Chris Brown | House Tour 2020 | His 4.3 Million Dollar SMART House

Chris Brown | House Tour 2020 | His 4.3 Million Dollar SMART House

Hey guys, so I’m always reading your comments
and one celeb you’ve requested a house tour on is none other than Chris Brown – and his
mansion in Tarzana is pretty impressive. Chris’ 4.3 million dollar California estate
Is actually a “smart” house but we’ll look at it in just a little bit. From what I’ve seen, Chris’ mansion definitely
reflects him – from his insane car collection on display to the graffiti art walls. Chris also has 16 security cameras which makes
sense considering he’s released his address to the public in the past. Anyone remember Chris’ Yard sale last year? Chris Brown is best known as a hip hop artist,
and he’s also a songwriter, dancer and even an actor. He’s been named one of the best selling
music artists worldwide and sold over 100 million records. He also has plenty of awards under his belt,
one of which happens to be a Grammy. At the moment Chris is 30 years old and has
2 kids. Breezy has also been caught up in plenty of
drama over the years…but we’ll leave all that out. Chris has come a long way since his humble
beginnings in Tappahannock Virginia, but singing and dancing have been part of his life since
he was a kid. Back then he definitely didn’t live in a
multimillion dollar mansion though, that’s for sure. These days, Chris’ estimated net worth is
around 50 million US dollars and his Instagram following is just slightly higher at 60Million
(@chrisbrownofficial). But with that kind of bank you know Chris’
mansion has gotta be fancy. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. We’re going to look at where Chris Brown
calls home, give you all the details of his “Smart” mansion in Tarzana and more. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
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because I love connecting with you guys! I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. First off, I’m not sure exactly what the
house Chris grew up in as a kid looked like, but it was just your average family home. As I mentioned, Chris grew up in Tappahannock
Virginia and his father Clinton, who was a corrections officer, still lives there. Clinton has opened up to interviews before
in the past and showed off some photos of Chris when he was just a little kid. He brought interviewers into his home and
its possible that that’s the same house Chris lived in as a child. We also know that Chris bought his momma a
house for 1 mill when he was only 15 years old. Well, we don’t know much about what Chris’
family home as a kid looked like, but we do know where he lived prior to his Tarzana mansion. Let’s look at Breezy’s previous home. Back in 2011 Chris bought a house in Hollywood
Hills for 1.5 mill – which doesn’t sound like a lot at ALL these days. The home was built in 2008 and was about 3000
square feet with 3 beds and 3 baths. It was such a bachelor pad for chris considering
it was after his huge breakup with Rihanna – the décor even looked the part with all
white and chrome interior for the most part. Chris’ old Hollywood home could be accessed
with an elevator, considering it was 4 or more storeys high. The house, designed by architect Jay Vanos,
was super modern with glass walls, high ceilings, and beautiful views of the LA skyline. Inside the house, Chris had all the high tech
features necessary include state of the art home automation system and audio and video
security systems. His master suite was on the top level of the
home, was completely visible to the attached ensuite bathroom thanks to floor to ceiling
glass ALL around. The master bathroom had a glass shower stall
too of course and a double sink vanity. Other features of Chris’ old Hollywood house
included an art studio, a loft and a fancy kitchen. Outside, there was a massive saltwater pool
and spa that could be illuminated by colorful LED lights, as well as a fire pit , stone
waterfalls, and an outdoor projection screen. In case you didn’t know, Chris loves graffiti
art and it’s also pretty prominent in his current place which ill show you soon. They repainted the exterior of this home before
Chris put it on the market but according to the listing some interior walls still had
cartoon like characters painted on them. Apparently the neighbors weren’t a fan of
Chris’ graffiti art all over the house, because I guess at one point it was on the
exterior too. In the end, Chris sold this Hollywood home
for 1.9 million. And that Hollywood Hills house wasn’t the
only property Chris sold in LA. Around the same time in 2011 to 2014, Chris
owned a penthouse in Hollywood too. He sold it in an off-market deal for 1.6 million
which is the same price he bought it, partly because he had some alleged noise complaints. I mean, if neighbors are complaining about
the noise when you have an entire penthouse to yourself, it must be pretty damn loud. The residents even reported Chris many times
– for “constant partying”, hallway dog races, and parking in handicapped spots. Anyways Chris’ penthouse was located in
West Hollywood which is a pretty trendy and fun area. If you stood out on the large balcony you
would be overlooking sunset boulevard, so Chris was right in the action. The penthouse took up the entire top floor
of the building, naturally, and had over 3000 square feet of living space. Chris’ penthouse had 3 beds and 3.5 baths,
as well as a lot of natural light thanks to a ton of windows all around the unit. Some features of his condo included an ensuite
bathroom for each room, a bar, an art studio, and an office. After Chris dumped both of those properties,
he was free to move on to his current mansion in Tarzana. Maybe he was over Hollywood and those angry
