Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I am deep in the Karakoram Highway of Xinjiang, China This is the highest highway in the world We just stopped for a beautiful break on the bulunko lake And we are making our way to Karakul lake and spending a night in a local Kyrgyz yurt And we are going to have a local Kyrgyz meal All along the Karakoram Highway It is going to be amazingly beautiful I am so pumped If you love nature and food The Silk Road is just the place for you Journeying to the further most reaches of the Karakoram Highway in western China You can find spectacular sights all along the way Visiting bustling markets And then staying in a yurt for a local Kyrgyz style meal Ting and I decided to go as deep as we could along the Karakoram Highway outside of Kashgar And the whole highway was just spectacular Something you must see in this lifetime This is what dreams are made of right here Alright so we just got to Karakul lake Right behind us is the beautiful, pristine karakul lake Completely stunning And we are going to spend a night in one of these Yurts And I think first we are going to warm up with some yak milk because it is freezing outside And I have a bit of a headache from the altitude Beautiful in here, and warm Amazing Nice and warm in this yurt Cool It’s nice and warm in here Yeah, this little house is warm That’s great Oh is that the yak milk Yak milk Oh wow Thank you This is great Local specialty Nice yak milk I’ve had this is western Sichuan, but let’s see how it tastes here Oh that’s really nice A little salty A little salty Not too salty though Really nice And it’s not sour It’s full of energy It actually tastes a bit like black tea and milk There is no sourness Just a little salty It tastes like a mixture between black tea and milk This is awesome So this is our guide Allaberty And we are in the yurt, Kyrgyz yurt And what are we having tonight? Tonight we eat rice and vegetables A real local food A local Kyrgyz meal in a Kyrgyz yurt This is going to be good Kyrgyz Kyrgyz! Kyrgyz food! I’m so lucky to be here Deep in the Karakoram Karakul Right outside there is the most beautiful lake One of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen And we are in a beautiful local little Yurt Yak milk Yak milk tea Nice, thank you They say that helps with the altitude sickness I do have a bit of a headache right now So that hopefully will help Thats good As I sipped on yak milk tea Our gracious host continued to make the vegetable and yak meat sauce for the rice Adding each of the chopped vegetables one by one And then letting it simmer until it became a fresh, simple, and hearty sauce to enjoy for all Thank you Good, yeah How do I say thank you? Rakmat This looks so good Oh yeah Nice! That looks completely nutritious and healthy Good for this elevation Rakmat Wow! And they serve it with some nang bread as well Oh this is going to be good There is yak meat in there Tomato,lots of greens, she put a little chili paste in there That looks completely hearty It looks very healthy and wholesome Let’s try that out Oh yeah Mmmm, good! Oh very good! Delicious! Rakmat It tastes like a spaghetti sauce on top of rice But its a little sour Oh it’s a little sour And very fresh from all the tomatoes and the greens It’s filling and nutritious Rakmat What an experience That’s a strong meal After you eat this, you have energy And the yak meat is nice How do you say delicious? (Kyrgyz language) Thank you! Oh yeah! Rakmat Bye bye That was really nice So that was a wonderful Kyrgyz style meal here And now we are in front of the beautiful Karakul lake In front of Mutabanga mountain which is 7500 meters high This is incredibly beautiful I’m completely blown away And what an experience that was to be inside that local yurt And have a true local Kyrgyz style meal That was awesome So thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos I’m so happy I can share this Silk Road series with you Share this beautiful scenery with you And delicious food with you If you liked this video Please give it a thumbs up And leave me a comment down below Let me know exactly what you thought about this video That was such a lucky experience to get into that yurt And have a local meal Thanks so much for watching guys! It’s AWESOME! WOW!

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