Christopherson Business Travel – Company Overview

we have developed a brand that says rather than be all things to all people we are going to be the very best at one thing managing business travel Christopherson really focuses on the needs of each individual client we have the opportunity to meet with them and understand their unique needs we develop new solutions for them and I think that having worked in this industry for over 30 years i found that Christopherson does that better than anyone I’ve ever had the opportunity to work for I think the thing that really makes this unique as a travel management company is our Airport platform air portal is a powerful travel management platform it has all of the resources and all of the information on all of the data from everything trips the company’s travel policies the spin that they have and we use that information to create intelligence that helps travel managers improve their travel program its command central for everything we do and all the services that we provide the way that our technology really helps our clients is giving them visibility into important elements of their travel program typically account management works like this you call them every once in a while see how they’re doing see if there’s any problems and you take them out to lunch that is not our approach to account management our approach is much more consultative Christopherson’s account management team they work as the right-hand person to the travel manager who’s running the program for our client as the corporate travel agent I’m really watching out for the full service needs of my corporate customers from the beginning of their trip to the very end of their trip anything I can do to help their travel become easier for them now Christopherson we’re not a call center environment and so you don’t have to wonder who you’re going to get every time you call to make a reservation once you’ve developed a relationship with a specific agent we give you their direct phone number and you can call them and develop a personal relationship we really do build relationships with our customers and I get to know them and at a certain point it almost becomes shorthand and communicating with them to maintain a client retention rate of ninety-seven percent you have to do a lot of things right and that requires the whole team pulling together to be effective problem solvers in solving the myriad problems that come up every day as our travelers are out there on the road we’re dedicated to providing a valuable service to our clients people often ask me how is it that we have grown so fast so consistently for so long the key to our success has been really quite simple it’s three things hire the best people build a value proposition that’s unique and different than anything else out there and be willing to share the wealth with the people that generator for you if you do those three things is the magical formula

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