neighbours. Just when you may have thought Chris was ready
for a fresh start with a new home outside of Hollywood and away from the drama, it seems
like the drama still followed him to his current place. I don’t even know if that actually happened,
but look you can see how nice Chris’ “palace” is. Oh and don’t forget when Chris got robbed
at this mansion too, and his aunt was locked in a closet. Besides all of that, this is still Chris’
current place he calls home. So let’s take a look. Chris bought this place in 2015 for around
4.3 million so it was a definite upgrade from his last two places. His “palace” as he likes to call it, is
situated at the top of a hill so he’s far away from any neighbours who might say his
music is too loud. However, after the police were over at Chris’
place one too many times, one neighbour did express his feelings, saying:
“I think he’s a piece of s***. He’s rude, first of all.” And then continued “I’ll come walking
out with my friends at 12 o’clock. I get home at 12 o’clock from work. He’ll be out here with his stupid little
friends and their stupid little cars, revving their engines.” So, I guess the consensus over time is that
Breezy is a really lousy neighbour, no matter how much distance there is between the houses. This home is in Tarzana, California which
is a Los Angeles neighbourhood located in the San Fernado Valley area. It’s named after Tarzan himself, if you
didn’t know. Even though it’s out of Hollywood, these
days the homes in Tarzana go for an average of 6Mill, so it aint cheap. Chris’ multi million dollar mansion in Tarzana
is 8300 square feet and has 6 beds and 6 baths. The total property spans over 32000 square
feet so just a bit under an acre. From the aerial views of his home you can
see the land is pretty spacious. Chris’ mansion is supposed to be “green”,
solar powered AND a smart house, which means it includes a bunch of security cameras – 16
to be exact, a state of the art alarm system and more. 16 cameras just reminded me of some weirdo
movie I watched – oh wait that was 14 cameras. But ill bet I’m the only one who’s seen
that… Chris’ house was such a secure and ‘smart’
house then how did he get robbed while he was away? And how did his aunt get stuffed in the closet? I guess well never know. When you enter Chris’ mansion you’re greeted
by a 2 story entry way or foyer, whatever you want to call it. There’s a “grand” staircase to take
you upstairs where most of the bedrooms are. Throughout the house there are plenty of glass
walls and large balconies so you can take advantage of the beautiful view. The master suite of course has its own private
terrace. Some other features inside Chris’ mansion
include living, family and dining spaces, as well as a mysterious “bonus” room and
wood and stone floors throughout. Of course he has a home movie theatre with
14 reclining seats and a 120 inch screen too. Chris’ mansion has a massive 3 car garage
and outside he has an additional motor-court for 10 cars. I know that he must love this part of his
palace because Chris is obsessed with his wheels. Also outside the mansion there’s an outdoor
living room with a full kitchen, three firepits , an expansive lawn and of course a saltwater
swimming pool, spa AND waterfall. What more could you ask for? More recently, we can see that Chris has definitely
made this house his own and decorated it in his usual fashion. Of course there’s more graffiti art too. Chris also has multiple walk in closets, because
he has one of the most insane and biggest shoe collections. I wonder what closet space his girl has, or
if she gets any. So now we’ve seen Chris Brown’s mansion
in Tarzana as well as the homes he used to live at in Hollywood. Seems like Chris is staying put at his current
house, and not running away from his neighbours. His neighbours allegedly still don’t like
him, and he still got robbed here a couple years back but I guess Chris really loves
his “palace”. He’s even shared his Citrus Ridge Drive
address with fans last year and invited fans to an exclusive yard sale on his drive way. Of course, this was yet another way that Chris
managed to piss neighbours off considering the huge crowds swarming the neighbourhood
and lining up outside. But apparently this was for a good cause,
so maybe they shouldn’t be mad. Either way, Chris seems pretty proud to show
off his multi million dollar mansion in Tarzana, complete with his much loved graffiti art
, insane sneaker closets, and his car collection. What did you guys think about Chris’ house? Let me know in the comments. First of all I love you guys and I love reading
all of your comments and suggestions. So now ill read some from previous vids. On Our Harry Styles House Tour, Carolin Bickley
said “Harry is a delightful young man. Loving and caring and so thoughtful. Also very hard working he deserves this after
all he’s earned it. Good luck to him.” ?? and also on the same Harry Styles vid, Rebekah
Hernandez said “My favourite would be his hometown house,
there’s always something special about where you grew up good or bad”
Very true Rebekah… I love my childhood home as well and still
love the neighbourhood And finally on our lady gaga house tour, ada
brooks commented saying “I absolutely loved her mansion its very
beautiful” Aright guys, that’s all I could find on Chris
Brown’s multi million dollar mansion in Tarzana, and the homes he used to live in. Did you guys like his mansion? What were your favourite parts? I think the house itself is gorgeous but his
décor is a lil bit too BOYISH for me. Be sure to tell me in the comments as well
as what other celebrity houses you’d like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!

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