Choose Philippines: Mga Kuwento ng Paglalakbay

Choose Philippines: Mga Kuwento ng Paglalakbay

There are many stories that make us choose the Philippines. I discovered Siargao, when I went here on a holiday and as soon as I touched down, I just know that this is my new home I did not open the hostel to become rich, I opened it so I can meet other people. I definitely see myself starting a family and growing old here. I feel like a Filipino by heart. Siargao is definitely my paradise. The Jeepeoke brings me a lot of joy. It’s fulfilling to know that we can put smiles on people’s faces. It is very unique and it makes every trip more exciting. The reason why I am a proud Filipino is because we are creative, we get along well with others, and we are God-fearing. This trip is for my wife. When I retired, she asked me to take her around on a motorcycle. Adventure, thrill, danger are part of traveling. We’re 60 and we have nowhere to go! This trip made me feel so grateful for my husband. Thanks to him, my dream to tour the Philippines finally came true. I Choose Philippines, I still choose Bohol. I love Davao because this is our home. If you are from Angono, then you are good in painting, good in playing music, good in acting. Because this place is filled with arts. We paint because we want to express through our canvasses the things around us that we appreciate. There are just so many things that we can paint in the Philippines. La Union is very beautiful. If I didn’t fall in love with the ocean, I wouldn’t be here. We don’t want litter in our ocean. That’s why we came up with the idea of creating bracelets that would help our community and our environment. Everyday, I wake up in the morning and check the wind and the ocean. If the waves are big, I surf. I’m committed to taking care of Siargao. Share your travel stories. Upload your photos and videos on social media and use #ChoosePhilippines.

39 thoughts on “Choose Philippines: Mga Kuwento ng Paglalakbay

  1. Why limit the effectiveness of a tourism video and target only the locals? it's on YouTube it can reach anyone in the world…so please add closed captions. We want to share it with foreign friends and I'm sure the Deaf community will also appreciate it.

  2. For foreign and Deaf friends, please turn on the closed captioning to appreciate this beautiful video fully.

  3. For foreign and Deaf friends, please turn on the closed captioning to appreciate this beautiful video fully.

  4. proud dapat tayo sa ating bansa dahil dinadayo nga ng taga ibang bansa yung lugar natin ..dapat pangalaan at panatilihin natin ang ganda ng pilipinas

  5. wow I wish I was a Filipino I could visit all places I only know Tacloban city Wich I don't even know where it is but I heard from my father it's fun in the Philippines and they have the most richest corals in the whole wide world my father visited all the places in the Philippines we will go to the Philippines next year. If you are a Filipino be proud of your self😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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  7. pwede ko po ba magamit yung video niyo po para po sa school project kasi po yung topic ko tungkol sa philippines po

  8. I'm so proud 😭😍❤️❤️❣️❣️🙏 to be a
    Pilipino and I'm proud my 💓❤️❤️❣️


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