Christie Brinkley Reprises Iconic ‘Vacation’ Role On ‘The Goldbergs’: ‘It’s So Funny’

>>>What the hell is this nutjob doing? Hey, go around!>>She’s flirting with you, Murray.>>Whoa, it’s just like in the movie. When you see it in real life, it comes off as wildly reckless.>>You’re being very aggressive!>>Flirting with you, Murray.>>Christie Brinkley throwing it back to her vacation days on the season premiere of “The goldbergs.”>>You can check it out tonight on ABC. Joining us is Christie. We all talk about the ’80s and the iconic scene.>>What was that like?>>We had a goddess on set and everyone was in their best behavior. She’s in that car. That looks like we took it right out of the movie. No, no, no, she was in palm Dale driving in that car on the open road. [ Laughter ]>>Wow.>>On the freeway.>>What do people say, random people pulling up, you were in the red ferrari with your hair just flowing and being you?>>Well, I mean, all I can say is that the goldbergs had a lot to say about it. And you have to tune in because it’s hilarious. I had the hardest time trying to keep a straight face, you know? I’m like trying to be flirty and do my things and I really wanted to go — just like –>>Right.>>So funny. It is so funny.>>Iconic moments like that or if you’re ever in a garage for some reason — I always think of uptown girl. You think of certain moments and stuff. By the way, before we continue, you got your cast off.>>You know what? It’s actually — this is like my fourth cast in — I think I’ve had this broken for eight days. They changed the cast out. The only reason they did this now is that they want me to start physical therapy so I can get my fingers starting to move.>>Same here. I had the cast and they took it — we’re both on the same — on the mend.>>I didn’t even notice that until just now.>>You guys, it’s just a fashion>>I don’t really approve of the look of mine.>>You’re pulling yours off.>>I don’t know, yours is kind of more like, you know bionic man.>>Thank you.>>Sailor in the ball room –>>Mine is sock lady.>>Goes with the outfit, though. It’s working.>>Sailor is doing great in the ball room, though.>>Oh, my gosh, isn’t she? I mean, she is — this is like for all of us, this is a revelation, you know? Look at that. Look at that. This is hot. It’s hot. I tell you, those hips, they’re so loose and juicy.>>Is that your Bruno –>>It’s fabulous. I give you a 10.>>Yes. You know, good on her for stepping in and obviously it was a time constraint. She survived the first round of elimination, so –>>I mean, that was unbelievable because she only had ten hours altogether, you know? They keep saying in the press she had three days. But the fact is I called her, she was on the plane about to take off. And I said, honey, I need you to save the day. I told her, you know, I have a broken arm, I can’t do it. It’s my uptown girl dance. And Val worked so hard with the choreography. You have to save the day. It can’t end on a sour note. She said, mom, I’m not show bizzy like you. I have stage fright. When am I supposed to learn the dance? It’s like in two days. I said, honey, are you going to be defined by your fear? Are you going to turn down — do you want to be an independent woman?>>Give her the speech.>>Aren’t you carpe diem. She said, I’ll try. A car will pick you up. They’ll give you a pair of shoes, take you in for dancing. Mom — and the plane took off.>>You got the answer you wanted and there she goes.>>She did that back bend, like somebody who doesn’t dance — extraordinary.>>She can do yoga, stand there and do this all the way back down to the ground. And then all the way back up.>>Wow, okay.>>Wendy, we have something in common. Wendy and I are turning 350 coming up. We were getting advice from Christie Brinkley on how to do it right. But we’re excited about it. I think it’s something to>>I feel like I’m climbing onto a life raft.>>I am so excited to be turning 50, too.>>Doesn’t it feel great?>>It feels amazing, yeah. I’m proud of it.>>50 isn’t what it used to be. It’s super young now.>>Ask me how old I am. Tell everybody, then I drop into the splits and come back up.>>There you go. [ Laughter ]>>With sailor.>>I love it. I love that they’re declaring their age because, you know what, 50 just ain’t what it used to be.>>It ain’t.>>In the old-fashioned days, people used to lie about their age.>>You can’t with Google now.>>Women need to declare their age now because the numbers — our image of those numbers has to shift. It will only shift when we see gorgeous women like these saying I’m turning 50 and it’s like, yeah.>>This is 50. [ Cheers and applause ]>>This is the result of a healthy diet, exercise — all the advances that we know about now. So it just — 50 just ain’t what it used to be.>>I agree with you 100%. It’s around the corner for me, too.>>>We’re going to take a quick

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