it feels like summer because of global warming and the days are getting hotter and it's getting warmer in places where it normally isn't that hot

  20. i honestly think its about him not liking how the Hip hop and pop genre is now and leaving it all behind from the music business but also about overpopulation and population in the lyrics

  21. Retirement ? Nooo I just discovered him with This is America, I don't know him that much but I was prepared to see some new and original releases : /
    (Still, we can all guess a few reasons why he'll quit)

  22. I think the global warming piece is talking about the rap game and that it’s taking a turn for the worst.

  23. What ends up happening is an artist writes a song and has the video almost completely unrelated to the song itself. That may not mean to be an analogy to distraction but just to make things a bit more interesting for a viewer that a video reflecting the song directly might not do.

    The video itself seems to suggest the childlike relationships between celebrities in hip hop while older black people like Michelle, Oprah etc try and give advise and peace of mind. All this makes beautiful summer memories.

  24. This honestly has to be one of the best lyrics I’ve seen in songs. Yeah the video is great, but the lyrics is more. It states the problems we have in this world. It’s like a reminder kinda. I absolutely love the lyrics it’s just amazing and since I’m a songwriter I strive to one day make lyrics as somewhat good as that, which I’ll probably never will, but still.

  25. Overpopulation is a bougie myth and I’d say he’s referring to corporations like nestle fucking up our water supply

  26. The first time I watched it I was focused on the celebrities
    Then I remembered this is America
    And I listened
    And I got very sad

  27. You mean those fake ass tears Kanye had…🖕🏽Kanye. What can be done about over population? Don’t give the gov’t any ideas. They are killing enough people…hell, people are killing enough people.

  28. The song definitely had a sense of hopelessness to it. Everything's finally reaching a point where we can't return, and people like CG and my generation (Gen Z) are starting to feel like everything's hopeless – leading to us just going through the motions with this sluggish feeling that I felt the song was pushing tonally

    The celebrities in the video were meant to distract you. The ice cream doesn't represent xxx. 🤦 The water is drying out. The bees are dying. The birds aren't singing. Everyday is getting hotter and it feels like summer even though it shouldn't.


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