CJ’s Baptism is Awk-Awkward! 🙃 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

CJ’s Baptism is Awk-Awkward! 🙃 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

(upbeat electronic dance music) – How cute is this? So cute, is this a fun party Moo-moo? Oh, this is like a wedding. – I would say a baptism for Italians is just as a big as a wedding. We have a DJ, I have a photo booth, bar, and of course, a ton of food, and tapas, sausage and peppers, all the good stuff. And we have a lot of kids at this baptism so it better be a drama free day. I mean this is a baptism. It’s about faith. We’re Catholic. Let’s keep it classy. Guys, we’re drinking a shot for CJ, to CJ. – [Crowd] To CJ. (upbeat hiphop music) – Jenny wasn’t at the church. Do you think she’s gonna
show up to the party? – I don’t know. – Probably better for
me if she doesn’t go. I’m hoping and I’m praying
that she doesn’t show up. Because if she does,
shit might hit the fan, and then it might become a huge problem. I think Jenny’s gonna gorilla slam me into one of the tables. – We’ll see. – [Snooki] Let’s find our table. We’re at different tables. – [Jen] We are? – I think so. – [Jen] What? – So Dena’s terrified that there’s gonna be drama at CJ’s baptism. So, she put me and Jenny at one table. And then she put all the other
roommates at another table. So there’s no beef. Hey, over there. Cool. You can come hang out. – No, you stay on your side. – Okay. – We don’t want you over here anyway. – I actually really like Nicole. But then she got involved in this. They would have been no
problems with me and her if she would have just
minded her own business. – She’ll see, don’t worry,
the truth’ll come out. – (sighing) Here we go, Chris. I told Dena at her house, listen, I will not do anything
at your son’s baptism party. But you know what? If the girls come at me,
I’m not gonna back down. What up? Can we sit here, you want me to go there? See Nicole? – Yeah. – [Angelina] Where’s Jenny? – [Ronnie] She’s not here. – Really? Oh my God. I might be able to actually enjoy today. – It’s a party! – Damn it! Ugh! Here we go. – Where’s Aunt Nicole? If Angelina gets out of
line at the baptism party and if anything is said, I
don’t know how I’m gonna react. Hi! – You made it. Hi, Greyson. Hey.
– How are you? – Nice to finally meet you. – I’m not even gonna look up because I know that if I look up, and I look her in the eyes,
something’s gonna be said, and I’m thinking baptism,
baptism, baptism. – [Dena] Say hi! – Can you say hi? – [Dena] Say hi, Aunt Jenny. – He doesn’t do well at
churches or we woulda went. – [Dena] Yeah, that’s fine, hi Grey! – Jwoww and Nicole sitting
at different tables, it’s so awkward. – My roommates over there. One big, happy family. – Dena probably wanted to
avoid drama today at all costs. But CJ is oblivious, he’s just a baby, he’s just like eh, you know. And the fact that they’re not
talking to each other at all, I think it makes it worse.

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  2. Angelina why put yourself through this. Most of them wont give u a chance and let you be a punching bag! I dont know why she bothers with the show gotta be a better way to make money!

  3. Me I think jenni should watch the video of what happen in Vegas with 24 then she can go o I jump the wrong person Angelina I’m sorry bye 24

  4. Vinny’s mhhh is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and so is angelinas comment about possibly being 🦍 slammed on the table😂😂😂

  5. I don't dislike snookie because she's sticking up for her friend but Jennie shouldn't be bullying Angelina , she's grown alot sense jersey shore and I understand she don't like her but she can't even fake like her ,she's just plain mean to her

  6. Never thought I would see "JERSEY SHORE" and "BAPTISM" together in the same situation – they all need Jesus 🙏

  7. Angelina’s man better punch somebody in the face if they disrespect her !!! The world is over watching her be bullied by jenni and Snooki

  8. I never liked Jenny and Snooki deana is by far my favorite and vinny too everyone else acts like a child

  9. Jenni and Nicole are becoming the two mean girls in high school that pick on people and act like they're better than everyone.

  10. Grown people acting like this is pathetic. If people had to work regular jobs and work for a living would be more appreciative for what they have.

  11. Y'all got SUPER lazy editing this.
    1) This must have been filmed when Snooki wasn't preggo cause she's literally carrying a glass of wine.
    2) You made it seem like Jwoww wasn't coming, but literally one of the first shots has her then BF, Zach in the shot AND Snooki is show playing with Mawmaw and Milania before Jwoww "makes her entrance"

  12. I just dont care for jenni & snookie at all.!! If that was my best friend I was simply pull her aside and tell her that when a man cheats on you dont go right back to him nd on top if it dont take him to a baptism.!! Jenni is only looking for drama and that's all she is.!!! Snookie you didnt so your job as a best friend.!!!

  13. Malo que webio la jenni y ya volvió con zack 🤦‍♀️la angelina se casa en noviembre, se hacen problema por nada

  14. I hope 🤞🏻 they don’t physically fight at Deenas Sons Baptism party 🎉 I understand why Jenny is mad at Angelina but I think 🤔 it was both their faults and instead of just being mad at Angelina she should be equally as mad 😡 at 24 because he was her boyfriend he was the one ☝🏻 who shouldn’t have cheated on her I really hope they really did break up and she moves on with her life and honestly I hope they kick out Angelina out of the show I never liked her but I don’t think that will happen as she brings in more drama just saying my opinion you don’t have to agree also I hope 🤞🏻 Angelina learns from this and never dances 💃 with any ones of the girls mans anymore just saying

  15. Angelina should not have mess with 24 and 24 should not have messed with Angelina !!!! Jenni just lose 24 he's a loser

  16. And nicole i understand your trying to be the good of great best friend to jenni since you've know eachother for so long but angelina has changed and you don't have to defend your best friend when she's clearly in the wrong

  17. Jenny you need to realize that your man is a dog and that's why you left them and Snooki cheese to my whole business I've been following Jersey Sora since day one I am a big fan I watch every episode do you know what I'll fortunately sometimes they do not have all the footage you need to see but Angelina was innocent and your man is a dog

  18. Jenny I'm really starting to dislike you I thought you were on the up-and-up but your bias your man is a f**** dog he came out to her and she's hot cuz I will come out to her too if I was single if I was with you I'll be begging you every f**** night however the footage doesn't show everything you guys are wrong Jenny you better check yourself Angelina didn't do anything wrong your man is a dog

  19. I’m on Angelina’s side for this one,,,like Jenni + Nicole are becoming such bullies it’s gross. Although I know Angelina is in the wrong and should have moved away from 24, Jenni should be mad at him. She is taking it all out on the wrong person. She’s so desperate to be in love & find a partner again, she wants to believe him even though he is wrong.

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