Chinese street fight in Zhangye with bottles (Casually filmed by Dutch tourists)

Chinese street fight in Zhangye with bottles (Casually filmed by Dutch tourists)

Holy moses! Alright we are leaving NOW! Yeah… move…MOVE! We can sit this one out. What the fuck! Film this! Yeah I’ll keep on filming Holy shit! Dude, that guy just got a bottle slammed onto his head! Yeah I kinda… shouldn’t we leave? No, no. Just keep on filming. Nothing will happen to us. That guy is… Yeah he just got a fucking bottle slammed onto his head I’m telling you, those guys are stabbing like crazy! These guys are fucking mad! Crazy Chinese people I kinda want to….
No keep on filming, keep on filming This is some good material
This will do well on Dumpert (dutch video website) Where’s Tom? (our mate) I guess he went inside, fucking pussy.
I’m not sure This will be uploaded to Dumpert, with commentary that it will be uploaded to Dumpert He’s grabbing another bottle. Fuck… There’s blood on the floor by the way! Yeah this guy just got…with a bottle There’s someone completely… Yeah, I’m not gonna keep on drinking with these lads (in white), dude. That ship has sailed. I’m totally not feeling this. Should I stop filming before they notice that I’m filming? Oh it’s not over yet! I’m not often this flabbergasted, Wawawoo! (Random expression) This was eh… Hey Tom’s back! The owner said: ‘”come with me, come with me…” Yeah that’s probably not a bad plan, i’m stopping with filming this now because I think we have it all

100 thoughts on “Chinese street fight in Zhangye with bottles (Casually filmed by Dutch tourists)

  1. Ive noticed that Asians like to use weapons when fighting like they'll pick up anything and beat ur ass with it. Lol very different than the states.

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  3. มึงตั้งใจฆ่าเลยนี่หว่า แบบนี้น่าเจอเด็กช่างเลือดร้อนที่ไทยดูบ้าง (ไม่ได้ชอบเด็กช่างหรอกนะ แต่บางคนมันของจริง)

  4. Dont be surprise, it happens everywhere. There they dont have guns so they use bottles and knifes. They will not bother you at all but the problem is that if you are keep filming the battle keep going.

  5. benim masamdan alacaklar o birayi yemin ediyorum asil cinneti o zaman gorurler gotlerine tersten sokardim o siseyi aq pijleri

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