Chinese Street Food Tour in Guilin, China | ENTER NOODLE HEAVEN

Chinese Street Food Tour in Guilin, China | ENTER NOODLE HEAVEN

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Guilin, China The land of rice noodles I came here to eat We’re going for a full on street food tour Can’t wait Guilin is China’s most well known tourist destination for it’s incredible natural beauty And when you arrive With thousands of karst mountain peaks dotting the sky You’ll bask in the beauty of the natural wonders that surround you And even though it’s a huge city with nearly six million people The surrounding scenery and the natural wonders are just a short bike ride away But we didn’t come for that We came to eat And found a ton of local specialties that you’re definitely going to love So make sure to watch until the end Because this episode has some rare ethnic minority food deep in the rice terraces Lots of deep backstreet food Oil tea, and some of the most amazing scenery in China First up, starting with the most famous dish, Guilin mifnen Here we go guys Let’s go eat I’ve been looking forward to this for so long Guilin mifen The guilin mifen is an unbelievably delicious dish that locals line up in their hunger for the best bowl for You know you’ve found a good guilin mifen when everyone is slurping and not talking It’s made of fresh plain rice noodles And a signature fried crispy fatty pork With peanuts, pork fat, and a smooth aromatic slow boiled gravy Awesome There is a few extra toppings here Green onions Pickled long beans That’ll give it a sour crunch And then pickled bamboo Just look at these beauties This looks like ganban dry style rice noodles I’ve never had these Oh my mouth is watering Guys, this is going to be really good I can smell the fragrance of the pork and the luzhi The braised, the secret pork sauce That’ll pack the real flavor Oh yeah Oh it’s too big Let’s get in there That pork sauce is quite herbal And there is a nice sour kick from the bamboo shoots and the pickled long beans You’re going to fall in love That was an amazing bowl of guilin mifen and now we are going to keep exploring and see what we can find Next up, we made our way to try one of the signature dishes of Guilin, Youcha Literally translated as oil tea So just right up here there is a Guilin youcha place Which translates to oil tea I’ve heard it’s quite spicy Let’s go try it out That’s puffed rice and little cereal balls, it looks like Listen to that After having a light lunch featuring Guilin’s Li River snails in bamboo, garlic, and chili We had a light walk and made our way to try a random whole in the wall for the famous rice noodles But this time, fried So next up we gotta get some chaofen, cause Guilin is famous for fen, rice noodles Look at this Look at all the ingredients You can just choose whatever you want them to stir fry for you And they will stir fry it up You can choose what flavor you like too Suanla – Sour and spicy Qingdan – clear Look at all the meat they have got here This is where the magic comes from The hands of the chef And in Guilin, you have to eat as much rice noodles as you can So the food just got here Look at the color and beauty and crispness and freshest of these Stir fried rice noodles, and the xiaochao, stir fried mixed veg and pork Those rice noodles are packed with carrots and fresh greens and pork And I got it saunla which is sour and spicy So he added some pickled chilies Oh man, my mouth is watering, I can’t speak That delicate sourness and elegance of these rice noodles is unmatched Just from a regular whole in the wall in Guilin Oh, you gotta come to China for those In Guilin, you can visit a ton of different Minority groups in the surrounding villages And also try their local food So the next day we made our way out to the famous rice terraces in Longsheng Just a short bus ride away And went for a hike to find a local guesthouse that had some Yao minority specialties So we just got to the rice terraces except it’s super foggy, you cannot see a thing So we are going to go for a little hike and hope it clears up If not, we are going to go for some awesome food Can’t wait We’ve been hiking all morning Now it’s time for some local food So we just ordered a big zhutong fan Which is like a huge piece of bamboo stuffed with chicken And we got one with rice too And it’s cooking over the fire right now There it is! OK That smell Oh, yes This just looks incredibly beautiful We got the chicken It was packed inside of that chopped bamboo The juice from when he fried it was poured in too And the juices from the chicken have just bubbled out into all of the bowl here Actually there is not a lot of flavor to it and it’s quite tough Oh now that looks good Chaolarou, fried bacon, Chinese bacon with bamboo I really want to try this zhutongfan It’s sticky rice with carrot and mushrooms and Chinese bacon It just tastes like smoky sticky rice with a hint of Chinese bacon flavor The next day on our way to Yangshuo and in search of new flavors We decided to take a bamboo raft down the Li River before searching for lunch Sometimes, you have to do the touristy stuff Especially if there is food at the end Just about to get onto the boat We have our own little bamboo raft And the scenery is incredible This is something I’ve been looking forward to for so long One of the must see things in China And this is going to be my first time I can’t wait Ok, here we go, we’re rolling Just getting on the Li River here Breathing in the fresh air And all of these beautiful Karst mountains Covered in bamboo and lush greenery, it’s incredibly beautiful Visiting the Li River in Guilin is an incredible experience The fresh air, friendly locals and delicious food that you can find throughout the whole region Will leave a huge impact on you And now only is cruising down the Li River one of the most beautiful sights to see in China It’s also a source of snails and fish for the locals And the Guilin rice noodle soup is also said to be made from water from the Li River And after cruising down the river, you’ll stop off in a little town called Xingping on your way to Yangshuo Ok so apparently right here is the spot with the 20 renminbi note, the painting on it And does that looks similar I can’t really tell right now But, what and incredibly beautiful experience this is This town is like really touristy I don’t know if we are going to find anything really local, really legit But we gonna see what we can find No, it doesn’t look very good OK, so it looks like we’ve found a little local place Look at that Mifen, you’ve gotta eat fen in Guangxi Here we go This looks actually really good A street bowl of fen, rice noodles on the street here in Guangxi Walked by a bunch of tourist places and found a nice bowl of rice noodles Oh yeah, really simple, a little sour You can taste the bamboo flavor, the pickled chilies And the rice noodles are actually a really nice consistency For the final activity before our last meal We made our way to Yangshuo The ultra picturesque destination Even more packed with mountains than Guilin Here, you can rent a bike and explore Look at this We are biking through Yangshuo Through some of the most incredible scenery I’ve ever seen Regardless of the amazing noodles Coming to Yangshuo and Guilin for this amazing scenery is totally worth it Nonstop 360 degrees of karst formations and beautiful greenery You will definitely fall in love with this Alright guys thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos You gotta please leave me a comment down below Click that thumbs up button And subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already

