Chinese Conversations For Listening Practice – The Top Tourist Sites in China

Chinese Conversations For Listening Practice – The Top Tourist Sites in China

[Music] hi this is Chris this is a preview of a new series of videos that I’m doing with conversations in Chinese before we start I just want to say that this video is for people learning Chinese if you want to see the English translation of what we’re saying you’ll find it in the description below this video click show more if you want to see the full text and now let’s get into the video hello everybody and welcome to another video my name is Chris and I’m here with Becca and we’re going to have some conversations in Chinese about some different topics and I hope you enjoy these videos so the first topic we’re going to talk about is the top tourist sites to visit in China I’m a DJ at Holland a hearty Chadron was issued earlier to India sorry Becca Opera senemo know when Issa so go to my own Asia Vijayawada Rhodes India – food agua de leon almondine woman no question Xiao Han Hong Li Shu Shu Zi Zi tje Darren rugged Allah can handle video nah – mwah – OH – yah hundred-odd shook hand immune from Gucci Jung kook on tienta Yahoo Yan judo sure coach you know Torontonian issued Apollo salad andrew donohue wall Kotaku do xia yi-dao media conference room in de nani so dollar easier better animation gaudi house en todo jungle baby Anna is a chance’ nah nah man enjoys a dominant Venezia chuda chuda Tita nambian oven and for yo Shanghai Gianna da du Shu Xiang had the Pompeian ano sued Rojo Hangzhou Johnny Xia Jiang nan South Hong Jin ho ho ho chun-yin hon Jo soo hyung schroederd arrested Roja Hondros Angeline Tina Chen Han yang Meili sudo Yanina yeah sure shoot even in de verte korean of a hundred odjick honda Virginia and food the Tirana Rondo aficionado mwah they found room in the ego Jochen Guanzhong sure sir Chandu Netanyahu Ichiro Gorky can Adama silicon do every to tell each other not my pencil you recall I join with us all time and don’t wait you easier Peter you mean that even Bill taught you don’t show the baton Atlanta Batum ikuko llamada hi Oh Yossarian kind of way she saw her father to Jake krandle consume our non each other fuller JCL he was in the yachty india i oh hang on a second a woman put adult attention Satan should I shoot a diva see her tongue go fascia Lata so you know from commodity muy FeO hundred she VA de beautiful Ragunan 7c but fancy on so she sits down to to ha Navy on on yo-yo easier for me to draw soda beautiful even Ayesha yonder Yohan door yo done did her saddle easier truth out you can add Indian ok curse here again and back to English now thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it please help me to share it and click the subscribe button and the bell icon to get notified about all my future videos you can also click the link on the video right now or in the description below to sign up and get the full downloadable PDF version of the transcript for this video with the Chinese characters the pinyin pronunciation guide and the full English translation and also get more information about the full trainees culture conversations course as and when it’s released and my future video releases thanks for checking out this video and see you soon

29 thoughts on “Chinese Conversations For Listening Practice – The Top Tourist Sites in China

  1. Chris,this video is extremely useful! Thanks for your work! It is an amazing chance for foreigner to practice his/her listening with this video

  2. Oh yeah! I support you 100% Chris! Thanks a lot for this! I have a question, how many hours a day would you evaluate the time you spent on learning Chinese? How many hours per day approximately? Thanks and good luck! jiayou jiayou!

  3. From listening to The Daily English Podcast I know that you are married to a Chinese woman. Was the woman in the video, Becca, possibly your wife? I'm just curious. Maybe she's just a friend of yours instead of your wife. The dialogues in the Survive in Chinese course were not bad to listen to, but I had a difficult time following most of the conversation. I don't listen to native speakers speak Chinese at native speed a lot. A lot of the Mandarin Chinese that I have been learning has been taught and explained using English rather than natural, human, face-to-face conversations (like in this video).

  4. You made and posted a thorough video on YouTube in which you reviewed the Glossika Chinese (Mandarin) course. You said that Glossika fills in the gap between beginner-level language material and native-level language material. You even purchased some Glossika courses for languages that you studied. Glossika helps train a person in a foreign language. They have different training schedules. My birthday is on October 30th. I think this will make a good birthday present.
    Would you recommend students who have finished the Survive in Chinese course to play around with the Glossika Chinese (Mandarin) course before trying out your Chinese Culture Conversations Course (when it's eventually released)? What would you describe as some of the differences and benefits of the Chinese Culture Conversations course compared to the Glossika Chinese (Mandarin) course?

  5. Thanks for that it was great and I look forward to seeing more. I saw your first videos many years ago when you explained how you learnt both Mandarin and Cantonese and I was so envious. Back then I was really struggling with learning Mandarin and had no belief I would ever speak well or improve my poor listening skills. At that time I was looking for some inspiration on YouTube and I am pleased to say everything you explained about how you learnt was correct and worked for me too. Today I can understand everything in this video easily without any subs and it made me think back to before when I could never imagine this day. Now I use Mandarin everyday and can communicate fairly well, in fact tomorrow I will meet a friend and have lunch and we always only use Mandarin to communicate. So you are an inspiration to me and I wanted to say thank you and hope your channel gets bigger and more successful.

  6. Hey Chris, the series seems really promising… looking forward to watching as it grows! Are you planning to release all the episodes on YouTube, and if so, have you considered signing up for a Patreon account? I'd be happy to contribute to keeping it free & widely available here, and some of your other subscribers might too. ?

  7. You guys look so cute together. You guys kinda remind me of my parents and you kinda look like them when they got married. Daddy is not British, but he is Scot-Irish-American and he had British ancestors on his side of the family. Mommy is Asian, but she's not Chinese. She was born in Laos. If you two ever got married, you will have kids who look like me and my brothers. If you have a girl, she'd look like me. If you have a boy, he would look like one of my 6 little brothers. I look like I'm half white and half Asian. Joseph looks like he's Chinese. Seth looks like he's white. Zach looks like he's white. Jed looks like he's Greek. Isaiah looks like he's white. Little baby Jeremiah looks like he's Chinese. Whenever Mommy cuts my bangs short, I look Chinese. Yep, I am part Asian and I have family ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, and England, on Daddy's side of the family. But since I come from a big family of many people and pets and plants, I have many different nationalities.

  8. just realised that since I passed HSK 6 and lived in China for few months, your Chinese is still not quite expert level Chris! A lot of sentences it seems you're expressing in quite a literal way, i.e. using the same structure as in English. I am actually trying to develop a Learning tool to beat this unhealthy habit. Get in contact if interested!

  9. Im your new subscriber and planning to learn chinese just today, when you start talking in chinese i was like "Omg youre sounds just like native and i didnt expect that at all" and by the way your british accent make your videos cooler ??

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