City People Go Camping For The First Time

– [Girl] Where is she? If you guys are pranking us. I’m freaking out. (screaming) – [Eric] No, no, no. (energetic happy music) – So, I was raised in the
city, basically, my whole life. And I’ve never been camping before. – Never spent the night in the woods. Never built a tent, never slept in a tent. Never pissed outside. – So, this is gonna be, it’s
gonna be something else. – We pulled up to the campsite, we came out, all disorientated. – We get some gravel to sleep on. Two little fire things right there, there’s a bunch of cabins right there, but we are not allowed
to sleep in the cabins, because that’s not true camping. – So, what’s the first thing you do when you get to a campsite? You’ve gotta find some shelter. – So, we take out this
tent that Jade brought, this tent is massive, it’s
got like 10 rooms in it. It’s a fricking hotel. – Exactly, this is how Eric, Eric is standing there all weekend. – [Eric] Just give me the pole, and I’ll just place the pole
right here and we’ll be good. Yours needs Viagra! – I say this goes into that over there, and then we do another
one that crisscrosses, so it’s like that. And then we tie it in the middle, cause it has like these little strings. (playful music). – [Eric] I don’t know what
she’s saying but let’s do it. – How fast it this supposed
to be assembled anyway? – I say like, give us 20 minutes. – Took us about like, three
hours to build this tent. – This is the point in
the video when we have the motivational music cues, and then it’s like a cool montage. – Yeah, do the cool montage! – ♫ Do, do , do (laughing) – BuzzFeed audience, ready, I’m sorry, I know how our format usually is like, oh my God, we were put in
an uncomfortable situation, and then oh my God, they succeed! This video, we don’t succeed,
we have no transformation. – [Jade] Where’s the stakes at? Ade, Ade, go get the
stakes, Ade gets the stakes. Eric
– I’m just gonna look sexy. – Looking lovely. – We’re gonna have some
shelter tonight, maybe. How do you get this whole thing in? – Ade, this is how it’s done, oh shit! (comedy trombone music) – This is good enough. That’s good. – [Ade] Oh man. (laughing) – [Eric] How did you
grab that out of my hand? – Finally, things are
starting to come into shape. The tent is starting to
look like an actual tent. – Welcome to my crib. Where does the magic happen? Guess what, if you need
a little more magic, you want three magics in one night. Let’s say someone is waiting
for you on the other side, and you’re like, oh
oh, I don’t want to see that person that I just magicked with. – Alright so everyone’s
stomach is starting to growl. And we need some food,
so what are you gonna do? You’re gonna try to start a fire. – I’m gonna take it
from here, you know why? Cause I’m good, totally (laughs). (laughing) – What? Jade tries to start this fire, she’s like flicking some
fire balls on some cotton with some weird lip balm, I
don’t even know what’s going on. It’s not working, so Ade and I
decide to go on an adventure. As Jade just sits and chills,
and tries to start a fire. – Has anyone even mentioned that we are in a place called Plattekill? – This place is called Plattekill? All of a sudden, it just gets pitch black, like we were in full light, and all of a sudden,
we can’t see anything. – [Eric] Where are we going,
what is happening, Ade? – There was no wood in sight,
we came all the way back here. – [Eric] And there’s a
fire at the campsite, they’re just pouring gasoline,
or whatever, all over it. – You know, I’m actually impressed. I didn’t think we could
actually make s’mores. – What did you guys find when you were on your walk, by the way? – Ourselves – We found, ourselves. So, I guess cheers to the dream team. The dream team that shouldn’t go camping. – Oohhhhh, don’t chase
the marshmallows, guys. – Finally, we all huddle up,
and we do what you have to do, whenever you are in the woods. We start telling scary stories. (laughing) – So we’re a little nervous that we might have met a murderer tonight. (laughing) (laughing) – Absolutely, not! Are you out of your mind! – There is a strategy behind like making– (laughing) – [Eric] What just happened? – Something moved over there. (laughing) – [Ade] Stop that. – [Eric] Oh my God! It’s a skunk! – The one thing, that I
did not want to happen. – [Eric] Why are you in the car Ade? – A skunk is like two feet away from us. – So, finally we like, run out of the car. We get into the tent,
we lock everything up. – Somebody actually goes
out to use the bathroom, and she tells us, “if
something happens to me, “save yourselves.” You don’t have to tell me twice. – Five minutes go by, 10 minutes go by. – Ashleigh! – So we decide, we should call her. (phone ringing) – [Ashleigh’s Voice Message]
Hi, this is Ashleigh, sorry I missed your call, but I will come back to
you as soon as I can. (laughing) – She could’ve a sniffer! – Don’t you dare put this camera on me, cause then, it’s gonna happen to me. – [Girl] This is for real. Where is she? If you guys are pranking
us, I’m freaking out. (Screaming) – [Eric] No, no, no! [Girl] Yo. Yo, Ashleigh.
– I’ve been cold in the night! [Girl] Oh, Ashleigh. – Look how wet, the tent is (laughs) I love how we all just
jumped out of that thing, and then, froze! What were we, we were all
just gonna get murdered? – I just brushed my teeth and I was like what if I just stayed out here? – Then everyone decided to go to bed after that terrible experience. No-one could sleep all
night, but nobody talked, everyone just laid there,
silently pretending that they were like sleeping. While we had rocks,
jabbing into our spines. (comedy music) (groans) – That was not pleasant at all. I didn’t sleep a wink,
but it was an experience. – The only person who
had it good was Jade. Cause she brought a blow-up mattress. – Rise and shine! – [Ade] What are you doing? – Today, I’m trying to shower. – I’m starting to look at everything, and paying more attention to things. – RV, RV, tent. This is an RV site. Alright we’re packed up, we’re saying goodbye to this campsite. – It was good fresh air, I felt like I had the chance to breathe, but I’m ready to take in the
smog that the city offers. – Yeah.
– That’s what I’m used to. – I’m ready for some smog. – It’s really creepy, I don’t
know man, it’s not my thing. – We gotta get out of here.
– I need more noise. – I wanna get out of here,
I’m getting creeped out. I’m getting creeped out. (happy playful music) – [Eric] Thanks for watching guys, tell us what to fail at next. (happy playful music)

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