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  1. The street food selection in Guilin was insane! And the pure beauty of this place is off the charts. This really is rice noodle heaven!! Hope you’re all doing well! Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what you thought, and follow my Instagram for updates to these journeys:

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    I m nt coming other country ,. So pls send recipes with .. Ur food experience

  3. I want to go there during my stay in gulin next year!!! Can you provide information of the restaurant location. Would it be difficult if I don’t speak Chinese?

  4. Hi Trevor, I`m a big fan. Keep going with your excelent work! Quick question: what month of the year was this trip to Guilin?

  5. Wow, unbelievably beautiful there. At first I thought 37.00$ was alot for a boat ride. But gorgeous out there and the waterfalls.

  6. At 12:29~,,, yes, you can see the mountains background compared to the Chinese currency 20¥-note🇨🇳… But to really see the full scenery of the mountains on the currency note, your boat needed to be way-more'? Down river a-bit???.
    Great video and All the town's minority/locals. I sure would love to visit these same places. Your blessed to do as such'!!!!

  7. Of all the food videos I've watched, what I like most about this video is the rating of the dishes. It gives the viewers some sense of how good or not so good a dish is.

  8. There's my hometown dude, i can eat that eveyday for EVERY MEAL! omg. and it's so cheep ( in china), but in The U.S. it's cost around 10-14 dollars, and i don't know if it's authentic or not.

  9. Been living in Guilin for 12 years. All my favorite dishes. You missed the sushi type dish from Longsheng.

  10. Great videos! So how long have you spoken these languages? You seem very fluent. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures and food.

  11. I love your show. I am an ESL teacher online with VIPKIDS. I am planning my first trip to China. I have students from many parts of China. One of my favorite students is from Guilin. I will also visit Beijing. Any tips or videos u have to recommend.

  12. you eating so many food that have so much oil and you dont know if its bad or not be careful with the food you choosing ;/

  13. i learned this, from this video:

    people need to talk more with eachother and be nice to eachother. we dont need no government
    we just need to connect more without being douchebags to eachother.

    and we'll see that when we connect that things will be clear that we do all the work and the
    government are just leeches

  14. Hi my wife and I will be in Beijing April 14 2020 and if u have any suggestions we love food but not too weird. We have some tour we are going on thanks. Tony

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