Hi guys! Welcome back to
my channel! Today we’re doing a Christmas apartment tour which I am so so excited
about! Last year we moved into this apartment like a week before Christmas
so we didn’t really have time to like totally deck the halls, so this year I
went a little bit crazy and it’s very festive in here, and I’m really excited
to show you guys! So we’re gonna start at the front door. So starting here at our
front door I have a super cute read from Michaels and a very very dirty baby it’s
cold outside Matt and this cute little Santa who’s like tin roof material I
like him because he’s fine to stay outside so this kind of welcomes you to
the door then you walk in hi and you’ve got this super cute little windowpane
wreath thing that was a DIY so Lincoln if you guys want to see it a little
Santa guy I’m gonna up here on our shelf we have a little snowman then not much
has changed in this hallway except this little like soldier dude but we’ve still
got all our botanical prints my favorite shelf which I still haven’t really
styled but there is this cute little snowman here and this really pretty
candle tray wick cutter set that Illuma gifted me which is so pretty then you go
left here and this is a mat a nice bedroom
so this is what you see when you enter the bedroom our bed is nice and festive
which I really really love but we have these flannel sheets from Target which
are so cute and Christmassy and then these two pillows I think they’re
actually both also from Target from a couple years ago and this super cute
little sweater blanket I believe that’s from TJ Maxx not too much else in this
room has changed it’s pretty much the same setup as it always is but
that adds a nice little festive touch there’s me hi
how many girls what you doing so I’ll be talking to herself he’s a little weird
hi girls Merry Christmas oh fuck me kisses right
under the mistletoe I put this little mistletoe Bunch from Trader Joe’s up
here so that Matt has to kiss me all the time our guest bathroom have gotten
pretty dang festive so I swapped out the rattan tray that’s normally here for
this season’s greetings tre and I have a little ginger cookie candle in it from
Michaels I’ve got our cute little snowman soap dispenser and then I also
swapped out all the towels so the hand towels got these little embroidered
gingerbread man and woman on it which is so cute and then the like big towel
setup is again like embroidered and I layered a few on top of each other just
because I thought it was cute we’ve got a few DIY decorations in this hallway so
first of all is this dried blood orange garland that I made soon actually it
tik-tok DIY if you guys don’t know I work with tik-tok so I post a video on
there pretty much every day if you want to follow me and then over here it’s
kind of hard to see cuz this hallway is small so I can’t get super far away but
we have this joy sign and this is a DIY that I did on my channel last year for
Christmas so again I’ll link it if you want to see it it’s pretty cute as usual
this living room area and then our kitchen is probably the most offensive
part of the house puppy are you eating the tree no no very very naughty bunnies
trying to eat our trees now I need to go deal with that I’ll be right back all
right so I’ll start over here with our little festive record player station
we’ve got the cover nourish Christmas album all loaded and ready to go we
listen to it a lot um a little Santa I actually think he’s a wine bottle holder
but I think he’s really cute so he stays up there and then little Christmas
stuffed animals down here and then I have this like faux rattan outdoor chair
that I thrifted from goodwill a really long time ago and I just covered the
seat in a little sheepskin rug for my Kia and then I have these two Christmas
ehm pillow covers on here which I think so cute and festive then we have our TV
area we pretty much always have this like fake fireplace going because we
don’t have a real fireplace but this is still pretty cozy and then down here we
have a little Garland and this Noelle sign that’s like marble and wood and
gold and then this is super cute little gingham deer which I love and that
brings us over to our tree which we are affectionately calling Fat Boy
for obvious reasons because it’s so chunky we’ve got my favorite glittery
driftwood star on the top and all of our favorite ornaments we have a lot a lot a
lot of Disney ornaments and then rather than opting for our tree skirt this year
actually just took a bunch of white chiffon and kind of lumped it around the
bottom and I think it looks nicer because the tree skirt we have is like
red felt and it’s not super cute I really want to get one of those like
rattan tree collars those are so pretty we’ve got a festive little coffee table
here with a Christmas candle and Tonja burgers Christmas book and the winter
edition of the Magnolia journal down here and then our couches have this cute
little snowman Christmas pillow and then some Christmas blankets so we’ve got
this one and then over here on this other couch we have this one which my
grandma actually made and it’s so so pretty and the coziest thing ever if
you’re watching this thank you grandma please this all the time it’s my
favorite ever then we have a little like Christmassy section over here as well
man I have our stockings up and know that a is not a pregnancy announcement
it’s for my best friend Annalise who spent Christmas with us last year so we
got the stocking for her and I thought I’d just put it up this year anyway cuz
it looked better were three we’ve got some fake poinsettias and this thrifted
Magnolia vase and a little Christmas Day countdown and I let NAT pick the quote
for the letter board so he came up with this die hard quote which actually I
think is supposed to be now I have a machine gun hohoho
but whatever then this is our kitchen table and I kind of went ham on this
this year I got this real garland from Trader Joe’s which smells so so good
and I put some little ornaments in it and then we have all kinds of various
like tea lights and candles and other little accessories and in the middle I
put this really pretty speckled poinsettia in a thrifted basket and then
it’s basically just mirrored on the other side with similar items then for
our kitchen which might be my favorite part of the house over here I really
want to find a way to make this cork jar look more festive
but it’s got all of the corks from all the bottles of wine the man I have it
open since we got married I do have this little Christmas candle again from
Magnolia there’s a lot of Magnolia stuff in my house right now
and it’s got the wood wick so it burns and it like crackles which is really fun
we have our little anko tin Santa and reindeer which I think are so cute and
then I put this little wreath around our Google home then up here on our shelving
on the top we have another little gingham deer and a happy holiday sign
and then a bottlebrush tree this little Santa which just looks like the happiest
little Santa ever if you guys didn’t see the video where I DIY did this like
knock ah rattle roller for like $4 with stuff that I got at the thrift store you
should definitely go watch it because it’s super fun and I love changing out
the design seasonally right now it says have a holly jolly Christmas and I just
did that with a little sharpie and it has the cutest little felt penguin
garland from handcrafted Buffalo which is so so cute I’ve got some Krispy Kreme
Doughnuts on the stove holiday must are little very dirty Christmas spoon rest
that needs to get washed in fact I’m just gonna put that in the sink we have
a little Santa he lights up he’s a little temperamental so you kind of have
to like hold him and then of course I had some Christmas towels and oven mitts
this one is the prettiest it’s like a little watercolor Christmas house and
again it’s Magnolia and then on the other side I’ve got this gingerbread one
that I got in London. I really like the way the kitchen and the dining room look
together. They’re so cute! Alright, so that’s it for this Christmas apartment
tour! I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. If you did
make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t
already. I hope you guys I have the best rest of your day and I’ll see you all
in my next video! Bye!

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